We have one nicely designed box in which is our hero. Agm h3 is located as you can see. On the lid of the box. We have a picture of lion showing the strength and power of this device and up there it says that this is the mobile phone with the built in infrared knight, camera nice lets. Look now at whats inside the box, there is our h3 device which well leave aside for now. We have a standard, quick start guide with basic instructions, agm online variant, support with sim slot removal, needle we have usb type c adapter on a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Also, here is usb type c charging cable and there is a 10 watts charger itself. Well, that was the contains of the box, so lets move on on the smartphone itself. The first thing that strikes you when you hold the phone for the first time is how tin is relatively to the surface area at 12 millimeter. It is surprisingly slick for rugged smartphone thats, particularly obvious when you look at other dimensions, lift it, though – and it is pretty clear that this is one solidly built smartphone at exactly 248 grams. It is reasonably heavy phone is featuring 360 degree for corner protection, and that is thanks to the material used on all four corners. Each corner is protected by a strained rubber material which includes a few different layers: compromised old, rubber and silicone material for the best shock absorption possible, the display itself measures uh, five or seven inches and is made with the corning gorilla glass, hd plus display with the 1440 by 720 pixel resolution, which gives a crystal clear image and which provides much protection as possible without the sacrificing the quality of the display from the front.

We also have a 8 megapixel selfie camera, with the possibility of a quick face. Id unlock at the bottom of the screen, we have a disarrayed chin and it is a powerful two watt, waterproof phone speaker and hands free function, make it easier for you in some outdoor and work scenes such as biking party, with music, private space goals and videos. This speaker is really impressive and has the power of some external bluetooth speakers moving to the side of the device. You find the standard power and volume buttons, but on the right side there is a slot for sim card which goes in combination, two sim cards, or one sim and one sd memory card. So, along with the orange button, this button can be used to perform shortcuts or you can be customized to open your favorite app with ace or whatever feature you want to add it on it. Beneath it, we have a hidden under reverse ceiling, cover a sideways bit. Fc charging port – i have to admit i havent – seen the charging port on the side of the cell phone for a long time. So you only have this little microphone hole on the button. Lets turn it to the back where he have a nicely performed anti slip. Surface with orange decorative lines on the back, we find the classic fingerprint sensor and above it is a round camera module with three lenses and flash. You may have already known that the agm h3 is infrared nice vision phone.

There is a 30 megapixel infrared night vision, camera, giving you an extra nice experience. Middle 2 infrared light will become red to capturing the night. There is also a 12 megapixel main camera, with real effects up to 48 megapixel and finally, we have a 2 megapixel micro camera that captures details and explore the wonderful micro world. Now what the photos with this phone look like lets have a look at it right now: Music, so Music. Now then we looked at what the photos are on. These cameras lets take a little bit about the rest of the device as well. The phone offers ip68 ip69k identification and mil std8 118g military standard, but with the ability to survive under the water, the phone is dust shock and vibration resistant. When it comes to the phone, it is designed to be right and not one of the faces. Phones on the market, you have to tamper your expectations and its probably not the best phone to use it. You have plans to play some call of duty, mobile or pub fg. The mediatek helio p22 chipset is more than powerful enough to handle your daily tasks with the industry leading octa core processor and 4 gigabytes of ram. You can enjoy fast performance, 64 gigabytes for your memories and support extra micro sd card gigabyte. You can store a lot photos and videos of recording your precious memories, but rest assured that this phone will be run smoothly on your new android 11 os without any delay or slow down.

Android 11 carries up over menu, dynamic media controls and more new features and amg h3 is secure, with android 11 real time protection. This next big feature is the phone. It is battery agm pack, massive 5 400 million power cell into the h3, which is just amazing and even by todays standards through a testing h3 will considerably last up to day and a half with one period of time of almost two full days before it rained. After juice, it can be used for most countries in the world. You can travel anywhere with the h3, because its support for most main bands, agm selected the specific market and released the phone that hits many of checkboxes for those searching for a specific type of phone. If you are looking for affordable smartphone, that is also raj and has a few extra features. Then the h3 is one of the best, its a great budget phone that has some of the best protection i ever seen and its available for considering. If you want a ratchet phone that doesnt break the bank, this is device for those who want to have a working phone, thats, really right and in all kinds of different environments such as hiking mounting climbing and water sports. So that is the purpose of this device. The main focus and the features of the camera is all about the night vision, and that is another extra feature on this device. An official agm website early bid price is 179 dollars from elvis 22 august 51st.

The 100 hd buyers will get their free, jbl bluetooth earphones, which are great on amg aliexpress store. The price is 149 from august 20th to august 27th. Of course, top 100 hd buyers will get a free, jbl bluetooth earphones in description below this video. You also have a exclusive promo code called gsm aholic, with which you can get additional 10 discount on this mobile phone. The official links are below this video dont forget to visit them. That will be all for today.