That means i can quite happily do stupid like this. I dont even have to look. I just know. Itll be absolutely fine, yeah see, absolutely fine, knew it so durability is the key factor here ideal for outdoor adventurers and people who just happen to drop their smartphone an awful lot, but is the nokia xr20? Actually a worthy everyday companion? Well, ive had my sim slapped inside there for the last week or so theres my full in depth, nokia, xr20 review and for more on the list and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now. First up ive got to say that rough and tumble design means that the xl20 is an absolute brick were talking chunky, heavy and frankly, i sometimes struggled to sit comfortably when it was stuffed in my shorts. You certainly cant fault the durability of this thing, at least for the most part, now 3d, nano textured rear for one is an absolute perfect nick so far, despite the fact that ive literally been chucking this thing about the place in a vain attempt to it up. It does get a wee bit greasy when youve been fingering it for too long. Unfortunately, just the usual sort of smudgy horrible marks, but you can give it a quick buffing up and then its looking. Absolutely fine. In fact, youve got that slightly textured rear does help with the grip and yeah so far that gorilla glass, victus display is doing a great job of not shattering, despite the fact that it has suffered many an impact, however, like other victus displays that ive tested that Surface is still surprisingly susceptible to scratches, so i would definitely recommend chucking on the screen protector.

All the same and the nokia xo 20 can also handle extreme temperatures. So you know the likes of sitting outside in the sun all day. Long doesnt even begin to bother it and youve got full ip68 water and dust resistance as well so norways. If you want to take it in the swimming pool, the jacuzzi, whatever you want now, as with other nokia handsets what you get here, is a pleasingly clean stock. Android 11 experience with only a couple of bonus additions chucked in there, including a bit of face, unlock support to back up the perfectly respectable edge mounted fingerprint sensor and the most fantastic part of it all is that manufacturer, hmd global has guaranteed three years of os Updates and four years of security updates with the nokia xr20 as well, which is even better than its rival, the oneplus nord 2., and here in parts of europe, youve got a full three year, warranty as well and in the first year. If that screen does happen to shadow hmd, global will replace it for free, so all highly commendable stuff and light years ahead of what most of the competition, including the likes of motorola, is offering, however, got ta say its not all sunshine and unicorns and happy like That for one that pointless google assistant button is a massive pin in the ass ive lost count of how many times ive accidentally activated that assistant as ive just tried to squeeze the xr 20 back into my pants.

Not only is this the biggest button in the friggin world, but it seems to be perfectly positioned for you to accidentally catch it every single time which of course, usually im listening to some music or a podcast, or something itll, just immediately cut off. Will that little bleep and i swear to god my google assistant search history now – must just be a string of f and c words and also id highly recommend, not activating the reason to wake feature on the nokia xr20 either, because i did find that often id Have it in my pocket id pull it out and the screen will have been on, for god knows how long itll just be a string of like numbers that its trying to randomly call so a couple of little gripes there and another minor gripe on the storage Front is that the base model of the nokia xr 20 comes with 64 gigs of storage, just kind of open 128 gig minimum. But there is a 120 gig option if you want it and its expandable via micro sd, accepts cards up to 512 gigs in size. So no worries like ill say: the nokia xr 20 6.67 inch ips display is fine, although the tech isnt, quite as clever as a fair bit of the competition. That display is a big in for sure, but the full hd plus resolution keeps visuals crisp. All the same, and while theres no hdr support, i did find that the contrast was okay and on the top brightness, i could see what i was doing even on a sunshiny day.

It is a shame that this thing tops off at 60. Hertz, though, when offerings from poko oneplus and others, sporting 90hz or even a 120 hertz display, while many rivals also come packing, an oled screen, youve got stereo speakers set up on the xr20, but dont get too excited on top volume. You know its loud enough to clearly hear whats going on in a fairly noisy environment, but the sound is quite tinny, so i definitely stick to a pair of headphones. Thankfully, you do have a headphone jack here on the bottom end of the nokia xr20 and if you do want to go wireless for bluetooth 5.1 support, i did find occasionally the phone took its sweet time actually connecting to a bluetooth device, especially for the first time When youre trying to pair them up, but once they are getting all chummy, then absolutely no worries with that connection, strength and stability. I did find i had issues with the microphone here on the nokia xr 20, though from the first general phone calls and everything was absolutely fine, but when i was trying to skype or do anything where the phone was being held away from my face, that was When, apparently, the audio was a bit iffy, one of the other disappointments of the nokia xr20 is that the snapdragon 480 chipset, which runs the shore, is a platform thats usually found on budget phones less than half the price of this and on the nokia xr20.

