That also have a humongous battery capacity to keep you running through your adventures. Well, look! No further! I am going to check out the okitel wp15 rugged, waterproof smartphone, that has a crazy battery capacity of 15 600 milliamps that can last a really insanely long time as you journey through your day. The packaging of the device looks solid and minimalist at the back of the packaging. You will find the specs of the device listed. Clearly, if you want to refer to it, lets go ahead to unbox the wp 15 from the product packaging inside the box. You will find one okie tell wp 15 smartphone a wall charging adapter that has fast charging capabilities. A usb c cable is included for charging purposes along with a user guide and some paperwork to help guide you through the setup procedure of setting the device up on. First impressions, the device looks good. It has a really solid design that is accentuated by the rubber gripping on it. Along with a sleek aluminum body, there are quite a number of control keys on the corners of the device, one of which can be used for emergency calls, especially useful. If you are in an emergency situation, simply press it to contact a source of help. A usbc charging port can be found at the bottom of the wp 15 rugged waterproof smartphone. It is securely sealed by the waterproof rubber gasket. Once you are done place it back in the port is protected against water damage.

There is a sd card and sim card slot at the corner of the phone, which is again covered by a waterproof rubber gasket cover to prevent water seepage. You can place your sd card to expand the storage of the device or add a sim card for connectivity before use. Remember to charge up the massive 15 600 milliamps battery to full. It should finish charging quickly thanks to the fast charging capabilities within it. It only takes five hours to fully charge the 15 600 milliamps battery from zero. Now i will boot up the device to explore its features on first boot. Up follow the on screen configuration to easily set up the android device. Once done, you will be led onto the home screen, i feel it looks really neat and tidy on first glance. The user interface looks minimalist and neat. It is running a clean version of android 11, which is good, as there is not much bloatware, unlike other devices where there is many other apps that i dont find necessary about the design of the device. The flashlight has. This amazing multi led feature which isnt like regular flashlights, with only one led. This led lamp is much brighter for you to shine through darkness, with ease great for exploring outdoors and using this device as a torch. Now i will try out the camera lens. It has a main 48 mp lens for better clarity. There is lots of shooting modes on the device like bokeh macro shots for up close miniature shots, and many other variety of shots lie slow motion, night mode pro mode and more check out some pictures i captured on the wp 15 smartphone.

They look amazing, colors are portrayed vividly and night scenes are clear and crispy, unlike some other smartphone, which may not capture night shots in such good detail. Video streaming is quite good, too. Colors stay, vibrant and there is no lag and frames captured. This can be attributed to the high specs cameras on this device, with three rear facing camera, one for macro mode, one for bokeh effect and the main sony 48 megapixel camera for super clear shots. What else can i ask for pretty advanced features? A 8 megapixel camera is installed too for better selfies and video call quality with android. You will be able to access google apps like youtube gmail and more now. I will try running a graphically intense game on the device to see how it fares, Music. The gameplay feels smooth no lag so far. Gaming on the smartphone is quite good too. I experienced no lag or hang while running my game. This can be attributed to the mediatek dimensi 700 chipset for more efficient running of the device. It has good download and upload speeds too, for a lag free experience. Now i will try streaming some videos on the phone in full hd to see hows the quality the videos played on. It is really amazing. The 6.52 inch water drop display clearly gives an immersive viewing experience. That is clear and vivid. Just look at the amazing colors displayed on it really good for watching my favorite movies and playing my games Music.

It runs on android 11, with the updated android os installed on it. You get access to newer game versions and have better efficiency while running an updated android os with many rugged waterproof ratings like mil std rating ip69k, dustproof rating and ip68 waterproof rating. You are ensured to have a peace of mind. Knowing the okitel device is protected against accidental drops water, submergence and dust. It has an impressive battery that can last up to 1 300 hours on standby as compared to other phones. This smartphone clearly beats them in screen. Runtime overall, i find the okitel wp 15 rugged waterproof smartphone a really nicely designed rugged smartphone with some pretty top notch features. The outlook of the device looks really solid and elegant with a carbon fiber design at the back of the device and three powerful cameras on the back. It is a perfect blend of rugged and modernity. It is a little thicker than normal smartphones, as it has the massive 15 600 milliamps battery packed into it, allowing for longer usage time on a single charge. If you would like to know more about the okitel wp15 check out the link in description for more information.