Smartphones offer up some incredible image quality and they deserve a proper companion for your photo and video adventures. This is smooth 4. A product born for mobile filmmakers, smooth 4 is a radical new innovation from zhiyun that enables you to swiftly access your phones, camera settings at the push of a button, but, more importantly, it provides some exciting new ways of capturing and even editing your footage together. Thats. Both easy and impressive hi everyone im brett from infosmercial one of the first things youre likely to notice about smooth 4. Is this control dial? This control dial lets you zoom in and out of your footage and control your focus manually, but it also enables one of the coolest new features of smooth 4 vertigo. The vertigo shot has famously been used in hollywood as a way of adding an unforgettable moment to your film, and now you can access this same hollywood level effect on your mobile phone. Wherever you go, vertigo is achieved by either zooming out, while moving forward or zooming. In while moving backwards, both achieve a different effect but leave a long, lasting impact. If you want a smooth and automated control over the vertigo effect, you can just use the zy play apps vertigo option. One of my personal favorite features setting up a vertigo shot is dead, easy start by using the dial to set where you want to start your zoom click, the center control button to add. The waypoint then use the dial to set where you want the zoom to end set your duration and well stick with about five seconds here, which should be pretty smooth and then save the motion.

Music, its that easy and since vertigo works with motion memory. We can quickly play back this camera movement anytime. We want vertigo is an incredible tool to have at your filmmaking disposal capable of wowing anybody who sees it and thats just one of the many features of smooth 4 empowering you to create amazing content like never before Music. Smooth 4 breaks the mold in some intuitive new ways when it comes to controlling a gimbal, take, for instance, entering standby mode thats, just as easy as rotating the gimbal arm into the locked position. Take it out of the locked position and smooth force starts right back up here on the front, well, see switches that offer a clear way of quickly entering pan following mode or locked mode. On the back of smooth 4 youll find two trigger buttons, pressing and holding the bottom trigger button enters full following mode giving you access to tilt movements. Smooth 4 will even remember your position when you let go of the trigger when youre done just double tap. The bottom trigger twice and smooth 4 will reset its position. Hey pretty cool the trigger on the top is a whole different animal and offers some incredible. Video editing possibilities, pressing the top trigger enables phone go mode, a mode in which the responsiveness of smooth 4 is drastically increased. Using phonego, you can create some incredible in camera scene transitions. This is a pen transition no way. Now. This is a tilt transition.

Music whoa yeah, then theres the pointy transition ill go with a diet, coke trying to watch my figure and then, of course there is the itchy transition there. We go back where we started Music, using the trigger buttons offer really intuitive way of controlling your gimbal. Just point and shoot its that easy, not only that phone go mode offers some really intriguing possibilities when you go to edit your videos together and its never been easier to be creative with your mobile phone than it is with smooth 4. Music, phonego and vertigo offer Up a whole number of exciting new creative possibilities for you, but thats only the beginning, with smooth 4., the zy play app also offers up an incredible number of really cool shooting modes. All of these automatic modes allow you to freely explore your creativity now. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, is the hardware interface of smooth 4.. The whole purpose of this interface is to free you from your phone and giving you instant and tactile feedback for all of your phones. Camera settings in a future video well dive more into the hardware controls of smooth 4 and how you can make the most out of your photos and videos, see you guys in the next one video shopping network, an amazon affiliate to see this product on amazon click. The link in the video description below youll be able to see current pricing product previews and any special deals.