That is backed by a very modest four or six gigabytes of ram, but thankfully the everyday performance is absolutely fine. Youll notice, the old bit slow down here, the odd pauses youre, trying to load the camera or whatever, but as long as youre, not trying to push it to its absolute limits, then its generally fine and yeah. You can even indulge in some light gaming on the likes of pubg or call of duty mobile and while youll have to make do with the low detail settings, i did find that my online experiences, werent frustrating the frame rate generally stays tidy and the screen is Responsive enough for frantically blown away some utter sh, it just happened to stumble away into your crosshairs and yes, the nokia xr20 does offer 5g support as well its a feature that youd kind of expect at this sort of price point these days, like the oneplus, the Poco f3, all those bad boys they do have 5g support as well for the same cost or less, while also generally offering stronger performance for the likes of multi, tasking and also gaming. Now youve got a 4630 milliamp battery crammed inside of the nokia xr20s rather chunky frame, and i found that that combined with the stock android experience and that energy efficient, snapdragon, 40 chipset means youll get all day play no worries. I tended to get at least six to seven hours of screen on time before i was getting down into the serious drags.

However, there is an ambient display feature here on the nokia xr20 and that will actually sap the battery much quicker if youve got that active because, of course, its an ips display its not an oled, so were going to shut off all of these black pixels. So i did find that, with this active, i tended to drain around sort of 15 to 20 percent battery over a 24 hour period, so youll definitely want to keep that knocked off if you are quite a heavy demanding user as for recharging. Well, the 18 watt wide charging support is a bit lethargic again compared with a lot of the competition at this sort of price point again the likes of the one plus the poker. However, the nokia xl20 more than makes that up with support for 15 watchy wireless charging, which is an exceedingly rare feature at this sort of price, point, definitely very convenient indeed now, while practically every phone these days tries to pack in as many camera lenses as possible. In some sort of bizarre woolly, wave and contest the nokia xr20 is perfectly happy to make do with just a pair its another zeiss branded setup, headed up by a 48 megapixel sensor, which shoots a four in one pixel binning, giving you 12 megapixel picks by default. Thats also backed up by a 13 megapixel ultra wide angle, shooter. If you want a different viewpoint now that primary camera on auto mode does an okay job for everyday picks, you will notice the colors go a bit.

Wonky and saturation raises its ugly head when bright skies and other issues creep in the nokia xr20, certainly isnt a match for the pixel 4 rear. As far as hdr situations go still, my test photos were detailed enough to look sharp and beamed up to a teddy screen and live and breathe in subjects are usually kept in focus. The only time the xr 20 struggled on that front was, when i swapped to the portrait modes, where at the kitchen, they just decided to completely ignore my begrudging participants and just check out the background. Instead, youve got a powerful dual flash for night shots which can really light up a scene. Although to the point where human subjects are practically blinded, a more humane alternative is the night mode. Although this doesnt have the huge impact on dim conditions, you might hope for, as for that 13 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor. Well, you do get a pull to back view to fit more into each frame, but at the usual expense of color accuracy, which already wasnt fantastic to begin with things. Dont improve hugely on the video side, either despite the usual ozo spatial audio smarts, which can clearly capture everything being said and done around you picture resolution tops off at full hd with a choice of 30 or 60 frames per second theres, no 4k option here. So my footage did look a bit fuzzy when i checked it out on a monitor image.

Stabilization is decent, but youll once again face those challenges when shooting in bright or dim conditions. And while i appreciate the cinema mode that shoots in 21×9 and offers up a variety of filters to jazzify your horn movies, that low resolution is still very limited and last up, the 8 megapixel front facing shooter is as basic as youd expect again struggling with harsh Light and darker scenes, if you want to fill your insta with sharp good looking selfies, while you might want to look elsewhere. Sorry theres my full final frank review of the nokia xr20 after using it as my full time, personal handset for a week and ive got to say if you want a super durable phone. Well, its definitely one of the best options out there. Although you will find uh, the likes of doogie do offer durable smartphones as well for about half the price, its highly commendable. What hmd is doing with that os and security update? I promise you its a good bit of peace of mind going forward. If you want to keep your smartphone for a while – and there are some features packed in the nokia xl20 – that you wont find at this sort of price point on other handsets like the wireless charging, i got ta say, though, if durability isnt, a key factor for You well, if you want that stock android experience for the guaranteed updates, the pixel four air will be better suited for you, especially with the better camera tech on that oled display.

Oneplus. Note 2 also awesome as well a fairly stockish version of android. Again, some pretty good promises as far as the os and security updates go and again, better display, better performance, better camera tech, so thats. My thoughts on the nokia xr20 anyway itd be great to hear from you guys down in the comments below for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week, cheers everyone love.