And of course i would like to thank xiaomi for uh. Letting me borrow this xiaomi yeah 11 live and experience with this phone and i hope you keep on watching and bhagavatam start. Of course, dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to be part of the hashtag ginger indian song. Of course, dont forget to click on the notification bell notification every time, the big bang upload and, of course, dont forget to comment down below honey, ready, ma, uh, video suggestions, youtube channel and, of course, without further ado lets get started with a video okay. So that is, of course, first what i like about xiaomi is very advanced brands, leading brands very affordable displays, Music 6.55. Music is Music, Music touch sampling rate, so brambilis swipe Music, qualcomm, snapdragon Music is Music. Music, Music charging shot fast charging you anonymous, and that is what i like about it. My first charge call with this phone is just for 30 minutes 100 hands down some fast charging uh feature, and i i love it. I love it very important picture. Of course, still the best in class smartphone camera technology is the best for its price. The helmet on three pole, rear cameras, Music, 64., Music, Music, Music, 16, megapixels, the front camera, of course. Actually, your front camera and your back camera now my wide angle, night mode and, of course, for the videos, um, slow motion, the feature and, of course, merencia, Music, Music, foreign, Music, very, very, very competitive.

When it comes to my one thing, which is and so actually im, xiaomi 11 lite is available. Samantha authorizes these stores and partner retails nationwide and, of course, available in shasana official stores. Xiaomi sa lazada and shopping link description suggested. Retail price nya is 14 990 pesos. Its not bad features and very, very, very, very solid nasa. Thank you. Thank you. So much for watching todays, video and dont forget to subscribe to my channel to be part of the hashtag. Of course, click on the notification bell for my notification. Every time you make it, i upload and of course, comment down below for video suggestions and follow me on my social media account. So thank you. Thank you. So much and la li con si no sabe, so vlogs go dont forget to be a blessing to other people.