So i have the motorola h20 fusion with me and heres. What im gon na do im gon na go ahead, unbox this device and give you your first look and my first impressions of this device, but if youre new here, i would recommend you to subscribe to the guys 360 youtube channel and click on that bell. Icon. So that you are notified whenever we upload a new video lets begin Music. So this is what the box of the motorola edge 20 fusion looks like the typical blue moto box. It does not have specifications mentioned at the back, but it does mention its 5g enabled and its ready for pc. So lets go ahead and box this device and take our first look at it. The motorola edge fusion is the first thing to come out of the box, and it has a case on it already. Keep that aside, dive deeper into the box, get a couple of documentation: Music, the charger, as you can see its a 30 watt charger that you get in the box with a type c output Music. So you get a type c to type c cable in the box and of course, is the sim eject tool boot up the device and give you a first look at it. So lets go ahead, set this up and then im going to run you through all the specifications of the device since were here, lets quickly pop the sim tray open and check what configuration we get and see its a hybrid sim slot design that you get with It either use two sims or one sim and a micro sd card, so lets set up the fingerprint, as you can see, its got a side mounted fingerprint scanner, so its positioned right on the power button quickly.

You can also scan it. From the other hand, this just makes it easier to unlock fingerprint scanners very easy to set up. So now that we have set up the motorola h20 fusion im going to run you through all the specifications at the front, it has a big 6.7 inch, oled display with hdr10 support and 90 hertz refresh rate, so quickly also check what the refresh rate is set At by default, so you can see the refresh rate is set to 90 hertz by default, and you do have the option to switch it to 60 hertz. If you dont intend on using it now. The benefit of a 90 hertz display is that scrolling is going to appear super smooth on it, though this comes at the cost of battery life. Now, speaking of battery life, the phone packs in a 5000mah battery – and you can see the device is also thin at its about 8.25 mm in thickness, and it weighs about 185 grams Music and, as weve seen earlier, it gets a 30 watt charger in the box. When it comes to the ui, the uis, typical moto, you get Music this based on top of android 11. As you can see, theres, not a lot of bloatware on it. You have the moto app and a few other google apps that are also being downloaded at this point. Im gon na quickly run you through the version of android on this device.

This runs android 11 with the august security patch, which is the latest one that is available Music. You also get this phone into color options, electric graphite and cyber teal. I have the electric graphite variant with me here, so this smartphone is also ip52 water resistant, and it also has a tiny rubber seal around this in slot. So im gon na quickly show you the buttons on the device so on the right. You have the power button, which also doubles up as the fingerprint scanner right above it are the volume buttons now the power button placement is convenient can reach it, though the volume buttons need a slight stretch of the hand theres. Another button here which assume is the google assistant, so you can quickly press the button to summon the google assistant at the bottom. You get a 3.5 mm headphone jack, usb type c port primary microphone and the loudspeaker at the top well theres. Only the secondary microphone here at the back. You can see its got a glossy finish and it kind of picks up smudges. So the case is in the box. You can use that the camera module kind of reminds me of the iphone 11. If you let go of the sensor, but yeah its a triple camera setup with a 108 megapixel primary camera and 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and a 2 megapixel depth sensor – and i also have the flash right below it now in terms of the processing bar Motorola has picked the mediatek dimension, 800 usoc for this particular device, and you have two ram options.

You have 6 gb and 8 gb ram options on this device, and storage is constant at 128 gb, though, you have the option to expand storage to 512 gb, but it comes at the cost of the second sim slot. Now, speaking of sims, this takes in two nano sims and has support for 5g on both, so that makes it kind of future proof in a way. So at the top right in the center youve got a hole, punch was the top, and that is the 32 megapixel selfie camera its kind of hard to see with that display, but yeah. So this is the 32 megapixel camera on it. As usual, moto actions are present on the device, so you do have the option to use gestures, to customize it so from what i remember, theres a fast touch, gesture which you can simply double chop again to enable the flashlight, then theres also the double twist gesture, Which pretty much enables the camera on this, so these are usual gestures. Ive used it on older, motorola smartphones as well theres, a few more. You can lift to unlock the power touch. There are a lot more which we are going to explore during the full review. You get just a navigation by default. I think you can go back to the traditional three button layout. If you want to Music, the display is quite vivid, its got an amoled panel, and i think you have the option to tweak the display settings Music.

As you can see, you do have the option to alter the color temperature, if required, and also a color mode, natural or saturated theres, also peak display, which takes advantage of the oled display on the panel, and you will be able to check your notifications on the Lock screen itself, so the diamond city 800u is something different and in this price segment, so i will be putting this to the test and if you dont want to miss the review of the moto edge, 20 fusion well stay tuned to gadgets 360.. So that was a quick unboxing and your first look at the motorola h20 fusion. Now what do you think about this smartphone? Do let me know that in the comment section down below and as always for all things, tech stay tuned to gadgets360.