5 millimeter headphone jack whats going on youtube. This is what joshua and i have a surprise waiting for me at my door. Im 99 sure i know what it is, but lets still open it anyway and find out so lets do lets lets. Oh my gosh, okay, not what i thought it was, but it is a pixel 5a all right. So this is not what i was expecting it to be, but im still very excited, because i have done a little bit of research and there has been some rumors and in some ways this phone is going to be better than the pixel 5.. The pixel 5 has been my daily driver. It has been the phone thats been in my pocket every day since it launched – and i love this phone honestly truly its one of my favorite phones out there. I actually am a nerd, so i do have an iphone and an android in my pocket at all times lets get into it. This is the pixel 5a 5g, which is very important because i do have uh t mobiles mid band 5g here and on my verizon phone. I pick up the ultra wide band through verizon. You can read some of the specs there: the pixel 5, a 5g sub, a 6.34 inches 128 gigs, mostly black, and the model number now you dont even have to have a knife to get into this, which is pretty neat lets, go ahead and open this bad Boy up all right so at first glance its actually a little bigger than the pixel 5, which is amazing, quite nice.

I like that, because i do like having a phone i can like easily maneuver around, because the 12 max is very big and i cant really reach very far up there, but its different story with this phone, but this phones just oh, it feels oh look at That peel, so satisfying so satisfying, so it looks like you, do, get a little downgrade in the cameras there, because this one has three and this one has two with the flash. Oh look at that size difference. That is quite nice. There goes out much further. A little bit wider too, all right lets see what else you get in the box. Uh definitely gon na need this, so i can take my sim card out of my five and put it in the 5a. You got some like booklets instructions stuff like that, and then we have the 18 watt type c charger, and then we have a type c to type c, cable with a type c, 2 usb cable. All right, i do prefer the color of my pixel 5 theres a nice, even though i dont really ever get to see it because ive got a case on it, because i am accident prone. All right. All right lets turn this bad boy on. It definitely instantly feels bigger in your hands. Then this one does but uh, which i do like that this its not too big but its not too small. Its feels really really good.

That works very well ive done that in my pixel 5 video, but im ahead and set this up as a new device, because i have a lot of apps that i never use but im also the type person that goes through and tries to delete them and, Like i cant delete that i might use that app someday, so just starting fresh sounds actually better for me right now. This is one of the best features of this phone with the whole face mask thing that weve had to do for such a long time now. Uh, it has a fingerprint scanner, so i can go ahead and just put my finger back there and keep doing it so it gets multiple different angles and copies so lets add one more finger, which is my left. Oh, that is working beautifully. All right next definitely want to go with dark theme saves on some battery life. I know about going home. Ive had a pixel for a minute now ill. Tell you what i do miss the squeeze feature of the pixel 4. That was that was pretty awesome. All right so were going to swipe up and now were home. So basically, if youre new to google pixel, this is your home button. When you swipe up, if you hold it, you get to your recent apps, you can go left to switch to the app you were just on or right so like. If we open up the play store, we open up the camera, well open up the clock, so i hold it and now all my apps are up here and i can clear them all or i can swipe them away one at a time and if im opening This and im opening that now, if i copied something from here, i need to enter it into the play store.

I just go back to the play store and then, when im done, i go back to chrome its a pretty neat little feature there and by my bed i do have the pixel stand uh. I absolutely love it because it puts my phone in do not disturb mode automatically. For me, when i sleep and in the morning it turns the screen on it gets brighter and brighter, and its preparing me for my alarm to go off uh its a very, very neat stand. I just wish it didnt cost so much all right. So, first glance: what can we look at thats a little different, so uh to go back on this? You just go to the left or the right here on your screen. So battery doesnt tell us the exact battery pixel 5a system Music update. It is on android 11 right now we are using 14 gigs of our 128 and then theres. The camera on the pixel 5a take a picture for video. We have full hd and we have 4k. It does 4k at 60 frames per second, too wow. So 4k, 60 or full hd. What is auto, auto frames per second thats weird, you can do 30 at 1080p or 68, 1080p or 4k at 60.. Youve got some controls here for the raw and jpeg jpeg. Its got video stabilization, of course, night, sights pretty cool. You can get some shots at night when youre uh its really dark and you want to get the moon and then you can take a panorama: a photosphere or lens and uh yeah.

