It is an entry level device with quite some fuel decency in performance. For the price point you get nothing more than a plastic build and its durable. Even when i tried bending the device thinking is going to break, i was disappointed. Yes, it is that solid, so guys lets get it unboxed and see whats next and please, if youre new, to my channel and youre watching this video for the first time. Please kindly click on the red subscribe button and the bell for notifications when i upload the next one. So when opening the box, what you have is the smartphone with the key specs labeled. Next, you have an envelope that holds the sim, ejector pin and then inside the envelope you have the x club leaflet. Next is the screen protector film and then you have well. This is obviously not a one dollar bill, ill pass, the tpu solid case for the device, and then you have your charger: brick, the micro usb and the earphone and thats pretty much it for the design. It is plastic, build made of polycarbonate material and a moment to hold the phone youll notice, how light the phone is despite the six thousand million battery here it is relatively light. You have a two tone: texture finish on the back of this phone, making it non slippery. You have a dual camera setup here with the flashlight and then the fingerprint scanner on the right side. You have the power button and also the volume rockers, and they are both very clicky.

On top. You have nothing and then below you have the micro, usb port for charging and connectivity, the 3.5 earphone port and the microphone. There is no speaker grill, it is enclosed and ill test out the sound quality very soon. This is beautiful and i commend infinix for such an introduction to the hot 10 series, since it is made of plastic and also light, i would strongly advise you leave the tpu solid case attached to the device. Yes, of course, it fits so firmly and the grip is tight for the network. It supports 4g and then on. The left is your tray for two sims and a microsd card. This phone is available at 57, 000 or 120 usd the display is a 6.52 inches. Ips lcd its a compact display and decent enough to consume media content. It is fairly bright and colorful in its own way. With a resolution of 720p, the bezels are quite noticeable and you have the water drop notch that houses the 80 megapixel front facing camera. With a single flashlight when it comes to the sound quality, you dont have the speaker grille at the bottom. It is enclosed and the sound is not loud enough, its decent to some point. So what do you think the volume gets a bit distorted at the peak volume, but overall it is clear on the performance side setting up the fingerprint on this device is quite the usual way. You set the pin away pattern and then place your finger to be printed.

It took exactly 11 seconds to set up yes and i love the responsiveness here. It is fast enough, especially if you do not have an oily hand. In the software side, you have the android version 11.. It is a good addition, especially for entry level or project devices like this, so as to speed up things on the smartphone. You have the infinix soa 7.5 skin and it comes with some special features like the social tubule game mode and also a smart scanner and image compressor. It comes with 2 gigs of ram and a 64 gigs of internal storage powered by media technology, 35 processor and the power vro g8324 graphics. Despite the limitations, this phone can still play a couple of games without hiccups, but not too heavy games. You can expand the memory up to 128 gigs with a micro sd card. All of this is powered by the six thousand milliamp battery, and this is the highlight of the hot10i. It takes almost three hours to charge and does not drain out so easily and thats. A very good feature of this smartphone in the camera side, this phone packs three camera lenses beyond is a 13 megapixel main lens and a qvga lens, and then the 8 megapixel in front, so regular shots are decent to some extent. As you can see, and my honest view of this phone camera is, it is generally okay and acceptable for social media posting. It tends to struggle a bit with sharpness, but it is okay.

You just need to be patient enough to take good shots in video. Recording you can shoot from 480p to 1080p. The selfie images are really very interesting, especially the saturation. It has some details, good guys. So this is what you get exactly shooting a video with the front facing camera of the infinix hot 10. I its not really ideal but its. You know for an entry level device its acceptable. You can shoot 1080p, 720 and 480p. So what do you think of the picture quality and the sound coming out from this device? Let me know in the comments section below so guys. What do you think of the infinix hot 10i? For me, the truth is no smartphone is bad at all. It is all about your priorities and what you need a smartphone for this phone at 57. 000. Naira is a good entry level device or as a backup phone, but if you think differently, please drop a comment below and lets talk about it. Thank you so much guys for watching this video before you leave please kindly subscribe to my channel.