. Now this phone was supposed to launch last year december, but due to delays, it just came out this week here in malaysia, so were wasting any more time. Lets get started. The huawei nova 8 packs the kirin 820e processor, a quad camera setup and a super fast 66 watt supercharger, but lets quickly begin with the unboxing. The version that we got for unboxing is the 128gb storage, eight gigs of ram blush gold variant. Now, moving into the box itself, you get the smartphone and at the back we can already see we have that pill shaped camera design, but more on this, a little bit later lets put this aside for now and check inside we get the sim card ejector tool, As well as a clear case included with it further going in, we get the massive 66 watt, huawei supercharger, as well as the type a to type c, cable, some final sticker, peeling and everything off there. It is thats the huawei nova 8, already looking really really cool next lets move on to the design on this. The huawei nova 8 has a really clean and nice looking design its very compact and the edges on it are very, very smooth to hold in hand the rear panel is made out of an anti glare glass, which is pretty good to give you that matte sort Of finish, without being a matte finish, it also has this sort of holographic look that reflects light at certain angles.

Now, at the bottom, you have a usb type c microphone as well as bottom facing speaker on the right side. You have the power button, as well as the volume up volume down rockers and then at the top. Youve got a microphone as well as the sim card trick. The holographic nova logo at the back also looks pretty nice when light hits it the right way. So all in all the design to this is really nice. I love the build quality. Its got a nice touch to it at the back as well. The matte finish makes it easy to grip onto very slim as well, because of that smaller battery size and overall, a very cool premium. Looking phone with that out of the way lets take a look at one of the cooler things on this, which is the display. The display on the huawei nova 8 is a 6.5 inch, full hd plus oled edgeless display with 90 hertz of refresh rate. It supports hdr10 and has a pixel density of ‘2 ppi at the top. You do get a punch hole cut out right in the middle, but this wont really disturb you from the viewing experience, even though the hole seems to be slightly bigger than it should be. I feel the 90 hertz of refresh rate gives you really great smoothness to the display, but you can also choose dynamic to have it balance automatically to save battery. We also do get an always on display that is interactive when you unlock the screen, as you saw right there, i really do like the always on display.

It looks very nice and the contrast with the oled display is pretty cool as well. We do get a built in fingerprint sensor under the display, which is very snappy and fast and works very, very quickly. Very happy with that. So i do have to say that the display is one of the things that caught my attention right off the bat with this very nice punchy display overall and something i think id enjoy most out of this next lets. Take a look at the camera on this. The main lens on here is the 64 megapixel f 1.9 wide angle lens. The second one is the 8 megapixel f 2.4 ultra wide angle lens. The third is a 2 megapixel depth sensor and lastly, a 2 megapixel macro lens the front camera punch hole. Cutout gives you a 32 megapixel, f 2.0 wide lens. The images that come out of this have really good quality. Overall, hdr levels are really great, sharpness control is really nice and you can see that the balance of the colors hdr exposures contrast levels. All look really really nice. This is one thing that huawei always does really well the image processing side of things so all across the board, all the different lenses, as you can see, ultrawide main and portrait all of them work super well now, moving on to something like the portrait mode, you Can see the background blur looks nice, but the skin smoothening seems to be a bit overboard same with the front camera great detail with 32 megapixels, but a bit overblown okay.

This is now the back camera. Video recording test with the huawei 8. were recording in 4k. At 30fps and as you can see, the colors and sharpness look really really nice on this ive also got pretty nice image stabilization as im walking. It seems to be pretty stable, pretty nice performance overall for the colors contrast levels and exposure. This is now a front camera. Video recording test for the huawei nova 8 were recording in 1080p at 30. Fps stabilization looks pretty good, sharpness, looks pretty good exposure as well looks pretty good and the colors overall are pretty decent as well so very standard. For this price point, i think two video on this looks absolutely great. Definitely love the stabilization and colors in terms of the image processing. Huawei does really really well. We made an entirely different video about that. You guys should check it out, but the image processing on huawei devices has been done really well in the last few years, and this is nothing short of that. So all the images, the hardware side left alone – even the software processing – just really takes it to the next level. Now time to talk about the processor on this, as well as the gaming performance, the processor on the huawei nova 8 is the kirin 820e processor. You get 8 gigs of ram and 128gb of storage and this is running pretty smoothly for pubg mobile, that we tried so ultra hd, graphics and uhd graphics wont work, but you will get hdr with ultra if youre trying to play this game now.

Gaming experience on this was very smooth. I dont usually play pubg. I do play call of duty mobile, so i kind of got a hang of it for my first or second time, but it was really enjoyable, very smooth experience. I had no lag spikes whatsoever and the quality, as you can see, on screen right now. It looked really really great. I felt like the resolution was very nice. The graphics were really nice. The touch sensing its response to when i was touching. It was very good as well now, the already really great display i was able to enjoy my gaming experience a lot and even get the winner winner, chicken dinner, i dont know if i was going away against bots or what, but i got 10 kills, and i Was pretty happy with it so yeah overall, very great, smooth experience with gaming pretty happy with it, so all in all its a pretty good all around device, you get a great display. Youve got pretty good, build quality and design. Camera performs really well, and the image processing is awesome. Sure the battery life is slightly smaller, but that 66 watt charge definitely makes up for it. Speaker, quality definitely is not the best bottom facing speaker only so you dont really get the left right channel separation, but the biggest problem that im sure a lot of users are gon na have is still that lack of google play support. Now. Yes, the petal search has come a long way and the applications that you can install have come really far from when google first separated from huawei, but lack of it does make a difference.

For me, in my day to day usage like google drive and all the integration that you usually get with android not being there, but if you get used to that, then its a pretty solid device so thats about it, thats everything you need to know about the Huawei no y8, if you enjoyed it, make sure to like the video consider subscribing for more content just like this, and if you have any questions. Let us know down in the comments.