So youve got slow motion. You can do at 1, 8 or 1 4, or you can do a time lapse. Lots of cool things. You can do uh im going to be using this today, ill be back for you, itll be just a second, oh, hey, whats, that you might ask that. My friends is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, and now i can listen to music on my wired earphones and i can charge my phone at the same time all right. So it has been a day. Today is the next day, and i want to show you something all right so here weve got a watt meter and we have a 30 watt power delivery charger so were gon na go ahead and plug in our phone since were at 11 battery and were gon Na go ahead and charge this thing and see how fast it can charge so im gon na lock it and then plug it up and it says charging rapidly. So you know youre getting a fast charge and then, if i look over here at this charger, you can see that im pushing 23 watts into this phone, which is actually very impressive, meaning you know, if youre about to leave the house and your phones almost dead Youre gon na be able to get a very fast charge and have most of your battery charged up within 30 minutes, which is huge if you use like a crappy little five.

You know what one amp charger youre gon na get like five watts. If you use a two amp charger, youre gon na get like 10 watts uh, this is giving you 23.. I dont have too much else to talk about with the cameras. You do get the uh wide angle lens there. So if you hit the 0.6 its going to give you much more in the shot, as you would just like a normal zoom so lets do a video where it uses the whole lens, for example. So here we go. This is what i can normally see now if we do voiceover josh here. So one thing i noticed is that i was missing the 0.6. The wide angle lens feature on the camcorder, so the video mode, and if you go back to when i first opened the camera minutes ago, youre going to see that that option was there. You have to have 1080p as your video quality to get the wide angle lens. If you put it on 4k, you lose the ultra wide angle, 0.6 part so thats. Why youre not seeing it and thats why i cant find it. I would have to go back and change it to 1080p. Then i could record a video at you know ultra wide angle, so this thing has one of the best cameras you can buy in a smartphone for this price. Now i do want to show you some information about this phone.

This is a pretty neat, app called device info, and it just basically gives you an estimate of im using 68 of the ram, and it can tell you what each core is up to here, and it can tell you that the battery is charging and its charging Via ac now, if we go to the cpu, you can see that we have six cores at 1.8 gigahertz. We have one core at 2.21 gigahertz and one core at 2.4 gigahertz. What does that mean? That means in a game i play like this one. You are going to notice a little bit of uh like stuttering, a little bit of of a slow down like something im used to happening real fast on, like on my iphone 12, which has an a14 which has some cores going to 3.1 gigahertz um on this One its not nearly as smooth, sometimes yeah, see that stuttered just now when it went up after i got some more xp. This at this game is really hard on this device for some reason so ill just go to the dealer and ill buy something i need like feathers, for example, and youre, going to see a little bit of uh a slow down and then see right there. Its doing it right there too, so this is not a fast device for like games that require a lot for the performance, but its not slow either its handling everything ive needed it to do over the last day, except for the fact that you just you cant Help but notice in games like this, that when you do something Music, there is some right there slow motion as it leaves the screen now just for comparison.

I want to show you this, and this is a budget phone. This is a 400 phone versus. I think this tab s6 was like um, i dont know like 800 or something uh its a uh lte model through the carrier. So you dont have to use wi fi. I can be on uh data and use 4g lte, but anyways. So look its got. Four cores at 1.79, gigahertz three cores at gigahertz and one core at 2.84 gigahertz, so its gon na have a better processor than this phone, meaning its going to be able to handle that same game on a tablet. Im only even bringing this up, because this isnt even perfect the best experience by far its definitely on the iphone 12.. The a14 chip, whether you love or hate apple, is very, very impressive, so really smooth, i can go in here and i can feed lets feed lets grab these hold on all right. So im going to go ahead and feed my animals here and ill. Let the xp go up nice and smooth nice and smooth awesome yeah, so its definitely a better experience on this thing than it is on the pixel 5a see. This is the specs on the iphone 12 pro max. Its got two 3.1 gigahertz cores with four 1.8 gigahertz cores, and it definitely feels smoother than even this tablet when playing that game. So if you were buying this phone to play high end games, i would consider something else.

