That also means that we are still not getting a perfect freaking phone Music – hey everyone mukul here. So, as always, a friend bought the 12 gb variant of the iq7 recently and before he could use it. I snatched it for him and i made this review so yeah. Thank you, dear friend, now there are a ton of both good and bad things. I can say about the phone and as the video progresses id share them simultaneously because being linear, sometimes sucks. So what i really seriously loved was the damn good packaging. The phone. Had i mean in its every nook and corner, the packaging screamed the word premium in all my ears precisely to be two years, i like the yellow accents on the box and the inner packaging was pretty sweet too. Oh, we got a baddest monster over here. They also put a special feedback print in the box, which is something i definitely have for them in this video. The charging brick is huge and bigger than the 30 watt charger i use for my oneplus 8, obviously, because this is 66 watt. The case was included and its pretty nice. I mean its just a case, so i rest the case and the phone already had a protective screen cover on it. As i held the phone for the first time, i could really feel its size being a 196 gram phone. It doesnt quite feel as heavy, but the overall the size definitely feels on the larger side.

The weight distribution felt. Fine, though i mean its just a phone. So, even if it was off a bit, it wouldnt have bothered me much. The design on the edges felt quite refreshing. I, like the top indent, maybe because its something new to me, the phone also felt quite thick, but it just managed to land before the point where it could have felt absurdly thick. The volume rocker keys felt solid, but the power key felt slightly rattly on the front. There is a notch at the corner which does feel a bit distracting, especially if you extend the size of a video playback to full screen. The back has this nice mattish finish, which has become a trend. Now i really like the subtle back design, which can literally get lost in darkness and its quite dark. I also noticed that, even though it does get some smudges its really easy to wipe them off, the phone has quite a thin camera bump on it, considering how thick they have become these days. I think some of the camera layout thickness has been cleverly hidden inside the phones body too, and hence it makes it a little more thicker than the typical phones. We see these days. The first boot setup felt quite like vanilla, android, and there was also a tutorial which shared the bad charging habits. Most of us have, i am thinking they did this, so that people kind of learn how to manage the battery and the super fast charging habits on this phone, but during the first boot up, i had to accept four freaking different disclaimers.

I mean this really cant get any more irritating than this, and it also kind of makes me do this about the things they might make us accept. Otherwise, you cant really finish setting up the phone, but you know what was even more frustrating every single app from iq on the phone showed me some sort of disclaimer again and again till i had gone through most of its apps. I mean really what the hell are you guys trying to do here i mean, i just hope i havent, given my house rights to you, which might have been hidden deep inside one of these disclaimers iq also tried to enforce many recommended services, which i was not Sure at this stage, but thankfully i was able to skip these at least you would find a heck lot of bloatware on the phone, and apart from just a few, you cant really uninstall the many others which are by iq itself. The most frustrating of them was the v app freaking store. I mean, even if you install an app from play store, it will show its not iq certified for some reason. Whenever you uninstall an app from the play store, it will show that you have uninstalled it and then forcefully gives a suggestion of an app you might want to install no thanks. Yes, you can definitely turn off its notification, but you cant disable or uninstall it. So it will always be running there. This is really one of the saddest things about the phone.

There are some deep load guides on youtube, but i suspect not a lot of users will bother to even go through them, so yeah thats kind of a letdown, the haptic feedback on the phone was pretty decent and i can say it definitely felt uh way above Average and i say felt because of the haptic properties – haptic get it. The display overall is pretty bright, but it does look a bit desaturated and the color calibration being more towards the blues, which can be fixed to some extent in the display settings though, but the overall quality of the display was good and almost neck to neck. Against my oneplus 8, but maybe the oneplus 8 display was slightly sharper. Most of you wont care about that. Anyway, you can adjust the overall color shift and tone of the display and also enable the low brightness flicker feature, which was only visible to a camera which was recording at 150th of a second, but my eye, couldnt really see it having a 120 hertz display with The snapdragon 870 chip on the phone means that you can probably enjoy a lot of games at higher refresh rates and, if youre, someone who doesnt play games then have fun with scrolling. Your instagram feed the single strength of the phone turned out to be better than my oneplus 8. When i tested the same sim separately on both the phones, both the face, unlock and fingerprint unlock are blazing fast, but iq again throws more freaking disclaimers and forces you to accept them.

