We are going to test the brand new. The crew accent own chosen last month, todays video, I divided it into three parts. In the first part, we will go, do the unboxing in which I will show the basic equipment of this break. In the second part, we will test the camera and the processor and demonstrate a video in full hd and photos taken directly from his camera and in the third part, I will reveal a preview of the themes and contents of my next two videos that I will Publish on my channel said this lets start immediately from the unboxing. But first I remind you that in the description viola shop, the three groups, the great offers clash in montreux of technology games and fitness. So if you want to save – and you want to always be updated on the offer time in May enter indiscretion clicked the inter is great. I left him also because – and it is a good reason – I am completely free body and now we proceed inside the package. We find, in addition to our black view, at 100, the usb cable charging power supply with fast recharge screensaver film manuals tente between languages. There is also Italian, and the cover is very nice, with the writing. Only the braves and now I provide you with some technical information mounts the android 11 operating system, processor or huge 6.67 inch, touchscreen screen and gigabyte of ram and 128 gb of expandable rom facial recognition in fingerprint sensor, full hd, 12 megapixel camera the rear one and 8 megapixels the front one and materials more from 4680 milan per hour as regards the colors, the 100 in three colors available, black or red.

As regards the price, it is sold at 199. I hope that, as it is an excellent value for money compared to its technical data sheet and among other things, it is currently in promo discount only underwear here it says euro and here instead of paying 199 euro, you will pay it only and 184 euros. So if you are interested and want to save with her who left me, she will send me directly to the amazon test. So here we are on the home page of android 11. The latest operating system released in the android home. Now I have activated all the bees are home of the phone look at them all activated, and now we go to see the navigation with all the apps open. We see, despite everything, is fine as known particular slowdowns, in the phone look for which the black view ram is really approved. The black view, accent is also equipped with unlocking with the fingerprint visit now lets, go and extract them immediately. So lets see the release. Speed lets start immediately. Lets see why I saw other models that were much more difficult to recognize fingerprints. Look now I try, carlo, even with the finger completely inclined lets see if he takes it. Yes, he takes it immediately, nothing to say really a excellent fingerprint sensor and in any position he put his finger always raised to the first co lpo and fly as usual. We do our double test, one of the colors of the display and the car of the touch.

We immediately start the white, as you see, homogeneous black green red yellow lets see how many fingers can simultaneously detect a 2 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Even the touchscreen is really very sensitive and precise, despite having used both hands. As you have seen, all my fingers arrived even the tested one has been overcome now. Instead lets go to the gallery and I will show you some photos and a video I made directly with this device. These are some photos that I took both inside and outside my house. As you can see, the colors are quite natural look. So I really like the light, because it is not too aggressive, like maybe some amoled screens on the appearance of colors, obviously goes to personal tastes. There are those who prefer more natural colors on the one hand, and those who prefer very bright veils on the other side. This is a video that records to in full hd. There is a bit of twilight, so it is not the ideal situation for recording. A video, however, are satisfied with the result. As you see, the definition is not bad is also. The sharpness of the leaves came perfectly to make the natural color look for. As far as I am concerned, both for the photos and for the video, it has fully reached the sufficiency and now always with the apps, as you can see all open mind doing the test games on mario kart.

For sure it cannot be said that I am not putting this break view under pressure. the jump, so it turns turns ok, but I have a green mushroom curve, but no I missed it. Nosta saw the numbers chordoma and spectacular turn around takes the know. I did not miss it, however, I do not see particular lag during the game and the audio is also heard very well jumps. No, i missed it. I guess i dont know if i will get to the first lap. My mom slips a lot. The ice rinks. Obviously, there is no way she never manages to stay on the track, because all the parts are slippery. I even where there is asphalt, I jump the boom with two bombs. Even I have never seen it wrong the curved curve missing a turn on a third second anchored to mamamia and very tight. Yes, the water, as I cannot catch it, damn barnyard me. He knows that I have played the victory no curve of the weapons of a star, something I was wrong. We give me a crate, a missile, something turns turns and year I am finding curved objects cure, yes, a bomb. Now you give it to me. No trolly. Third, no at least second, and now, as you can see, without closing mario kart, we are going to open, also asph per liter, if not lagani, even now that there is mario kart, the social settings, the camera, the gps, all active means that the processor is 100 Approved lets see its loading lets see how long it takes, but it is very fast.

He explained to us a second and a half, despite all the phone apps on including gps, camera, bluetooth and incredible. It is amazing me more and more. This processor lets see if it has already started, but but we hope to arrive at least first. It is almost that if arrived. Second, he moved in mario kart to loch. He brought my mom. Now they destroy them, my god they overcome even threw out that too. My mom, oh my god, alamone machines in the wrong direction, but what is mafia, but they look at each other. He is taking revenge just rammed me novia, but if, in this circuit also the cars arrive in the wrong direction incredible, it had never happened to me in the other races. One of my gods and the other black races never happened. I finished our pig dog but asked Im slug, oh my god, but look they also make the headlights as if he were right, my god activates the nos, but because I did not know much. I will take. Go accelerate a medium here. A series of bends of my mom who now for the pona but still look and tried to ram them d, europe. So no it has passed me but look, it is symbol but come on. I did nothing zero and not just crawled by that. Maybe we can do it the first and there in front of us, take it, take it thread or sc loaded, our backup or on a first one.

I passed it, but it is that there are not some other shortcuts that I check one in front of curve. 1, but I have to take yes mom my super curve curve. It was all nitro ring. We hope that nobody overcomes me. At least here. I took my revenge that on mario kart anyway, you have seen apart from the game that I like crazy. Even here I have not really found any particular defect: put the fluidity of the game, no power and quality of the audio. I hope that this recession has been useful if you liked the video leave it. If you too, as you are a technology lover at costs subscribe to the channel here, you will be updated with each of my publications. I remember that in the description I left you, the link of the weak amazon promo offer that I live at 100. A discount of 15 euro, the link of all the equipment I use to make videos on youtube. My instagram page is my facebook page located that manages to where I publish my creations, costly and now co me promised reveals a preview of my next two videos that I will publish on my channel this Sunday. The recession will be released. The unboxing of the brand new or eight oscar scalp, a nice just known, and this is his first product ever yes, exactly the first product of this short. So I am really curious to know if a good product or not, you will discover it with me.

The day after tomorrow, instead martini prose in, I will publish the unboxing elastic bild delegation 42, 0. 93 – that is the corvette zr1. I am really very curious about the construction for this. She, as you have advised in many and among other things, as icing on the cake after the construction is finished.