Dont, know google microphone battery im, not sure what thats for yet it might be for the mic. I have one please for my other tripod. This is for the camera press it from a distance. You dont have to be there with bluetooth, um charger. This is for the light. Yes, nice eyes two spots on the top, so you can swap those dont do that under the influence im just this is gon na help. You out a lot shout out to my granny out in vegas love. You grams our vlogger bower blogger, pro kit, its the ultimate smartphone vlogging setup, walmart 35 youre gon na need a tripod because they dont come with the base part. It just comes with this, and i think this works just fine, but if you dont want to post it up and sit it, you dont up to get them out. It doesnt matter which one just any mouth. Doesnt have to be this one thats. What i have my phone on now, i got a bit excited. Oh, i cant turn the camera around, but there it is, does kind of feel like it will bend lets, try to be careful with that other than that. This thing is amazing. This is very convenient. Its the i will cut up the shutter shutter remote clips back on. I have to charge it. This is my first time doing this youtube period, blog whatever check this out man, i think its going to be worth the cash 60 dollars total.

Oh dont forget your lighting into headphone jack, because the microphone is a 3.5 millimeter. If you have an iphone, so if you have an android, this should be fine.