I always like getting these special packs so lets get this unboxed. Take a look at what we get at least uh the reviewers get this so weve got the explorer edition right here in the suitcase, because its got this suitcase designed to it and youll see why shortly and a few extra goodies that real me has also included Here, hey weve got the phone with naoto fukusamas signature on it, hes the designer behind this behind the suitcase design and in this little pack, theres really things here for us reviewers only but ill just show you too, because its cram packed full of just real me Items so magnets a few of those master of speed and we get all the stickers right here. Okay, theres, actually a lot of them quite a few, and some postcards with photos that roomie fans have taken on really phones, of course, and then a strap for the suitcase roomy branding with the dare to leap on it now for the box content. So obviously the phone right here and ill get on to that shortly. Weve got our type c cable here, so its the typical real me white type, a to type c sim tray tool just there and our suitcase design case for it. I do like the look of that and weve got the designer signature on it, just like on the back of the phone too, and then the super dart charger. So this one is 65 watts and the charge time ive cheated ive actually already tested it its just over 40 minutes about 43 minutes with this one right here.

So it is very quick now the design of this one i really do like so weve got with this one vegan liver on the back and its their voyager gray, color. They call it theres, also a luna white and a day break blue. Now, this very very nice feeling in hand super premium. It does not feel cheap at all. There is a middle frame around the outside. The thickness with this one is 8.8 millimeters, and the weight of it is not too bad its 183 grams. Now, if you get the one with the glass on the back of it, that brings the weight up then to 185, and what theyve done with the cameras here is a nice look to it. We dont have any huge delete on the back branding here and weve got the designers signature right there. Real me, of course, and this does have a nice, feel to it grip and its not really that slippery when its cold. It might be a tiny little bit. Of course you can put the case on it with this one. So for the main camera here this is 50 megapixels, its an imx 766 from sony, f, 1.88 aperture and its the first optical image, stabilized camera from real me and its good to see. Theyre doing this, we have a 16 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro in this one and dual tone led flash, so theres a curvature to the screen ill, get onto that a little bit that it does shift out and weve got an in screen fingerprint Reader here, which i personally find to be too low – okay, it should be about here when youre holding it about.

There is comfortable right and you have to move right down to get to it, but its quick and it is fast and you can see a little bit of banding coming through on the screen there and thats normal. So the bezels left and right because of the curvature dont look bad at all. Weve got a little bit at the bottom, but not bad front facing camera here. This one is 32 megapixels its the imx615 down the bottom type c port. Now it does not support video out, sadly, with this one antenna line, because it is a metal frame around the outside. With this metallic gray, finish, which looks great feels great in hand, microphone right here, the loudspeaker and sim tray. So it takes two nano sims for this. There is no micro sd card support on the top of the phone, another two antenna lines there and our microphone used for noise cancellation in calls and for stereo with the video footage. So this is an excellent display that theyve gone with here. Realme for the gt explorer weve got a screen from samsung its amoled 6.55 inches 120 hertz and a touch response rate that is 480.. Now i do have dc dimming turned on in person. I dont see any flicker on camera. You can see this banding. That is happening a tiny little bit and i dont know why that is really showing up there. So the screen brightness tops out at a very impressive 920 nits, which is great, and you do get plenty of options in here too, as well for the screen, so youve got eye comfort mode white balance can be adjusted, the color mode too.

You can tweak that and dc dimming can be turned on and off through the labs setting roomy lab youll find here dc dimming, which i do have on there, which is good, and i wish this setting was part of the display options. So the touch gestures very easy to trigger no real problems with them, because it does have the curvature this amoled, you will notice a little bit of color shifting on the edges. I really do wish that this was a flat screen. The phone runs android 11 and it is realmes ui 2 that we do have on board with this one here and you take a look at about phone there. Now i have 12 gigabytes of ram with this particular model and if you jump into the about phone, you can add some virtual ram uh. This is basically a swap file. Caching, whatever you want to call it its named ram expansion, which i do find a little bit misleading its like that internet joke. When people say, i downloaded two gigabytes more of ram well with my 12 gigabytes of hardware ram, i can add the virtual ram right up to 7 gigabytes. If i wanted to do so now, i do find the ui performance is excellent. This is really really quick. Fast responsive loading times going through recent apps too, not a problem. Everything is just really quick here and i would say it feels very, very similar to my experience with oxygen os and, if youre looking at compared to real me and xiaomi ui performance.

