If youre interested in techno specifications make sure to pause the video right here to check them out, because i really want to go a different approach, this time, not really focusing on the specs and more on the experience that i had with the smartphone. So here we see the smartphone and we also see that we dont have a charger in the box for environmental reasons according to nokia, at least, and then well just open. This accessory box here on the left side to see what else is included inside of the box and there isnt really much to spoil it a little bit so here we can see that we at least also get a usbc to usb a cable, but again the Charger is missing so here you can see just a standard, usb c to usb a cable, nothing fancy about that and then well put this to the side and move on now. Here we have the phone itself. So, of course, we also have the google assistant integration right here and then well continue. First up well see that we have like this sim needle right here. The sim ejector tool, of course this is included inside of the box, would be pretty bad if it isnt, and then here we have some manuals and moving on. Well then already get here to the case. Thats also included inside of the box and its always great, to have a case included inside of the box so that you dont have to purchase one separately now here.

We can also see that this is also 100 compostable. So again, this also for environmental reasons, and we just see that it has a very unique look and also like pattern to it its a little bit slippery, so thats kind of what i dont like about it. But overall it makes a pretty decent first impression. But now lets actually take a look at the phone itself and here we see the nokia x10. Here we have the blue version, which i think looks really nice, and we also have the zeiss branding here on the camera as well promising good camera performance, and i hope that this device can also keep it. Then, in my review now this, basically it its a plastic backed phone, so no glass on here and on the left side well see that we have the sim card slot as well as also the google assistant button, then moving on well have on the bottom. One speaker, then, the usb c port, a microphone as well as also a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then on the right side, well see that we have the volume up and down buttons, as well as also a fingerprint reader thats integrated in the power button. So now lets actually see if this phone has any juice and see if we can power this on and there we see that we also have android one installed here on this device yeah. So welcome to the second part of this video and my just impressions and overall review after using this smartphone for a week.

So here we see the back of the nokia x10, its made out of plastic, but for me, thats not really an issue. We also have the zeiss branding as well as also here this four lens array on the back and the led flash. Then, if we look around on the right side, well have the fingerprint scanner, which is the on and off switch as well as the volume up and down and then on the other side. Well, have the google assistant button, as well as also the sim card slot? Now the positioning of the google assistant button, i think, is like super inconvenient because its right upside off this side of the on off switch – and i cant tell you how often i activated it by accident like 40 times, probably in like the last week. It was super annoying now moving on. I think the color looks actually pretty nice, but i have to say the smartphone is quite big and basically already like at the limit of how big a smartphone should be for me. And then, if we take a closer look at the case, thats included inside of the box. It looks like this and you might be wondering why it looks so unique and thats, probably because its 100 compostable so thats, of course great for the environment. But i have to say that this case is a little bit slippery and also that adds quite a bit of bulk to the already big nokia x10.

So moving on on the rear, it seems like we have four camera sensors, but in the end theyre. Basically, only two that you can use one main sensor and also an ultrawide, the other sensors are basically just therefore show to make it really look like you have a big four camera array which you dont really have now in terms of just video quality. I have to say i was quite disappointed because these cameras max out at 1080p – and here you can see some of the sample recordings. Let me know what you think of the video quality in the comments below so and now: youre seeing footage from the front facing camera on the nokia x10. Unfortunately, the resolution and frame rate max out at 1080p 30, but that being said, the video quality isnt, really that bad, but now were taking a look at the video quality of the rear cameras and they max out at 1080p 60 and the video quality overall looks Pretty nice, if youre just standing still, but once you actually start moving stabilization isnt. Really there some go. So you can see right here, its pretty wobbly and shaky and thats. Unfortunately, not that great and of course, maxing out at 4k, 30 at least, would have been great as well. So, unfortunately, the video quality of the rear cameras isnt as impressive as i hoped it would be, and the same also goes for the ultra white camera. That youre seeing now, of course, since its ultra white, its definitely more stable than the footage from the main camera.

But that being said, it also maxes out at 1080p 60. Unfortunately – and this is a camera feature – that nokia calls dual side so that you can record video from the rear and front camera at the same time, so that you can see samu and me in one frame. Basically so now were back and i have to say, while the video quality isnt that great photo quality, fortunately, is a bit better, but still i dont think that this camera really deserves the size branding. I think it just suggests that you get way better quality out of these cameras than you actually get. So not a big fan of that. But that being said, photos are okay and they definitely have the big advantage of hdr processing, because once you actually take the picture, they usually look way better than what you see here in the camera app itself now thats, basically it when it comes to the cameras On the front, of course, we also have a selfie camera thats decent, but nothing special. Then moving on to the performance. We basically have a mid range processor in the smartphone, and this probably also because this phone is really oriented at business users and not really at gamers and therefore, yes, you can play some basic games like world of warships or also tennis clash, but its not really A gaming phone, but that also means, of course, that this phone isnt really getting hot and that the battery life was quite excellent.

So, no matter, if i got up at like 7am in the morning and went to bed at night at like 1am, i still had like 40 battery left, which is of course great now. The screen is also quite nice, its big, as i mentioned before, but its actually plenty bright, which i think is great. So you can see right here even here in these sunny conditions, you should be able to see the content on the display, and i have to say that again the display itself was actually quite nice, but if you talk about, for example, watching movies or videos on Here i really dont like that. You only have a mono speaker and then i think a stereo speaker would have been a big improvement. So now its time for my verdict and while the nokia x10 isnt really like the most exciting smartphone, its definitely a solid choice. Just for business oriented customers that really want, like the nokia hardware. That being said. Unfortunately, the overall usage of the phone was surprisingly frustrating for me. Ive already touched on one of these aspects, and that is the positioning of the google assistant button, but that wasnt really the biggest issue. For me now on the phone we have android go when it comes to software, and i thought well thats great fast software updates and not really any box. Unfortunately, that wasnt true and one week that i was using the smartphone, it actually crashed two times on me.

One time using instagram and one time using whatsapp, so like really basic usage, and it really like started from scratch, which i think was just a real shame and really annoying as well. In addition to that, the proximity sensor is like super sensitive. So if i was listening to, for example, whatsapp voice messages, i put it to my ear. I wanted to listen to the voice message and it like stopped in like a one minute message like three or four times, because i thought that my ear wasnt there anymore and therefore just listening to voice messages was almost impossible. Last but not least, the ambient light sensor was also very sensitive. So when i was moving throughout our apartment at night, it like got bright, dim bright dim again. So overall, the usage was just super super annoying. So the only thing that i can say is that i hope that only my nokia x10 is affected and that there might be something wrong with the hardware here of the proximity sensor, as well as also the ambient light sensor, because if this is a widespread issue, Thats on more than just this one nokia x10 – i think this is a big big, just point against the nokia x10, because its super frustrating. So thank you very much for watching this video. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.