The whole point is, this is definitely not the fastest phone, but you have to look at the fact that this is a 400 phone versus this being like a 1200 phone and the like notes with the 865, 865 plus or 888, or whatever newer version of snapdragons Out there youre going to pay easily a thousand or more dollars so for half the price youre, not getting half the performance, which is a good thing, youre getting more than half the performance, but its definitely not as smooth or at the same level and whats uh. Interesting is this app isnt updated enough, yet to tell what type of memory is in here? If you open this app up on, like my tablet, itll actually give me the exact type of ram it is but on here it doesnt know that yet and just to show you what i was talking about there you go, it says lpddr4x at 2133, megahertz, so Yeah, it actually knows the exact type of ram thats in there, and this is the older tab. S6 theres, a tab s7. So, with all this being said, this device feels really really smooth. There are absolutely zero issues with lag or things running slow unless youre trying to play a game, and i only have one game: uh township that ive tested. So at this time, if youre, using any other app like nest to look at your cameras or facebook to see what your friends are up to, uh tick, tock watching videos youtube in the highest quality that the screen supports so well open up an 8k video here And we will look at, we can do 2160p on this phone.

This is going to be my daily driver unless i get my hands on the pixel 6, because thats going to have their custom chip thats supposed to be really fast and then the issues with the lag in one of the in one of the games that i Play will be gone. The fact that you have a headphone jack is just just downright amazing, its freaking awesome. All right were going to wrap this up. This is already kind of long all right, so here we have our pixel 5 and we have wireless charging. So this thing will charge up wirelessly, just fine, and you have this neat little option here for battery share and you can tell your phone like once i get to 50 stop sharing once i get to 10 stop sharing and you can just turn it on and Now you place your earbuds on the back of your phone and you can wirelessly charge them now with the pixel 5a. Unfortunately, we do not see those options. Adaptive battery battery percentage battery share is missing. So when you try to use a wireless charger with the pixel 5a, it doesnt uh it doesnt work, thats. Okay for me, because honestly, youre gon na get a much much much faster charge with a wired connection than you would with a wireless connection. If youre looking for wireless charging definitely consider this phone over this one, if you dont care about wireless charging, i would say pick up this one, especially if you are someone that has 3.

5 millimeter headphone jacks laying around, and you want to be able to charge this Phone while that extended discord call you know that long discord call that youre having with somebody that that a zoom video conference, whatever youre doing that, requires a microphone and for you to listen. You can plug it into the slot here and talk and listen while charging. At the same time look. The pixel 5 has been my main phone, my daily driver since i received it. I am a two phone guy, so i will have one android and one apple phone in my pocket. Uh theres, a lot of reasons for that, such as apps that only work on ios apps that only work on android apps that work better on ios or apps. That work better for android. If i want to review a product and it only works with ios, i can do that if i want to review something that only works on android, i can do that, so i will have both of these phones and apple and an android on me. At all times, and the pixel 5 has been my daily driver since i got it, but now that i have a headphone jack, a much larger battery than whats inside this guy. I will use this phone even though it does not have wireless charging, because i prefer to plug my phone in before i leave for work and know that its going to charge way faster.

In that say, i have 45 minutes before i get to work. If i can have a full battery in 45 minutes versus a wireless charge and ive got maybe not even half a battery im going with the wired charge to make sure my batterys full before i head out for work. Wireless is definitely more of a convenience and nice to have, but going back to a smaller battery a smaller screen and not having a headphone jack im sold on the pixel 5a since yesterday and moving forward until the pixel six. This is my daily driver. This is whats gon na be my pocket. This is what i recommend to you. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a rating. It would be greatly appreciated if youre new hit that subscribe button. Please so you dont miss any videos. If i do get my hands on the pixel 6 and if i do get my hands on the phone, you will be one of the first to see my thoughts, my reactions and whether thats something i recommend to other people or not. Thank you for watching have a great day.