So i guess this is where it comes in bag. Lets get this open, casey nice, that style geez. I dont know how he does this one handed everything everything he does is one handed. How do you do it tell me your tricks there we go look at that. The laviar microphone for smartphones were on the come up, a bauer lavalier microphone for smartphones uh. I got it, it was the most affordable one on the market. It was only about. I dont know like eight bucks, including tax, so like seven, seven plus tax and uh yeah lets give it a go. Lets see how see how it works open. This bad boy up comes in like a pouch thats, pretty cool free leather pouch. Well, i guess its not free. I paid for it all right! So thats what you get you get uh. I really thought it would come tied up or something just kind of have it loosen the pouch, but whatever yeah all right lets plug it in see how it works before we plug it in this is just a little audio test. This is without the microphone all right now lets try it with the microphone testing testing one two: three: i wonder if it works, i dont no, all right. So this is the audio just walking around the living room, minimal feedback, noise um i mean i dont know how its coming out so im just walking around testing it, but all right lets go outside where i know theres going to be a lot more feedback: noise.

Ac units going off bugs buzzing, so if this is uh, if this works pretty good, then i you know i dont know if, in like a concert area youll be able to use this, but at least in the outside you can you make fishing videos like. I do all right. I want to do one more test. Turn the tv on this is what im going to do im going to turn the volume kind of way up, thats right, congratulations! Youre! Moving on to the bonus round, all right im gon na walk like five feet like 10 feet away from the tv. If you guys can hear me properly, i mean i guess it works with uh a lot of feedback noise. In the background, if not, i guess its a its only a seven dollar mic. So all right, i actually like, went back and looked at all the footage to like make sure that works properly. The one thing that i did notice is that when i look back and looked at this footage that i just whatever weird continuum time loop, this footage has some weird feedback noise. I dont know what it is only lasts for like five seconds, so i dont know if thats fixable. If anybody knows how to fix that comment down in the comment section below and just let me know because im new to this and im trying to teach myself so all right and it works all right for a seven dollar mic.

It like it, works all right. Its not the best mic, you know if you want some really good audio. You know probably youll get yourself like anywhere from like a 50 to 100 mic. You know like reasonably, but this was seven dollars at walmart, so for seven dollars at walmart. For my first mic, im satisfied, i can use it, i can you i i can utilize it in my videos, thats what i wanted to say: im not going to even edit that out, but anyway, i give it like a c like a solid c. You know like six five out of ten. You know it gets the job done its its, not a dime piece, but it gets the job done so there you have it. The bauer lavalier microphone and uh 5 out of 10. 5.5 5.5 out of 10 thats.