So this is the huawei mate xs, okay, so xs foldable, second generation foldable device of huawei, so yeah thats, my retention device, galaxy fold: Music, um; okay. So this is the huawei yang, so megan globe, uh, upgraded 5g sim, so lets see okay, so seven days, uh replacement, okay, um be Music foreign Music. The unit itself. We got so brown guys so im not expecting a money pistol im not expecting a gun; Music. Music Applause, paperworks, okay, so warranty, okay and then manual case, Music, Music, Music, Music. So this is 55 watts, supercharger, okay, Music, yeah. So now lets go back to the main device so lets im. Reading you guys: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign uh, Music m Music. This is huawei mate xs, so this is kirin 995. So this is 5g.