So of course you have a flagship chip like you at the multitasking legend actually show me better compared to real me. So real me, please cut the bloatware down flagship phone pay. Attention performs really well was six point. Four inch display biscuit display specifications are very similar to the real me x7 max 6.4 inch display have full hd, plus ammo, led 120 hertz, refresh rate 360. Hertz touch sampling rate, a lot more natural and better on the real me gt compared to the real me x7 max the youtube, which is hdr performance compared to the x7, but still the overall look of the phone is very sporty and its very nice. But again once again, isnt i but i feel like or premium, then that would have justified the pricing a little bit more so actually about the real me gt phone. Please do that phone is a super value for money, option, earphone value for money, its a good phone, its an expensive phone, its not an overpriced phone and its, not an value for money phone as well s.