So, as you all know, guys, techno camon 17 pro is part of the camera focus series in three two one lets go hi guys im christine, and this is jt tv so for today wrecked and nothing but techno common 17 pro lets start with its camera mojos. As you can see guys – and i love how premium looking young camera mojos also, i love the arrangement guys so much for that no camon, 17 prona camera. Well, this phone consists of four cameras, namely the 64 mp main camera. Eight mp ultra wide angle, camera two mp that at monochrome also guys for the selfie camera. Amazingly, it has 48 mp parasol selfie camera, the pagusa panath and miami shot ultra hd short video, slow motion wide selfie at time. Lapse results, selfie cameras using the different modes of this camera by technology, accidental beauty mode para guys. Almost all of the photos that i have taken with this phone is really natural. Looking at very color, accurate, okay, you know. Well, surprisingly, you can have 4k at 30 fps for both front and back camera isnt. It amazing. So, oh my god, the techno camera 17 pro guys audio, which includes the portrait mode, the ultra steady mode, the beauty mode in a video samples using all of them and even iphone doesnt. Have it innovation, techno, camon, 17 pro so thats it video quality and, as promised, using the different modes of this camera so enjoy watching, and i will be back later: uh, oh, hey everyone, so this is tecno camon 17 pro set on portrait video mode.

It is on 1080p at 30 fps with bokeh enabled. Meanwhile, this is the video mode being set on its ultra steady mode, which is on 1080p at 30fps now guys. This is how it looks like when the video beauty mode is turned on hey there. So this is the tecno camon 17 pro video camera set at 4k at 30 fps, so thats. It samples overall guys its good when youre planning to use it for online class or dynamics for vlogging, and also it has a study mode, a portrait mode. Nobody, whenever you want it or whatever, how you want your video output to look like ultra wide angle, camera para manga, videos which is pretty amazing, or you want more people to be captured with your video. You can achieve it with this phone guys ultra steady mode portrait mode at uncanny, ultrawide mode, i in 1080p, at 30 fps for taking videos. Well, definitely technocal17 pro is worth to buy so thats pretty much. It guys experience at observer. Oh my gosh. Please comment down below and dont hesitate and, of course, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up kindly subscribe to our channel and click. The notification bell farm update uploads so thats it for this video once again im christine – and this is jt tv.