Here you know the question your oracle pal here gets asked most often what is the meaning of life? The answer is 42. By the way you want to know the second most frequently asked question: i get hey tech oracle. What phone should i buy lucky for you im feeling benevolent today, so im gon na hit you with my picks for the top three on the big three, the best baller by baller, mid range and budget buys by network for at t, t, mobile and verizon lets. Go Music hey if any of these videos have helped. Please consider hitting us with that thumbs up clicking that subscribe button and hitting that notification bell so youll be notified when we drop the latest videos and we have a really cool job offer contest thingy going on right now, you could get paid two thousand 000 to Try out subscription boxes seriously, yeah its not a joke. So what im gon na do here is begin with android devices on the big three well hit iphones and some unlocked pro tips at the end ill explain why then lets get into it? For those of you on a t here are my picks for baller mid range and budget buys. It may come as no surprise that for my top dollar pick im gon na steer you in the direction of samsungs galaxy z, fold. 3. 5G. I know i looked apart, but im no bother. If i was, though this would be, the phone id be itching to get my hands on right now.

This year, samsung has worked out the kinks and given us a more durable folding display with ipx8 water resistance and gorilla glass, victus matter of fact this year it even supports the s pen im a huge note fan and in anime terms, the z fold. 3. 5 g is like the note or your favorite hero in his or her final form, theres a lot to like about this device. But what if youre, not willing to fork out eighteen hundred dollars or 50 a month on installments then hit that mid range and make friends with your wallet? My mid range pick on att is going to be the pixel 4 a5g. You get stereo speakers a three and a half millimeter audio jack, so you can actually listen to high res lossless music without the need for dongles or any extra equipment. Though you may still want an external dac because googles internal dac is but most folk arent buying. The 485g for the audio output, its all about the cameras and the speedy updates to the latest android os ive, already been playing with android 12 on my pixel devices and its a joy to use rounding out the kit youre going to get a beautiful, oled hdr Screen no under glass fingerprint sensor, but the rear mounted one worked well consistently in my testing. You can check out my full review at the link in the description now onto that budget by the moto g stylus.

5G. I was surprised by just how good the 2020 version was and though i wasnt as much a fan of the 2021 version, its still a solid competitor in the field. Its 5g ready has a massive 5 000 milliamp hour battery and comes with that three and a half millimeter audio jack. The cameras get the job done and youll get no waterproof rating, but the phone does come with a water repellent coating on big magenta. The whale that just ate sprint has some devices. We need to talk about again. Im gon na go with the z fold. Three, five g: i think you might be noticing a pattern here for the baller buy, but with a dope alternative, baller buy the oneplus 9 pro comes in at just over a thousand dollars full price, their focus on bringing those cameras up to flagship quality. Netted positive results as their ultra wide angle. Shooter is arguably the best in class, with its large 16.3 millimeter sensor with equally large one micron pixels netting, you 50 megapixel snaps. Its captures, like its name, was ash ketchum, its top of the line, processor multimedia experience with dual stereo speakers and beautiful amoled display at 120 hertz refresh, make it worthy of the alternative baller by and its a beast when it comes to gaming, with features that make Your cod time, buttery, smooth gg oneplus, also earns my mid range pick of the phones available on t mobile. This time were talking about the oneplus 85g 2020 tech, but with its snapdragon 865 processor, high speed, ram and 30 watts fast charging youd be hard pressed to do better.

This phone is equally adept at playing video games or playing music through its stereo speakers or playing great looking streaming, videos and movies on its 6.55 inch amoled, hdr, 10 plus certified screen, plus that 30 watt fast charging is quite nice budget buy here is going to Be the fabulous nord n105g for 300 or 12 a month. I was going to recommend a cheaper alternative, but the closest one is motorolas one 5g ace and the nord is just a superior budget device. You get 90 hertz refresh screen on a us phone at this price point along with expandable storage, dual speakers, a three and a half millimeter headphone jack 30 watt fast charging and the only place motorola beats this phone on spec is in the processor. It has a snapdragon 750 g over the nord 690, but the difference from most folk wont be noticeable. Big red brings up the rear for the big three of this roundup baller. You already know z, fold three and this time were sticking with samsung for the mid range going with the galaxy s20f e5g. Yes, the fan edition of samsungs venerable galaxy lineup of phones is the closest you get to premium s20 specs without paying premium s20 prices. Now onto that budget, by on big red, you can cop that motorola one 5g ace. It has a massive 5000 milliamp hour battery that i couldnt run out 15 watt fast charging and one of my favorite sets of operating system enhancements in its moto access mode display and moto gestures, which allow you to do handy things like make a chopping motion to Turn on the flashlight or use three fingers to take screenshots and more, but what, if youre an iphone fan? Well, in that case, it doesnt matter which network youre on so choice is fairly straightforward.

Here, baller buy is obviously going to be the iphone 12 pro max. Youre at the pinnacle of your game – and so is this 5g flagship from the house that jobs built it has all the cameras, all the camera tricks thanks to computational photography and can record video in dolby vision hdr as well as play it back on the phones, Beautiful 6.7 inch oled super retina xdr display. It also has apples a14 bionic chip, which should power you through multitasking gaming, pretty much anything you can throw at it. If its mid range pricing youre after then pick up last years, iphone 11. heres. The thing these phones have gotten to the point that theyre powerful enough to last years and upgrading annually or bi annually, isnt the big deal that once was so. If its coin, you need to save last years. Hotness should still light your fire this year and for the budget pick its the second generation iphone sc youre going to want to buy sure its only 4g, but 4g networks will be around for a while longer. So you should be fine. The processor is solid and competes with phones costing much more and you get touch id in the age of coveted masking, so thats always a bonus here in the states, people tend to buy from the carrier or walk into a big box store and buy whats on The shelves or whatever these sales persons recommend, but you can get a great phone unlocked direct from a manufacturer or on amazon.

com. In that case, i need to give an honorable mention to tcls lineup of phones. I have a full review of each of their latest 20 series phones right here on the channel, but at 500 for the flagship, 20 pro 5g and 250 for their 20s youre. Getting a set of solid specs at great prices. Id definitely lean into the 20s. For 50, less than the nord n10 5g, if you dont want 5g right now and thats it, you think there are better picks on any of the big three networks. Argue it out lets get down, write in the comments im here for it. Those are my picks. You may have your own, but when people walk up to me thats, what im telling them hey, im tashaka armstrong for dont. Take it lightly that youve spent your time here with us.