During its global launch, however, xiaomi launched a lower specs version by adding x to it in the indian market, Music, hey everyone, my name is dave, and this is my long term review of xiaomi mi 11x. I have been using this device on and off for the past 60 days since i purchased a few things that have improved and some still are the same. This in depth. Video will clear all your doubts regarding this phone Music. This phone features a 6.67 inch amoled display with front and back gorilla glass, 5 protection. It has a plastic frame design and it feels light while you hold and weights around 196 gram. You also get a side mounted fingerprint scanner that is fast and accurate Music. As for xiaomi, you get a plus grade level display on this phone that supports a 120 hertz refresh rate and a 360hz sampling rate to improve your gaming experience. This phone also provide 1300 nits of peak brightness, and it works very well in daylight. Display quality is good and you will love watching your favorite content on this phone. However, i found few problems with this display, as when you watch hdr content on netflix dark scenes, get even darker and same happens on youtube too Music. This phone comes with a snapdragon, 870 chipset and 6 or 8gb ram with 128gb of storage. After the 12.5 miui update performance has improved as earlier. There were few lags in the ui, but now it is running very smoothly.

You can play almost any game on this phone without any issue im using the 8gb ram version, and i must tell you ram management is notably good. I have played some games on it like bgmi and s49 and it worked well and it will not disappoint you. Music, this phone features a triple camera setup, where the primary camera is 48 megapixel, 8 megapixel ultra wide 5 megapixel macro and 20 megapixel front facing camera performance is average. You can take some good shots in the daytime. However, it struggles in low light conditions. You will find a problem with skin tones and the dynamic range of the subject as well. I am not sure why xiaomi has provided such a mediocre camera in this phone, because xiaomi mi 10 pro max, has a better camera than this one, and that phone is around 20k only if you need a camera phone in this range, please consider iq7 to capture Good photographs: i must appreciate its 5 megapixel macro lens, as it gets really close to the subject. It has electronic image stabilization as well. That works really well in the videos Music im currently on miui 12.5, based on android 11 and its running. Well, you see some bloat pairs and pre installed apps and some of them you cannot even uninstall. I have no complaints with the miui because it gives you tons of customization options to play around Music. You get a 4550 mah battery with 33 watts of fast charger.

That can charge this phone in an hour from zero to 100. I am happy with the charging speed and can easily use this phone for a day with the screen on time of about six hours. Music, good haptics can be a deal breaker only high end phones used to provide you. Such quality level have but now brand started offering on budget phones as well. Haptics on me, 11x is pretty good and you get a flagship level feedback. It also well integrated with miui that enhances the overall user experience Music. You get a dual stereo speaker that are loud and clear. It also supports dolby, atmos and high res audio wi fi to improve your movie watching and music experience Music after the 12.5 miui update. It has improved, but there are still better options in the same range. You may consider this phone for a good xiaomi service network, snapdragon, 870 chipset and battery life decline it for poor camera quality at this price, black crush issue with display in dark scenes. It is a good phone for everyday use. However, as an alternative, you can consider iq7 that offers better display and camera quality so guys. This was my long term review of xiaomi mi 11 x, please like and subscribe to my channel for watching such informative videos. In the future, do comment for any suggestion or need to know anything else about this phone.