Pro is a phone thats, really priced more than what its supposed to be because this phone well it looks sleek and also it has some strong features in the segment. But as an overall package, there are compromises and after testing this well for a price tag of approximately 40 000 indian rupees, for the only variant, i would say its basically for users who are very much into this sleek design. Well, there are other strong points for this phone, but still when you compare with the competition, there are some disappointments and that all starts with the main hyped factor of this phone is just the camera system. Now its not a poor camera package, but for the segment it felt to be an average one. There are plenty of modes and gimmicky features which you will probably never use, and hence, when you focus just on the basics, well, then things are just fine on the back. There are four cameras in which, as you might expect, just two are usable ones, because the last two cameras are just the two megapixel cameras which are here for the numbers, and here the main sensor is a 64 megapixel, f, 1.7 aperture camera and the secondary one Is a 8 megapixel ultra right camera, whose aperture is f 2.2 and its field of view is 120 degree and while flicking photos with the main camera, the output is good in almost all scenarios and the nature of photos are not very contrasty, but still it has Details and the dynamic range is good, and also there wasnt any fringing issues and inside it like the main camera output and actually thats it.

The ultra light camera well, its just fine, it does output shots, which are not very color. Rich and photos can be termed as just usable once if its taken in a situation where there is plenty of light now about the video recording. Well, the max resolution support is 4k at 30fps, and here when i did record a 1080p video at 60fps, while the stabilization was really good and the clip did stay smooth without any gimbal, but here also the muted nature does make the video output look overall. Just fine and here im stating all this based on the price tag. Now, if this phone was a lesser priced one well, then things would have been more favored, but right now the only camera thats holding its mark is the main camera, because here even the front camera, which is a 32 megapixel, f, 2.4 aperture one is a big Letdown im, not a fan of this much pro saying its like the skin, has been smooth and too much and overall i didnt prefer the selfies the front camera of the oppo renault 6 pro has captured and similarly the front camera videos also lacking things like stabilization And the skin tone in the video also look not much impressive and hence im not very much into the front camera of the oppo eno 6 pro. So this camera package, even though its a weak point for this phone. Well, when you take a look at this design, youre, surely gon na love it, because this is for sure the best looking bar type phone in this budget, and here even the build quality, is really good and actually the in hand feel its perfectly ergonomic.

There is curve in the side of the front and back glass and overall, its a sturdy phone, this back glass, well, credits has to be given to oppo, because this shimmer effect is nice, and also this matte texture, its just awesome and the frame is a solid Metal, one which doesnt give any flex and the buttons are positioned in the easy to click spots and their feedback is also good, and your oppo did keep the profile of the phone in a lower scale. And that does make this phone a comfortable one. To use. For an extended period of time i mean its thickness is just 7.6 mm and the weight is also on the lower side at 177 grams and overall about this striking design and build well. Oppa has surely done a great job. Now there is no headphone jack in the phone, but you get a headphone inbox, which is a usbc headphone and its of decent quality, and i think you might be using the headphone a lot, because the speaker system in this phone is a bit of letdown. Its a single firing unit and for this price there is no excuses for the dual speaker, omission and thats the place i wish oppo will look into more because here this single unit, its a really good one, and hence if they would have provided dual speakers well, Then the audio experience will be great too, and that will be a big support for this good quality display.

This is a 6.55 inch. Full hd amoled panel, which has 90 watts refresh rate, and the other key thing to highlight, is that the quality is not compromised. This is a neat panel and hence i didnt experience any tinting effect or any touch lags and in fact the touch response is great, with proper saturated colors and also the peak brightness level, well, its more than sufficient for outdoor usage, and hence this display does give A good experience for viewing contents and also for browsing and overall, i do like this display used in the oppo renault 6 pro now. This curved sides are not my taste and the usual curved edge. Issues are present with this display, but that was not an obstacle with content, consumption and actually the 90 hertz refresh rate does make things very smooth while scrolling and swiping around, and that, along with the high end, mediatek diamond city 1200 processor, does cover up the performance Side in an excellent manner, this phone based on performance is a great one. Now the ram, as i stated earlier, is 12 gb and its lpddr4 ram and the storage which is 256 db, is ufs, 2.1 storage. But the storage is not expandable and thats, not at all an issue, because 256 gb is more than enough, and here all these specs are well optimized to give a lag and issue free experience, while using the phone for casual, as well as for heavy usage.

There wasnt any stutter and overall, the experience based on performance is just perfect if youre scared that this phone doesnt have a snapdragon chipset. Well, from my experience i can say: thats not something to be worried about because there wasnt any overheating issues too. So the daily user experience is well covered based on the performance side, but then, based on the software, well im, not a fan of this ui and the perks that come with the ui. This is coloros based on android 11, and here all the things that you usually experience with color os is present here too so get ready to give access for every minor stuff and also bloatware is pre loaded now, based on the ui smoothness, its good and not At all complainable, but still i wish the usual issues that we face from such uis will be fixed and if they do so well, then the software experience will be much better and that will be a thing to hype about, but at present this is the situation And also about the 5g part well, this phone can be termed as a proper 5g phone, because your 11 5g band support is available in sim card 1, so thats a plus point, and also the wi fi version is wi fi 6 and the bluetooth version is 5.2 and youre even nfc, supported so thats all good stuff, but these are all expected things and youre an unexpected part. Whats the battery side.

Well, im not talking about the super fast charging speed, but instead its about the battery backup. Well, the battery capacity of this phone is 4500 mah, which is a decent sized one and for me, with a moderately heavy usage pattern with all the settings at the max state. Well, i was getting approximately five and a half hours of screen on time and if it was an average usage style, the battery did last for approximately one and a half days. So the battery backup is really good and youre. The charging time to top up the battery from 0 to 100 is in the 30 minute range, which is like extremely fast charging, because this phone does come with a 65 watt charger in box. But then this phone doesnt have wireless charging support and also there isnt any official ip rating for this phone, which are both missing features, especially in this price range. But that said, the unlocking method available is the in display fingerprint one and its actually an adequately fast and accurate method, and also by the way, this earpiece its a excellent quality one. So, if youre into making a lot of calls well, then this phone is a perfect one for that. Well, i guess thats everything about the oppo renault 6 pro and your as a whole package, its a good phone, which is priced in the wrong segment. Well, things like performance battery display, earpiece and 5g support are all great in this phone, but then, while checking the competition, the lacking areas are key ones like the camera software and the speaker system, and this 40 000 indian rupees green segment is well crowded and hence The standard thing to point out about the renault 6 pro is the striking design and the ergonomics, and if your number one tryout is that well, then you will be happy with the renault 6 pro, but on the other hand, if youre looking to buy an excellent Camera phone, then there are other good options in this price range thats.

All for this video guys hope you liked it.