After announcing the mix 3 slider phone, the company announced the mix alpha, but it wasnt on sale to the public and then came the mix, bold, which isnt a phone for most people, and today weve got the mix 4, which is the official successor to the mix Series, since we got the phone not long ago, well start with the most relevant aspects in this review. Welcome to gizmo chinas mix 4 hands on review im kieran the box is not as small as the me 11 series. As you can see, the me mix 4 box is pretty large when you open the package, the new slogan of mix comes into view translated into english. It means there is no perfection in the world, but there is only someone in pursuit of perfection. Next, you see the mix for itself; lets put it aside for now and see what accessories come with it: a phone case, a headphone adapter, a data, cable and, of course, the most important accessory 120 watt charger Music. The mix series has pursued a full screen design right from its inception, and although the mix 4 is not the first phone to use the under display camera technology head has done a very good job, with the full screen effect in everyday use. Even if you look carefully, you wont easily spot the camera area just from the display effect. It is reached a highly usable state. Of course it is not perfect.

As from the side view, you can see the position of the front camera in bright light. There is also a sun level to protect the front camera area of the screen and xiaomi has made a hole in the display panel for better front camera quality. However, i hope the future version wont have a hole in the screen, because only then will it have a better full screen effect. You must also be very curious about the quality of the front camera right. We were curious too and tried to take a couple of selfies. Look at these images. Are you happy with its quality personally im satisfied with the front camera quality, especially considering theres a screen covering the camera? But if you zoom in, even though the ai processing has optimized the image much more than what we saw in the preview, many details of the image are not visible anymore. So, despite using a new underscreen camera solution, mix 4 is not recommended for people who want to take high quality selfies, but if you want basic selfies or if you just want to talk to your family and friends on video calls like i do this front, camera Can handle such simple scenarios compared to the first generation? The mix 4s design is kind of less impressive. Like many other phones, there is a matrix rear camera in the upper left corner. The new gray color scheme is very elegant and blue and gray looks very premium.

Although the mix 4 is relatively average in terms of the back cover design, the production quality is nevertheless superb. The unibody ceramic body was well received by the public when it first debuted on the mix 2, and the unibody process is polished even further. On the mix. 4., with the new technology, the ceramic body is 30 lighter, which is one of the reasons why the mix 4 is lighter than the mi 11 ultra. The back cover and frame are unibody, so it wont pinch your hand, and it naturally feels much better than other phones and since ceramic has a greater thermal connectivity than glass, you get the feeling that the mix 4 will get warmer more easily than other phones with Glass back covers honestly. The feel of the mix 4 is really very good and its hard to describe it in words. So if you get the chance, you must go and experience it. For yourself, mix 4 is equipped with the snapdragon 888 plus soc. For the first time, with 780 000 points on antutu and 5700 points on 3d mark, this chip doesnt feel much different from snapdragon 888. Because of time constraints, we could only test pubg and genjen impact on the phone and with the performance mode on with the hdr graphics, extreme frame rate mode. It still limits the frame rate with an average frame rate of 53 fps. The frame rate limitation of the genji impact is even more severe.

The minimum frame rate is limited to 20 fps. It seems that the mix 4 is very conservatively tuned for performance, not suitable for users who like to play games. The me4s rear camera also takes very good pictures and performs very well in most cases during the day, but the ultra wide lens and telephoto lens low light photo quality is more towards average, and the dynamic range is relatively low. The main camera does not have this problem when the night mode is turned on, and the performance in low light is also very good. The mix 4 also brings the fastest charging combination for cell phones right now, ie 120 watt wire charging and 50 watt wireless charging. After turning on boost charging speed, the wire charging got the battery to full in just 16 minutes when using wireless charging, it took 37 minutes for full charge. Some people may wonder how its 50 watt wireless charging solution can charge the phone in just 37 minutes. This is because recently china added a policy stating the power output of wireless charging should not exceed 50 watt. This policy was officially implemented some time before the launch, so xiaomi did not dare to advertise a faster wireless charging solution, even if technically it achieved an output higher than 50 watt. In fact, the wireless charging power of mix 4 is much greater than 50 watt. If you turn on the boost charging speed function, wireless charging can only be charged at a maximum 50 watt and it will take 50 minutes to fill up well thats.

All there is for this mix 4 hands on review. I know you are waiting to see more of the phone, so dont worry subscribe to our channel for a full review of the mix.