If you want to use these essential security features so yeah by this point, i was totally frustrated, but just because of the fact that i only had to accept them once so. I accepted them and moved on what i absolutely loved about. The phone was that the g board was its a default keyboard, so thats one step less to set up the phone theres a global search feature set by default when you swipe down on the home screen. It has these random suggestions for other apps and such other crap, but i was able to turn them off for a cleaner look if i decide to use this feature, theres also jovi home feature, which will always be present on the top right corner of your notification Panel so yeah you cant, really get rid of it. It works like google assistant, but it isnt, google assistant. So i am not sure if people who are into google would ever want to be into jovi 2 and cheat on each other. The speaker sounds loud enough, but does sound a bit hollow Music, Music. Also, the distribution isnt quite balanced and the right side speaker would sound way louder than the left side. The insane 66 watt charger charges, the phone pretty freaking fast. The first 15 of charging was done in just two minutes and the next 20 in just six minutes more. The charging only gets a bit slow after the 50 mark, but the total charging time was around 40 minutes, which is pretty impressive, but the overall battery performance at 120 hertz wasnt much impressive.

I was able to churn just about two hours of screen on time with the 50 of battery usage and it included all these benchmarks. I took the game. I played the camera test i did, but this can also mean that the phone might not be able to ever cross five hours or lets say six hours of screen on time, especially if you also use the phone at 120 hertz uh constantly like me, because obviously We paid for it, so we are gon na use it, but you can also put it on the smart feature too, which enables and disables the 120 hertz based on the applications or the way you use the phone. So that just might give you a bit more battery backup, but if you are someone who carries the phone charger with you all the time, then you shouldnt really worry about the battery performance. What really impressed me with the phone was its amazing camera performance. Now the camera bump is quite thin on this phone as compared to the recent trends we are seeing. But boy are the pictures taken good of what the pictures in daytime tend to come a bit too over saturated, but i have no complaints with the kind of details it captures. The primary sensor is pretty darn good on this, the ultra white sensor being typical to what the trend is. Well, it isnt as impressive as the primary sensor for capturing details but yeah its there, and it is definitely ultra wide, so i wont mind using it.

Every now and then the 2xzoom shot is also quite good and does capture nice details. It does also manages to lit up areas where the primary sensor kind of fails, so the camera algorithm is doing a decent job on the iq. Human subjects, like me, tend to get captured with enough details too, with a bit of acceptable sharpening on the picture. The phone can also take really darn nice macro shots when you turn on the macro mode, the focus just snaps instantly when you move the phone closer to your subject in the macro mode, and i think it felt easier to work with than the redmi note. 10. Pro macro mode, which i reviewed recently and the front camera, is quite impressive too. When it comes to capturing details and the portrait does a fine job too, you can also adjust the aperture manually, as you are taking a portrait shot, which is of course, a nice feature to have the videos from the rear. Camera have two different stabilization mode, and if you push for more stability, the video would have more and more crop on it. Well, overall, they have nice details and yeah are dont, really record videos without the standard stabilization, at least, but do note that if you try to use the ultra stabilization mode, then it just records at 1080p and not 4k. The front also captures nice details and records at 1080p. Whats bad here is the stabilization and the mic quality, which sounds really tiny, tiny, as in i sound like a tin man here, and this is how the video quality is from the front camera yeah, its quite humid and im quite sweaty and im, not speaking very Loud, the slo mo video also captures slo mo with great details on it as its a 1080p video, so yeah you can say so far.

I really love the overall camera performance and what again impressed me with the primary rear camera on the iq7 was its low light performance. Well, it does take its sweet time to process a picture in low light scenarios, but i really dont mind that seeing the quality of pictures it produces by the end, the ultrawide sensor again typically behaves poorly in low lit scenarios, but turn that night mode on and You get a far superior picture, i mean unless you zoom in that picture, looks great and capturing human subjects with masks on the sensor does perform nicely. But if you try the portrait mode in low light scenarios, then you would definitely be disappointed with the details. The front camera manages to capture decent details and the portrait gets a little soft but works nonetheless. The front camera also works with the night mode, but what was truly weird was that, even after i turned off its beauty mode completely, which made me look super weird in the first place. Well, even after shutting it off the iq, camera app still tries its best to beautify the face. I mean, if you want to call that beautification. I am personally not a fan of this, but if youre someone who digs fake beauty, you wouldnt mind this and might even use the beauty mode to its max parameter as really who is really real anymore right. The videos at night performed better than i expected, even when they were a bit noisy, but the standard stabilization worked wonders and the ultra stabilization would hardly record anything so avoid that at all cost the ultrawide stabilization works.

