Flip 3.. Some of the best products are the ones that aim to solve everyday problems. The main appeal of this phone is that it turns a regular size smartphone into one that fits more comfortably in your pocket. Now this isnt a problem that everyone has. You may not even think its a problem at all, but if you do then stick around because im going to share my honest opinions about what its like to use, samsungs modern day, flip phone Music, i guess the most logical place to start would be just how Pocket friendly, is this thing for a lot of you guys who have big pockets? You wont understand this, but being a female. Our clothing tends to how do i put this lack usable pockets? I swear these clothing brands are doing this on purpose, to force us to buy purses anyways, because a lot of my pockets arent as roomy and spacious, a tall rectangular slab, is way harder to carry around versus a folded square. It doesnt stick out and wont fall out as easily when im moving around. Even if im carrying a purse. This is still easier to store z, flip 3, no 20 ultra. This is especially true for my girls out there, who, like wristlets the z flip 3, actually fits inside my wristlet theres. Absolutely no chance. My note 20 ultra will. I know what youre thinking patau isnt it way too thick then well ill. Put it this way when folded its actually still thinner than some of the most popular wireless earbuds, so yeah from a portability standpoint, i think theyre onto something here.

Theres two screens, the main one, is 6.7 inches: 120 hertz, full hd plus amoled, with a slightly taller aspect, ratio that folds in half. Because of that you will have to deal with a crease two things. Yes, you can feel it if you run your fingers over it and, yes, it is visible depending on the angle, but honestly, if im looking at it straight on like this, it really isnt that noticeable, if youre outside the crease does become more visible because theres, just So much more light and reflections. It hasnt bothered me too much but were all different. This is one of those things. Youll have to experience for yourself to see if you can live with it. This also has stereo speakers so for phone that you can fold into a pocket friendly square youre, still getting a pretty solid movie watching experience, especially content shot and widescreen. Oh, i do want to bring this up when the phone is closed. Youll notice theres a slight gap in between its not all that bad, but that space tends to attract dust and lint from my pockets and ends up on the screen. The outer displays main function is to let you interact with widgets, check notifications and quickly, snap selfies. It lets you do the basics and nothing more, which i think is a part of its charm. Surprisingly, i think the outer display is one of my favorite parts of this phone, because i had to physically flip it open to use.

I found myself using the main display way less when i do reach for my phone ill just check. My notifications on the outer display then put it back in my pocket unless its something urgent. I dont know if that was samsungs intention, but for someone like me who is trying to cut back on their screen on time, i do appreciate it. On the flip side, you could argue that its really tedious having to flip it open and close over and over, but like i said that extra step made me more intentional. With my smartphone usage, i dont aimlessly scroll on my phone as much anymore. A lot of the marketing for this phone is around the fun ways you can use it. Samsung calls this flex mode and basically, if youre, using an app that supports it, the content will shift around to fit the two parts of the display its like having a built in adjustable stand whenever you need it. If you use google duo youre gon na love, this, i really feel like video chat is where flex mode shines, because you can just place it down, frame yourself perfectly and go completely hands free inside the camera, app its like having a built in tripod. Put it down frame your shot with the front or back cameras, then just hit record and its perfect for capturing time lapses too. Youtube is also supported. Now itll display the video on the top half and let you scroll through the comments on the bottom half theres.

Honestly, not that many apps that have official support, but for apps that dont you can go into the labs menu and force them to work. It usually just pushes everything to the top half of the display and gives you this four button menu for notifications, screenshot, brightness and volume netflix and other media apps do provide these extra video controls, though, which is nice in terms of phone calls, heres a breakdown of How it works when you receive a call, you can pick up from the elder screen and itll automatically be on speakerphone by default. Flipping. It open wont, answer a call if youre like me, and want that you have to turn that feature on in the settings, while youre on a call closing the phone will hang up on them. Just like those old school flip phones. The whole experience is super. Nostalgic is it necessary, probably not, but its still a whole lot of fun other than that the software experience is typical, samsung stuff, i would have loved to see samsung decks be included, since all their other flagships have it, but unfortunately it isnt a highlight for me, Though, is the fingerprint scanner, its side mounted and embedded into the power button instead of under the display, like other high end, samsung phones, its placed a little high up for my thumb, but you can easily map another finger. On your other hand, like this, this one works really really well, and i like that, it brings back the fingerprint gesture for pulling down the notification.

Shade performance is also really really good. My only complaint is that the top half of the phone gets pretty warm when youre doing more intense things. That brings me to the battery, which is likely the biggest trade off ill put it this way. This is a morning to night battery with mild usage. If youre doing a lot of intense things, youll need to plug this in before the days over charging speeds also arent amazing, as it takes about an hour and 45 minutes to fully charge when plugged in and over two hours, if youre dropping it on a wireless Charger theres also reverse wireless charging for topping off earbuds. If you happen to have some battery to spare overall, the 3300 milliamp hour battery isnt made for heavy smartphone usage for the casual smartphone consumer who isnt on their phone for more than four to five hours a day, it should be fine, okay, durability. I cant really speak much about it because i honestly havent had it for that long. But if youre gon na be picking one up, get the insurance get the extended warranty because i think itll be worth your peace of mind. Thats, not to say this. Isnt well built because it really does feel solid. The hinge has good resistance, and if you look closely, the bendable areas are completely covered and protected. It also has a built in screen protector that youre not supposed to take off like ever.

The protector feels a lot like glass im, just not as confident about the durability of the screen compared to real actual glass. They added an ipx8 water resistance rating this year, so thats a big step in the right direction. I mean im not going to be dunking. This into water or swimming with it, but at least i know my phone wont, get ruined. If i take a call in the rain or snow. The z flip 3 has a total of three 12 megapixel cameras, a wide plus ultra wide on the back and a punch hole selfie on the front. Unlike samsungs other flagships. This doesnt have a telephoto lens at all, so any zooming you do will just be good old, digital zoom, although you arent getting samsungs best camera hardware here by a long shot. The pictures still look great to me and will easily get the job done. Ive been completely satisfied with the pictures ive taken with the flip 3.. The selfies are nice and detailed, as you can see, maybe a little over sharpened in some scenarios like pores sunspots, its all visible, yeah, being able to take pictures while the phones closed thanks to the front cover display is a great way to take higher quality. Selfies too, its surprisingly, a really good experience that cover display can also serve double duty, to show your subject what they look like, so they can plan their pose before you hit the shutter seriously, though samsungs done a great job, elevating the design and aesthetics of the Z, flip 3.

. This thing is gorgeous its fashion forward and i think they found a good balance making it appeal to both men and women. We can all argue about how useful a product like this really is, but the technology here is crazy and year after year, samsungs making it more and more affordable. Maybe the novelty will wear off in a month or two, but im literally holding a phone that can fold in half. So should everyone go out and buy this? No of course not. The battery life and the lack of a telephoto are gon na, be total deal breakers for a lot of people, but if those trade offs dont matter to you – and you want something nostalgic, you want a conversation starter. You want a pocket friendly device that unfolds into a full size. Smartphone then yeah, the z, flip 3 might be exactly what youre looking for dont get me wrong: its still an expensive phone, but if samsung can keep bringing the price point down, i can see a lot of people falling in love with this, and that includes me Honestly, i havent been this intrigued by your phone in a long long time, its far from perfect, but its super cute and a lot of fun as usual.