So here is my old unboxing knife. I think i need to go to china mall and get one. You know something in silvery or what you say diamond shape. Diamond color or something like that, but i also like this one, which has this skulls. As you can see, this one has skulls on the sides and once i bought a skull, uh kind of something from scotland also yeah. So what we have received is this smartphone called galaxy 8 22. So lets quickly take out the bubble wrap too so Music lets see and lets go through the configuration of the phone. So i havent researched much about this phone so far, but as i will be reviewing it so ill. If you have any questions, so you can definitely uh ask me and i will try to get all the answers. So what we have here, Music is the. So yes, so, finally, what we have outside of the bubble wrap is galaxy a22 samsung uh by samsung, so this is uh in a nice mint. I think green color, so lets see check, lets check the actual actual color. As mentioned on the box, if its mentioned, i dont think its mentioned so its a single sim mint, so its written mint, 64 gb so and its a quiet, camera setup, one flash and the packaging is really simple. So this is what we have so lets quickly. Unwrap on on, you know, open the box and see the contents of the package so that we dont need to.

You know we can show you as to what you get in the package, so this is really a nice. Whenever we open it open something new. I really feel very nice, so just so, as you can see, this is the package and we have already cut the seal, so this is what we are going to get inside the box. So these are some of the manuals. As you always see – and this is the phone – it really looks nice in this mint mint color, as if yeah and its really like its really a nice color and then the whole sides are also in the same color so which looks really cool and it has Infinity you display quiet camera setup, as i already told you and fingerprint scan so, which is really nice lets. Take it out of this package also, so that i can show you. How does it look? Also? This is kind of yeah okay, so here it is Music. Okay, sorry yeah, so this is it so its like attached like that. So this is the smartphone uh, its really nice, uh and um back is kind of plastic and thats why they are able to provide such kind of beautiful colors. So its a single sim or dual sim, i think its a dual sim phone so and then whats mentioned at the bottom, is if i can focus its mentioned as dublin, ireland address as well as i my number, and there is a volume up down button and Power on off button and then yeah and on one side, you will put all your sims so lets, keep it aside and then check.

So this is, as this is a value phone, so it also comes with the power charger or travel adapter generally. The top end phones of samsung are not coming with the adapter fast charging as well as it comes with the earbuds uh, which are little bit. You know old looking, but for value phones. These are nice addition, and then you have a type c type c, cable. So thats it and then we have a sim ejector tool at the bottom and thats it. What we have received from the package so basically uh. I dont think there is any kind of a case or something in this one. Let me quickly check so, but yeah. So there is no case so basically uh generally silicon case comes with certain phones, but on this one, samsung hasnt provided one. So this is a really nice new addition from samsung with a quiet camera and if you have any questions which looks really nice, if you, if you can see it, it looks really nice and the phone doesnt um look cheap at all with the feel with the Aluminium feel on the sides, and you know all the features that it has um. Basically it has this feature of a 3.5 mm jack with type c, and then it has these speakers on one side, then fingerprint, and then it has up and down. It will come with samsung pay and all those features enabled that will also be nice.

I i hope those are the features, but as im touching it, i can see that my hand. Fingerprints are there on the body, but so we have to clean it or they must be. I have to buy a silicon case for the same, but ill check the camera, performance and other things, and if you have any questions regarding the smartphone, please do. Let me know and thank you samsung for sending me galaxy a22 and ill review the device and, if you have any questions, do get back to me on the same. So thank you very much samsung. Thank you very much, my viewers, so i am still like 210 followers away from getting my first thousand subscribers and you will have to also take me past 4 000 hours of viewing. So please support me uh in this endeavor and then ill continue to bring all these unboxing and maybe some giveaways once we reach that mark. So thank you very much.