Then, of course, you got the record button here, and this is to basically control the up and down motion. As far as going side to side, you know panning, if you double click on the trigger button, itll, basically reset the position so youre, nice and straight another thing: im going to switch this to a landscape mode. Is that mouse right there behind me? It doesnt have to be a face you can literally select by dragging and then now this object is going to be tracked, all right so now, im going to go outside and what youre going to see is basically the gimbal in action. So this is using the pan mode or pan follow im, not good at stabilization, but this is literally just walking sideways. So you kind of get an idea as far as what you can do as far as shooting the video just looking at my shed here right, im gon na move to the right using the um jog dial here or the joystick, i should say i have umbrella In my right, my arm so Music and if i double click well, go reset and then go up, pull down its kind of too fast reset, so that was landscape to portrait and back um. So this is in the lock mode. If i move the gimbal side to side its going to lock the plane unless i use the joystick okay, so if i do that again, basically im moving my gimbal with my left arm and it basically is focusing on the shed because the smartphone is facing that Direction the whole time so i know this was a very quick uh review on this, but again um with the gimbal.

You want to really focus on the walking if youre, walking, sideways and im, not very good at it right now, because uh i have umbrella on my right arm, but as you can see its a lot smoother than if you were to do this without a gimbal. So and of course, you know using the um go up or down side to side, you can um adjust this, i believe in the manual so or in the settings. So with that said its very smooth – and this is something i would definitely carry if i were to go on a vacation or again, if im, making a simple vlog or just where you dont, want to be carrying like your dslr or mirrorless and having to set Up your gimbal, which does take longer this one once its set up its its pretty much. You know full proof as far as the calibration so again with the jns quality. You cant go wrong, so im very happy with this purchase and ill be using this often, but definitely uh check it out because um you know its it hasnt done anything wrong. As far as the software glitched or ill be honest um. It took a little bit to connect to the the phone for whatever reason, but once it was set up, it was solid um.