That was just announced by google and theres already a couple videos out there in the market on youtube about this phone already, and i just received it. The phone that ive been using lately is the google five, which is the google pixel 5, and this is the 5a. This is meant to be cheaper than this one. This usually goes for um 700. I think it is 6.99. I think it was the normal price of this smartphone, and this one is only 449 449 thats insane and whats cool about this is that it has a bigger screen as well. So lets go take this out of here. Of course, i will do this unboxing and also play some games as well. Here is the phone which only comes in one color back when this came out. It came out in this color and black. This one right here is mostly black. Its going to take this off, oh there, you go and look at this, how it looks on the back. I dont know in some videos it actually looks like a little bit of dark green, but it looks still black without me in person, so lets go and turn it on lets, see whats uh if theres any new animation. Here he got the little thing to take out the sim card right there, and now you got the instructions menu over here into this charging block. This block is a 18 watts, so this will actually supercharge this smartphone uh.

The battery on this smartphone 5a is actually 46 80 million per hour. Battery 46 80 million per hour, which is insane because this one, which is supposed to be more expensive, only has 40 60. I think its 40 60 milliamp hour battery so its way more has way more battery in this one and cpu is basically the same as well. So besides this, which is cool, that they include, the charging, includes the cable, which of course, is usb c to usbc and includes one of these adapters. Just in case you want to connect it to the computer. You got usbc usb, a converter and thats it. You can actually connect it here right. No, no, i dont think so. This is for the block and thats it. This charges on the phone and thats it no headphones whatsoever. So thats the only thing in the box and in here lets, go and start sim card right here there. It goes look at that it does not have um, eternal or external storage. You cannot put a micro sd card in it, but thats the way you know. Um, google pixel phone has been for a while here you got two cameras right there over here. In the top, you have a headphone jack, which is something that youre not gon na find here as well headphone jack right there. It also has dual speaker stereo, speaker, okay, so here were going to go ahead and use the rear sensor to actually register our finger.

There you go. This is how it looks when youre registering your finger. Add another im going to go ahead and add my other hand on my other finger from my right hand, and there you go just like that next and of course we are done, lets go and get out of here. We are almost done here. You can choose black or dark, as is setting up is one of the steps when you are setting up your phone next switch, showing you how to use actually the phone and keep in mind this phone out of the box comes with android 11.. I have the beta version of android 12 over here, which obviously is going to look a little bit different. Let me see that i like how how android 12 looks. You know with a lot of logos like that all the buttons like that this right here, like you see here, it looks normal im, just gon na finish here: 6.0 versus six point, three four inches look at the size difference and theyre, both 1080p oled, not bad. Look at that not bad for 449., so well be back with the second half of the video okay guys. So here we are back again with the second half of the video over 24 hours after using the phone – and i got ta say theres, not so much differences from the 5a from the 5.. This is the 5. This is the 5a, which is the new one that just came out right and it this is supposed to be the high end phone.

This is supposed to be the bargain phone um. This goes for around 700. I think it is, and this goes and starts at 449., its 449 and, of course, when sales come up, you might be able to get this below 400, which would be honestly a freaking steal. Now. Why do i say that? Because im really really impressed, even though yes, there are very very similar im, really impressed what you get with this phone for the price like, for example, both screens are oled on 1080p oled, and this is six point inch. This is 6.35 inches, so its bigger, i like it more because its a little bit bigger, not too huge, like the galaxy note ultra, which is 6.908, so i really like the size of this phone and the screen. Everything that you see on this phone looks really damn good and what i really like is when youre watching videos, you can stretch the video completely and use the complete screen. Yes, youre gon na see that little poke hole right there from the camera, but youre going to be able to use the whole 6.3 inches of screen. The other thing that i like about this phone, even though its cheaper it has a bigger battery than this phone. It has a 46 80 milliamp hour battery. This has, i think, is like a four thousand and eighty million per hour, so this has 600 more million per hour battery. Another thing this has headphone jack.

