This is samsungs latest and greatest at the top of the line. The galaxy z4 35g and in this video ill be giving you my initial thoughts about this smartphone Music, hello, beautiful people amani here for mr phone and before we start motivate us by hitting the like button subscribe. If you havent already and turn on the bell so that you dont miss any of our latest videos Music, while i have come across the previous two generations of the fold, this is the first time ive ever got the chance to review it, and man isnt this Phone an amazing marvel, so this is the galaxy z43 5g samsungs, most premium mainstream smartphone or for that matter this is the most premium mainstream smartphone a period and yes, theres. No denying that this is a costly smartphone. It is not everyones cup of tea and im, not even going to advocate for its price. However, despite its price tag, as were talking about it, this one is going to sell like hot cakes, because out there is an audience who dont mind: spending a big amount for the best of the best, and this one right here is shaping out to be the Best of the best now truth be told for the majority of my time spent with the smartphone. I have mostly been watching code. Yes, because the screen on offer is so lovely guys and, of course it is this screen that youll be paying for.

If you get this smartphone, so the main display is a large 7.6 inch, dynamic, amoled 2x panel 120 hertz refresh rate hdr 10 plus support up to 1200 nits brightness guys. This is an awesome screen. Samsung is the king when it comes to making displays, and everyone knows that and this time around the cover display also gets a 120 hertz refresh rate, and it is also a dynamic amoled, 2x panel sweet. So, coming back on the inside samsung says theyve made the cover display about 80 percent, more durable compared to the z fold too, and it feels so theres something about this phone. That screams completeness. Of course the crease is still there. But after a point you get used to it and anyway it is fine. The galaxy z435g is so much more than the crease i mean. What more could you ask for slim bezels, check, bright and punchy, display check 120 hertz inside out check under display camera. Yes, this is the first foldable to feature an under display camera and more on this in a bit. But besides, it is the phones frame which is sleek when unfolded, and it feels solid. Apart from that, the hideaway hinge has been refined and basically this phone feels more like a single device. If youre getting me and not like youre using two different displays. Thats, the level of refinement im happy to report that the galaxy z435e does not feel flimsy or fragile, or let me rephrase it.

This phone is not fragile at all. This is a premium device. It feels a solid to hold in the hand, and, in my opinion this is the year that the fold goes mainstream. I mean the fold two also did well, but at the fold three, this one is a home run. Okay, other features include a snapdragon 8 chip under the hood 12gb of ram up to 512gb storage, ipx8 water resistance. Again this is the first water resistant foldable smartphone. Then there are stereo speakers as well. Theres s pen support that is the new s pens samsung announced for the fold which are sold separately and one ui 3.1.1 atop android 11.. Now one ui is, of course, the sole of this device and the z fold 35g gets its own special treatment when it comes to the software. Of course, if youve used, one ui in the past, youll feel right at home, but it is the special features. The additions, the tweaks that samsung has made in one ui for these foldable smartphones that the software experience feels much better and refined to say compared against one ui on an s21 ultra. If you understand what i mean for now, i have already started using the pinned. Taskbar and im enjoying using flex mode a lot, and these are some of the features that are there on the galaxy z, fold, 35g. But of course reserving my final judgment for the full review in terms of optics.

The samsung galaxy z4. 35G is camera loaded. You see the cover screen, theres a 10 megapixel snapper. You turn the phone around. You get three 12 megapixel cameras comprising of a wide and ultra wide and a telephoto lens. Finally, on the inside theres also 4 megapixel under display camera or 4 megapixel udc, as they say now, its quality is not the best, but seeing this tech in a phone that anyone can buy makes me feel optimistic of the future. As for the other lenses guys, it was raining yesterday, so i havent had much of a chance to go out and take pictures. But what youre seeing right now are some of the indoor samples that i took with the front and rear snappers. Now, if you want to know how these cameras fare in different kind of situations or for that matter, how does this phone hold up in day to day use stay tuned to mr phone for my full in depth, review of the galaxy z435g until then, im looking To put the galaxy z435v through its spaces, you guys take care of yourselves.