Here we have the receiver. I mean lets make a little a little overview first, so we have here the receiver, the screen, the weak logo and the um, the keypad which actually the buttons clone white, so yeah. We have nothing on this side and also nothing on the other side. At the top we have the flashlights and on the bottom we have the microphone, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and the charging port, which is micro, usb and on the back we have, we have the speaker and the camera, so okay, so here is how the back Cover looks like from the back and this this is the battery section. Okay battery brush. You can fit perfectly on this phone, so anyways. This is the. It has a dual sim card so, as you can see, theres two sim card slots and there is also the microsd card slots in which uh you cant, actually record the videos on this phone until you inserted a an sd card so because it has a really Small uh space for saving videos, but whatever okay lets turn on the phone. Okay, so here is the menu so guys we have the phone book messaging, call center settings, audio player, multimedia fun and games profiles, file manager, organizer extras and service. So lets check guys the extras so only have the calculator which is kind of weird it is actually. This is a very simple calculator, one like a scientific one or something for the game guys.

There are actually three games. There are doodle jump, crossy roads like super bad super, big twists, and actually this is these three games are paid games, so there are only three trials to play and then they told you that you need to pay so yeah guys. So we have. Let me go to multimedia, so just get the camera app, the image viewer, the video recorder and video player, and also the sound recorder and the fm radio. By the way, there is something really cool about this phone is that you can actually play the mm radio without connecting the uh, the uh, i mean the uh, the earphones as antennas, so uh yeah, its actually cool, so also, there is not only the calculator. This is actually the calculator uh at the icon; they call it extras. I dont know why yeah, but there is also the calendar, the alarm and the torch. Okay, so here is the torch when you turn it on, as you can see its good or bright whatever, because i turned on the torch, so i i i dont know if there is the internet browsing, you know, i think there is no internet browsing. This is a about the same service and okay guys. There is actually the browser right here. This is actually the browser, but until you insert the sim card until then, you can actually browse but yeah rather multimedia. Okay, so guys, i think thats it thats it.

For this video theres, something really i dont like is that that is that, actually sometimes you turn it on and like all the time, you actually need to press a bit harder on the button, but whatever so yeah thats it. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want us, the specs of the phone youll find them in the description below so yeah. Please, like share and subscribe.