I do believe real me is winning the battle here when it comes to the fluidity of their launches and their ui. Now you will see ive got google play store, it works, it functions well, but it was not originally there because this is a chinese version. That was sent out to me, so youve only got english and chinese with the languages with this now its very easy to get google play store on here go to one of those sites that you can download the apk file away. You go its going to work. Fine, so you can see performance in here really good, but lets jump into just a few other things. I wanted to point out again because it is the input version. There is a lot of bloatware on this thats not relevant to us at all, and i dont even think half of its going to work. Even if you do understand chinese, so you can see all the chinese apps. So i did have to spend about five minutes. Uninstalling a little bit of that junk thats on board here with this one, so the internal storage really quick, ufs 3.1 spec with this snapdragon 870 that weve got thats powering all of this, and you can see that those speeds there are really impressive, good random reads And writes and a sequential read very high there, and this is not going to bottleneck it naked at all. Now the 870 performs really well that snapdragon, you can see 25 average frames per second with wildlife.

This is a 3d mark benchmark, and that is a decent score very, very good, and i like this chip, just as much as the snapdragon triple eight and in ways, i think its actually better. It doesnt, in my experience, get as hot gpu performance here is very, very high and look at the score over 700 000 for antutu. That means that this yes, is definite flagship performance. You can see the battery went down. Seven percent temps went up 7.6 kind of normal here with this one, so uh it doesnt have wide vine level. One support with this because its a chinese rom okay. So if a global version comes out, it should eventually have level one support here. Camera two api api is supported here level. Three maximum support so, like i say, with other videos check for gcam ports. If you wanted to test them out on this excellent wireless speeds, very very good, i dont quite get gigabit speeds is what ive seen on the gt master edition its still not far off at the lower point here, very good. So if youre quite a distance from your router, you still get some decent speeds compared to some of the other phones, ive reviewed out there so charge time. Okay, it went a little bit silly here. This is the monitor for uh the charge times with antutus benchmark app actually has this in there 44. Why is that written there? Well thats the time it was actually 44 minutes other times it was 42 minutes should be around 40 minutes to fully charge this one.

With a 4 500 milliamp hour battery battery life at 120, hertz 10 and a half hours is okay, its not the best. I have seen realistically youre looking at on screen times of around six to seven hours or seven hours is the best youll be able to squeeze out with a low brightness. Now, if you stick it on to 60, hertz youll be able to get then maybe about seven to eight hours of on screen time with this. So it depends if youre, a really heavy user, whether or not – and you can balance that a little bit. So that is the battery life which again for 120 hertz its okay, but its not amazing, audio quality out of this one. So we dont have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack thats sad, i still miss it. I know i still cry about it, so youre gon na have to use one of these, which is a type c to 3.5 millimeter adapter one is not included in the box with this so down with firing speaker right here. The earpiece acts as a secondary loudspeaker and its mostly just mids and trebles that one a little bit more bass coming out of this. So what ill do now is ill go into youtube, play a track at 100 volume. So you can just hear what it sounds. Like and what is the verdict on those speakers, so the loudness is good, they dont actually sound too bad and overall, i think most people will be pleased with these loudspeakers gaming performance is excellent, as youd expect from a snapdragon 870 with 12 gigabytes of ram.

Its great so this is gen chain impact i have it set on the absolute top setting 60 frames per second, and when i swipe here from the top left youll see here, it gives me a bit of info on the gpu, the load and normally its around 60 frames per second the whole time with a few frame dips, so its able to handle this super demanding game without really too much of an issue. Now, when you get into some new areas, you sometimes see a tiny little bit of lag, but this is probably one of the best phones that ive seen when it comes to performance with this game, its just so smooth, really really good. In all the areas ive been and just show you those settings just to confirm that im not trying to fake this or anything like that and under graphics youll see. Why does it say, custom thats, because i changed it from the highest to 60 right there. Now it is getting warm just how long so what ill do now is im going to game for one hour like ive, tested out on other phones with this demanding game and report back on those thermals. So it does feel really quite warm in my hands, and i can see that its getting up to about 45 degrees here in the screen just around the middle frame also does feel quite hot to me to the touch now. That is warm.