This one does not have a headphone jack. So when you think about it, you can say that hey this one has an extra feature, so that makes it better yeah. It has headphone jack. This one does not have headphone jack; they both have stereo speakers. So theres no problem with that and of course they both have the latest technology of bluetooth, which is awesome, and another thing is that when you go here to the back um, i like this color a lot better. I love it. I i dont like black that much, but this is called mostly black because its like a little tone a little bit different black like a little bit lighter. I cant. If you see here, this is the look at the camera, which is black right and look at the body theres like a two tone there right so thats why its called mostly black, but i would have rather to see this color or any other color on the Phone because thats, how i am right, but the thing is when youre holding these two phones in your hand, this one actually feels more premium and thats, because the back of it, its a metal unibody this one in the back, is like carbon fiber. I believe it does not feel like metal at all. It feels more like plastic, but i think its like, i think, its like carbon fiber. You know its a very hard material, its really good, but oops.

I turn on the flashlight. The other thing is the front camera its also the same the front camera and the rear camera quality is also the same. They both have 12.2 megapixel cameras and 16 megapixel ultra wide camera in the front. They both have 8 megapixel camera and they both record up to 4k 60 frames per second, so yeah with this phone. Like you see here on the video, i did take a couple pictures that i could hear at home and i also took a video and 10 in 4k 60 frames per second. You know, like you, see there the figures, they look pretty damn cool um, but you know thats what it really impresses me that a lot of the great features that you have on the good phone on the expensive phone is on the cheap phone, but cheaper and Of course, one thing thats missing here is that this has six gigabytes of ram. This has eight gigabytes of ram. It should feel a lot more faster right, but honestly ive been using it for the last uh over a day, and everything feels very, very fluid here. When youre managing your phone, you know it doesnt feel slow at all. Um everything opens up really nice and fast. You know i have no problems whatsoever. You know opening and um using this phone at all, um spec wise, its almost the same as well spec wise. This has a snapdragon, 765 octa core six gigabytes of ram.

Like i said in the inside, it has 128 gigabytes of internal storage. It does not have a micro sd slot, but neither does the most expensive one. I have either so when you think about it, you know you get a lot of the great features for a lot less price than this one. So, honestly, im im actually impressed. You know that with the cheap price they actually got to manage. To put all those features in this phone – yes, design wise is not that exciting compared to the pixel 6 that were waiting for, which looks god, damn gorgeous thats the phone that im im expecting to play a lot with this year. I hope it actually comes and i get one still, if youre looking to buy a cheap phone for a son or for a family member or anything like that, you wouldnt go wrong with this. The great thing youre always gon na give the latest update of android. The camera is always great it doesnt matter. Its always great has a lot of great features in the camera like night shots, the portrait shots everythings, pretty damn good here when it comes to the camera battery life is also really good and, of course, it also charges really fast, because it has super fast charging And it comes with a charging block as well, which is the 18 watt charging block. So when you think about it, is it worth getting this phone over this phone? Honestly, i would, if you ask me, should i get the more expensive one or the cheaper one? I would definitely recommend this time around.

I would definitely recommend the cheaper one, because youre getting everything and more youre getting more for less money. The only thing that im missing here is the wireless charging thats. The only thing that im actually missing here is the wireless charging, but lately i havent been messing it that much because what i do is i charge the phone before i go to sleep like 100 right, i go to sleep when i wake up, it still has Over 90 percent of battery life, i could go through all my day like that by the time i come home, it still has like over 30 percent of battery life. So when you think about it, you know um its not a huge deal, especially because it has fast wireless charging, so guys thats it for this video. I just wanted to make the video like this, comparing both phones because theyre both very very similar. The only thing that changes hugely here is the size, which is not that huge, but i love the bigger size and honestly when it comes to managing this phone, it just feels as fast as that phone, even though it has two gigabytes of ram less, but it Does feel as same as that phone, but with a bigger screen, oled, 1080p, nice and smooth. It just feels good, so guys, thanks for watching this video.