But there are these jiggly effects all over. The video, so i wouldnt, recommend that the front video behaves okay, the details are there on the video, but it really fails to capture enough light to make the face lit like how it had industry did with the front camera with the night mode. Well, lets talk about the best thing, which is on the phone and its the snapdragon 870 chip and its performance. I played call of duty on the phone for about half an hour and the back really didnt heat up. Much i mean it did, but i dont think the plastic bag is really a good conductor of heat, so you kind of feel it, but it shouldnt be alarming. The game also ran at max settings and hence justifying the chip the phone has. Whenever you run a game, you would notice these tiny pop ups, which will appear on the screen as soon as you run, a game which is actually a sign of the phone enabling game boost which will optimize the phone for gaming. I mean thats why its called game boost. I also ran geekbench a few times each after one another and the score stayed pretty consistent, proving the phone manages the thermals. Well, the ram management was pretty solid. Thanks to the 12gb plus 3gb extendable ram feature. The phone has and no matter how many apps i opened up, i was not able to consume more than 7gb of memory and even after opening 20 plus apps call of duty stayed in the background and open instantly, which was done impressive.

Now i wanted to cover a lot of features. The fun touch os has to offer, but that would have made the video super freaking long, so i will just list them on the screen, but let me share the good and the bad of it in a summary. Anyway, the theme store has themes and some really crappy ads, which might not be suitable for many users and age groups. I mean iq really needs to fix this unless they really want to be a reputable brand out there. The default iq browser is the true planet of the ads. I have never seen or used a browser with so much junk in it, just remove it from your home screen so that you dont even accidentally, tap on it. The app which is iqs own app store is horribly intrusive. Unless you turn off the notifications completely and install an app from anywhere on the phone, it will just pop the notification up of the app you just uninstalled with an unwanted recommendation. Oh god, spare me the always on display can be turned on permanently, which is good and is the true definition of what always on display means, and it can also be set in a way so that, if you just move the phone a little, it will just Lit up, you can literally set up animation type for almost everything here, including fingerprint, face unlock and charging, but oddly split screen, wasnt supported by most of the iq apps themselves, making the scenario look a bit funny.

You can also customize the sound effects as per your age group, because, as you grow older, you turn differ and differ, and this is a feature which ive only seen in samsung phones before the shake to flashlight feature. Didnt work quite well. But if i customize the volume down key to activate it, then it kind of works perfectly. So you might have understood by now that if you wanted to save some bugs over the oneplus 9r and still get a darn good hardware on the phone, some of the caveats can really turn off. Some of you or many of you i dont know, and by that i mean the extremely intrusive habit of the many stock iq apps and the many many disclaimers the phone asked for a really long time. I mean all of this really pushes my mind in two different directions: the phone has extremely good value and a really good set of hardware inclusive of the camera on it too, but spending just a little shy of owning a oneplus phone with the same processor. The same chip on it well, it does bring a lot of software crap, which no one would ever want or desire on their phone, but then again, whats truly sad about the oneplus phones. Now that even they might totally ditch the oxygen os and soon in the future, we might just get color os on the phones. But if youre, a user, whos least bothered about all these factors and who is someone who just needs a damn good phone with? Damn good features on it and which can also give you a maximum value for the money you are going to put on the phone.

Then yeah, the iq7 is really a great deal. I mean the performance is great. The cameras are top notch for this price segment and the huge freaking screen, which is as good as many flagships out there in the same price bracket. The fast charging and the other software feature, the mini software features. The fun touch. Os has well yeah. All of this really sounds really good and makes the phone a really valuable money device. Damn. I really invested a lot of time in scripting this review, so i do hope i earned a sub here. That is, if you discovered this video in the first place. Otherwise, no discovery, no sub.