Infinix infinix is back once again with its latest entry level, offering the infinix note 10 pro and, as you guys know, cholo already made a full review video on this phone that i will link right up here. But of course, now its time for us to test out this phones, gaming capabilities and tignante, but of course before we get to that lets go ahead and do a quick specs recap. The infinix note 10 pro is powered by the helio g90t processor, with 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage space, and it runs on the xos. 7.6 can based off android 11 and 8. Gigs of ram is a pretty solid deal for a phone under 10 000 pesos. Now for the screen. The note 10 pro has a 6.95 inch full hd plus lcd display with a 90 hertz refresh rate and 180 hertz touch sampling rate, and i noticed the colors on the screen are more vibrant and it does have deeper blacks if you pair it up with its Pretty large screen, it definitely makes your gaming experience more immersive, alright, so now its time to test out this phones, gaming performance, starting with mobile legends, bang, bang i played this on high graphics settings and so far gameplay ran smoothly and it was actually enjoyable. Colors are pretty punchy and thanks to its 6.95 inch display its definitely the perfect screen for moba games such as this one. I was able to cast, spells and abilities hassle, free with no input lag or stutters at all, and so far lunox was moving smoothly and was dominating the mid lane shout out to lunox mains out there.

Overall, i recommend playing mobile legends on high graphics settings on this phone moving on to call of duty. So far it can play on high, very high and max settings where you can maximize the frame rate and as for medium graphics and frame rate, everything was smooth and it had a solid 30 fps Music when it comes to high graphics and high frame rate. The details were sharper character, movement was smoother even if youre aiming down sights and reloading, i do think playing on max settings delivers an impressive gaming performance. Overall, i have no complaints on my gaming experience on this phone. It was actually pretty enjoyable. Okay, so now its time to bring the infinix note 10 pro 2 to that which means its time to play. Ganshin impact all in three different settings from low medium up to high lets go gameplay wise. I saw almost little to no stutter with character movements abilities and even if you move your view around, which is pretty impressive, because, based on my experience, i noticed that other phones in the same price level would struggle running genshin even on low settings with 60fps. For medium settings, the gameplay was alright a few stutters here and there, but i did notice an improvement when it comes to graphic quality. But, of course, from my experience im, not a big fan of this setting, since it can be quite laggy and frame drops, are more noticeable for high settings with 30fps.

I noticed the details from the character to the surroundings were sharper and more detailed. You guys know how, when the outline of a character is super sharp and detailed yeah? Well, i call it crispy, pixels and thats what i notice when im playing on high settings aside from that motion, blur is more prominent whenever you dash and i saw how character movement became more fluid and smoother, but you still get some occasional stutters, but its nothing Too, disruptive, Music, Music. Honestly, i do think that playing genshin on high settings on a mobile phone is a bit of an overkill. But this is not the case, because the note 10 pro actually performed really well on high settings compared to medium settings, which is pretty surprising and honestly of all the budget phones ive played genshin on the infinix note 10 pro would have to be my top pick For running this game, smooth like butter and, of course check out our benchmark scores: Music, okay! So now you have the solid specs, smooth gaming performance and 90 hertz refresh rate now lets top that off with some stereo speakers, which makes the infinix note 10 pro a standout budget gaming phone so lets listen to a quick audio sample Music to help power. Your games, the note 10 pro – is packed with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery that can last you for 11.5 hours of regular media usage and no need to worry about charging, since this comes with a 33 watt fast charger.

Overall, the infinix note 10 pro proves to be a competitive budget phone that can deliver an impressive gaming performance, smooth display with a 90 hertz refresh rate, all under 10 000 pesos. The infinix note 10 pro is priced at 9990 pesos available at the official infinix lazada store kaya sobra neto, especially if youre an avid gamer looking for a new upgrade without actually breaking the bank. Of course, you really have to use the jelly case on this because i saw bran mccabe, the lagesha fingerprints, guys so hang on. So what do you guys think about this phone comment them down below and share your thoughts, also dont forget to check out for more awesome content and remember to like comment share and subscribe, because at 250k subs well be giving away a free phone. So that was another awesome gadget out of the box.