I will also be doing a quick impressions update on the flip as well so stay tuned for that video. But for now lets go ahead and take a look at the fold three. So first things first overall very impressed with the design its very premium. You can tell its just durable overall, i dont feel like the fold is going to get loose. The hinge is going to be very strong over time. Yes, you still can see that crease in the middle. You can still feel it so that hasnt been worked out. Yet so, first things: first, that power button does couple as a fingerprint scanner works really well works, how it should very quick, accurate, easy. However, one thing i noticed is when i go into my phone and i just open it right away. It goes to my pattern, however, my thumb isnt always in the right spot to actually register on the fingerprint scanner. So what i did was actually scan this part of my pointer finger and it worked to register as a fingerprint. Now, realistically, i wouldnt recommend doing this. Its probably not as secure it might be, i dont actually know but im doing it at the moment, and i just set it on down and it unlocks it right away. So it does work really well. I havent had any issues with it and now on to that display. I love that they added 120 hertz to the front display.

It just makes it more of a seamless experience, much more smooth, so its not choppy on the front screen. Then you open it up. Youre, like oh its much smoother on the inside theyre, both extremely smooth now with that display youll notice up at the top, especially right now, with an orange being a color anytime, theres, a color up towards the top, its very challenging to see the under display camera. Now, if i go ahead and jump into settings in dark mode, youll notice, it shows up a little bit more. It actually just looks like a punch hole design. So when it is a black screen, it does somewhat show up as a punch hole and then, if its a completely white screen, you can see it as well. So went into twitter heres an example of the lighter screen. It looks a little weird on camera, but its definitely noticeable. However, i did find it is better, in my opinion, its better looking than a punch hole design. So it is going in the right direction in terms of steps and then, like i said, anytime, theres color over it. You really dont notice it, especially while watching videos or playing games if it is covering up that under display camera its hardly noticeable unless youre really looking at it. You really dont notice it. It seems like more of an overall seamless experience. I know a lot of people were asking about the quality of it.

Yes, the quality is not as good as other front facing cameras. I want to make note, though, when you switch to that front facing camera youll notice that technology kind of goes away. It doesnt show pixels on it anymore, so you can see the actual camera and there you go it just kind of disappears. So really cool example of how, like i said it really just looks seamless, especially when theres color and things going on. You really dont notice. It looks like a full out display now. Realistically, the quality is not as good. However, i dont really take any pictures with this. This is more of a webcam. If im on a zoom or video chat that front facing camera, you have a front facing camera here, but also realistically, what im going to do just about every time is tap this upper right hand, corner screen. Preview is on and im going to go ahead and flip it around and take a picture with these three cameras there so thats. Just about always what im going to do when im taking a selfie on this foldable phone im going to take advantage of the better lenses. Samsung is also adding in features to specific apps, and even third party developers are so, for example, this upper left. One see your shots right away. If i take a quick picture, i can see it. I can zoom in on it real quick. If i dont get the shot i want, i can just go ahead and take another and it will just add them over to the left again, just utilizing.

All of that screen real estate and theres a lot more im not going to dive too much into the software. However, theres a lot of nice additional features such as the samsung browser or the chrome browser, gives you more of a desktop like experience, youll see with the tabs up towards the top. Also, for example, if there is a link i want to go to and i press and hold on it, i can open it in another in other window. So if i press that check it out, i can have two of the same exact, app open side by side and not leave the webpage that i was on and i can go into youtube.com or you know. Whatever link, i was trying to open up side by side. Obviously, dont have to use that vertically. I can go this way as well, so not only chrome but another one that i really like. The addition theyve done is spotify here. So, if were listening to any specific music here, lets go to maybe release radar and i play something it will im going to pause it. So i dont get copyright struck, but youll see in the bottom left here is the album art some controls and i can scroll through while its playing i can skip down here, im going to pause it again or tap on that specific album and it will show Up here in full screen so again taking really full advantage of this large screen.

There are other apps like calendar messaging, which really use the screen real estate, so id like to see that happen to a lot more apps now, theres also some labs features which, interestingly enough lets go to instagram so youll see instagram doesnt go throughout the full screen. This is just my profile here now anyways you can actually resize the aspect ratio of apps within what they call labs theres. A lot of other options that you can do hey settings is just another one which utilizes both sides of it now under advanced features. Just go into labs, and here it is multi window for all apps. You can turn that on. You can customize app aspect ratio so now lets take a look at what happens. If i go find instagram come on there, we go its at app default. 16. 9. However, what if i just want to change it to full screen, lets check it out? What would you look at that? Instagram is now completely full screen via labs. It works really well so kind of cool. If you find an app that isnt actually sized correctly, you can really just go into labs and customize it to your liking, so nice that samsung is thinking about those software side things to help out. I guess other developers that dont want to add it into their app now a couple more things when it comes to design first of all, theres a bit of a rocking.

So when i have it fully opened, it actually rocks side to side on the corners, but even when it is closed as well lets go ahead and unlock it. There um and i have it set down. It will rock on the corners when im using it. So with that camera being just in the corner there and raised it, will rock when im trying to use the phone flat on a surface, it can be a little annoying. I wish they would have maybe done something to eliminate that rocking, especially because, if youre trying to type or use it its just a bit annoying to have it rocking, while you do so, but a lot of other phones have that too. Now, on the positive side of things, one thing i noticed is the vibration motor is great, whether im typing on a keyboard, getting a notification, so i dont know what they did with the vibration motor, but samsung did a really good job, its very crisp, its, not Very loud either i know thats a big thing with vibration. I also wanted to mention the price. Pretty cool samsung actually launched the z fold 3 at a lower price point than the z fold 2 launched at which i hope that trend continues, as these foldables get more and more refined a little bit more mainstream. Now, with that being said, i think one of the ways that they brought the price down was by not adding in any upgraded lenses into the back, so theres, no new camera system whatsoever that samsung hasnt released in the past.

Already, however, they did say they made some ai improvements to this specific camera to make the lenses better also got to remember, it does have the snapdragon 888 processor, which hopefully improves that image processing ill need a little bit more time to actually test out the cameras And ill talk a lot more in depth about that in my full review, anyways its nice to see samsung, improving these devices, making them more durable. I think that was the number one priority of theirs. It seemed like because they added that water resistance and just an overall, more refined and premium feeling device so anyways. That is everything i want to talk about for now, with the galaxy z fold 3.. I hope you enjoyed the video, like, i said, more video content coming soon. Even on this flip, i really do love foldable devices i think going forward.