What about the back of it? Clearly, we can see where the cooling is right here in the chipset and thats about 44 degrees and honestly with the vegan leather. Here i thought that it would be quite a bit warmer, but most of the heat is being dissipated through the front of it, as you can see there now 45 degrees. This is actually a very good temperature im so used to the snapdragon triple eight phones. Getting up to 50 degrees celsius that this is not actually too bad after gaming, a super demanding game like this and moving over to our cameras. Now, so we do have 1080p with the max resolution, we can shoot and it doesnt look to have any electronic image. Stabilization, you can see it is shaking around quite a bit here, which is disappointing now for 1080p quality. It does look sharp its detailed and it is good with that good audio bitrate of 320 kilos per second, but it is the shaking around with the lack of electronic image stabilization here, which im not too really happy with, because this is a flagship after all, hopefully, In a firmware, update, realme will be adding that electronic image stabilization with this front facing camera, but lets take a look at the rear, video footage now with the main camera and the ultra wide. So with our main camera, we can shoot 4k. 30. 4K. 60 optical image – stabilization, which is the first phone here for real me – to actually have optical image stabilization with this sony sensor, and it is applying some electronic image stabilization very smooth.

As you see as i walk along here, its not moving around that much. I do like what im seeing with this 4k footage and as i pan around with the exposer changes, it shouldnt really be any jetta coming through. Sometimes it does do it a little bit and the focus is another thing that i found has been very good. No issues at all with this one, you can see its a very quick focus and most phones are nowadays pretty good with the autofocus ultrawide video now so, with this one, we only get 1080p with that 16 megapixel camera very good electronic image stabilization, as you can See as i walk along, it does look nice and smooth and fluid the footage. Okay, so the gt explorer edition. What do i think now? Recap? I think they aced the design they really have. I like the suitcase design theyve gone with. It looks to me very good: weve got none of that big slogan on the back, the dare to leap that, thankfully, has disappeared and even the camera layout it just looks premium the middle frame around the outside, very, very good. Without a doubt, this is the best build quality that theyve come up with yet real me and the design. Even though okay, the curvature to the glass im, not a huge fan of curved amoled screens, i think they should be flat, but its not too bad. We get a little bit of color shifting on the corners, as i mentioned before now me nitpicking here, fingerprint reader location, its way too low.

Personally, i think its too low. It should be a little bit higher. It would be so much more comfortable face, unlocking i didnt show it because ive got my camera tripod and things in the way, but it is very, very quick and ive had no problems with it, because this is on a chinese rom, its a chinese version. I dont have 5g for some reason its just not picking up the frequencies for me here, which i can normally get onto so thats. One thing to bear in mind: i do have lte band 20, though, however, which is good. The other thing is google play store. The apk file does need to be installed thats all you need to do and then youve got google play support. However, its not part of the rom out of the box here and you do get quite a bit of chinese bloatware, which is a bit of a con there, easy to install the google framework. Is there and thats great and then away you go just like a normal phone would be now performance. They have absolutely aced it pretty much the same with this one, which is the gt master edition, but with the gt explorer super quick performance. The snapdragon 870 is one of my favorite chips and in many ways i actually like it better than snapdragon triple eight. I think it doesnt get as hot its got slightly better thermals. So in the long run, when gaming, it really does perform the same very, very similar performance there to the snapdragon triple eight.

So i wouldnt really to worry about that too much not missing out on what is the latest from qualcomm. Optimization of the rom is very, very good, too everythings, just so quick and fast and smooth 120 frames per second 120 hertz, and then the fast touch response to with this charge time excellent cameras, the main camera so far, i think, takes a very good still. The ultra wide is much better than the typical ultra wise. We see with real me with the real me master edition, its only eight megapixels. This is 16 and im, seeing a huge step up in the quality. However, i will say that i think they still need to do a bit of optimization with the cameras and even with the video quality a little bit so thats one area, i think definite room for improvement overall, its a very nice phone, but just bear in mind That, if youre gon na get one of these youre gon na import, one that, as i mentioned, that those things there with the chinese roman things you have to get around. So if you wanted to say french or spanish, unfortunately, at the time of this video with this model here at least the chinese one, its just english and chinese, that is it so now we know the full story of the gt explorer edition do check out my Review of the much cheaper and its a global version of the gt master edition here, which, for the price, is excellent, very good performance from the snapdragon 778g.