But when i did ask it on youtube community post that which device you want to see a review first, its always the galaxy z, flip 3, because for some reason its much more. How do you say this much more in demand compared to the galaxy default? 3? Maybe its because of the new lowered price tag of the galaxy z flip 3, that makes it the most affordable foldable device in the market right now, but at the end of the day, though, is this a good phone lets. Take a look im not going to lie the galaxy z. Flip 3 is essentially like a standard smartphone, but its ability to fold it in half is what makes this smartphone unique. So lets begin by talking about the design of the samsung galaxy z, flip 3. Now the design aspect of the galaxy z, flip 3, is by far the biggest change of all the new galaxy z. Flip 3 has a more angular boxier design and when you open it up like this, it kind of looks like a rounded rectangular geometry and, honestly speaking, i do like this kind of boxier design because its much easier to hold – and it also kind of creeps on My hands a lot better compared to the previous generation and also one more thing. The size of the galaxy z flip tree is slightly smaller than the galaxy z flip. Now, on the spec sheet itself, it looks like the dimensions.

Dont really change that much, but once you hold it in the hands, you can definitely feel the difference by the way. A quick side note here: the hinge cover of the samsung galaxy flip tree is made out of a matte material, but the galaxy z43 is still using a glossy hinge cover. However, the two halves of the samsung galaxy z, flip tree is still using a very glossy finish, not too sure why but yeah we got a mixture of a matte hinge cover with a glossy back and front. Should i even call it the back and front whatever you get the idea and underneath this glossy finish, we can choose up to a total of seven different colors. Yes, the samsung galaxy z. Flip 3 is available in four different colors that are available in retail, which is cream color, the one that we have here, phantom black phantom green lavender, and these four colors will have both the frame and the hinge tower follow the color of your choice. But there are three more colors that are available exclusively on samsung.com only where you can get it in gray, color, pink color and white color. While i cant confirm this, it kind of looks like this three exclusive samsung.com colors will have a black hinge cover and also a black colored phone frame. It kind of makes the white color look like a panda but yeah, i guess thats an aesthetic, but that pink color, though it sure looks peachy pun intended.

Okay, now time for the screen, i think that the samsung galaxy z5 did get a big upgrade for both the displays now starting off with the cover display. The cover display on the samsung galaxy flip tree is larger 1.9 inches to be exact. With a resolution of 260 by 512 pixels and obviously the cover display is much more usable now i mean i can read my notifications by swiping to the left and then i can also add tile, like widgets, to perform simple controls like controlling my music. Looking at the weather, setting a timer or starting the voice recorder – and i can do all this without opening the phone, but if you want to quickly view the time you can double tap on the cover display and then this little screen shows up. As you can see, i placed my desktop wallpaper on the cover display. That is because i customized it, you can do most of the customizations on the cover display directly or head into the settings menu to do it its up to you. However, one issue that i have with this cover display, though, is its brightness, so i took this phone out on a gloomy sunday afternoon to take some pictures, and i did realize that the cover displays brightness was kind of struggling. I mean i cant really see whats on the cover display under that gloomy, sunlight, which is kind of disappointing, but once we flip open the samsung galaxy z flip tree, we are greeted with the super long 6.

7 inch dynamic, amoled 2x display with a resolution of 2640×1080 Pixels, it is technically the same size as before, and because it is using a dynamic, amoled, 2x screen, it has 120hz refresh rate as well and just for fun. I also tested the color accuracy of this main screen here, which we got 100 srgb color gamut coverage. 99.92 of dc ip3 and 94.07 of adobe rgb color gamut, and that just means that this display is gorgeous and as a quick mention here, the samsung galaxy z, flip trees, main display also uses pet as its screen protector material. So it now looks and feels a lot better to use compared to last years, samsung galaxy z, flip, while were on the subject of user experience. We got to talk about this software on the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, because it is also using samsungs one ui. 3.1.1 – and i think that is the one reason that makes the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, so enjoyable to use, because samsungs ability to just mix both hardware and software together to offer a unique and coherent user experience its something important and the reason i say that Is because you can now use samsung pay without even opening the device you can just double tap on the cover screen, swipe up to review, samsung pay and then use the fingerprint scanner on the side to verify your identity. And then you can instantly use your galaxy z flip tree for contactless payment that is very convenient and its just little things like this.

That makes the user experience that much better. However, if you head into the settings menu, you can find a labs menu and then you can force enable flex mode for unsupported apps. It kind of works for some apps, but i dont think its a really feasible idea on the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, because once you use only one half of the display everything just kind of looks, very small but other than that. The software experience on the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, is pretty much the same as the s21 ultra that ive used here. So if you want to learn more, do check out our long term review of the samsung galaxy s21 ultra, which you can check it out at the top right corner there, and one more thing to mention about its software is that every month, without fail, ive been Getting software updates on the samsung galaxy s9 ultra and i expect nothing less from this phone. Alright now lets talk about the cameras, because the samsung galaxy z5 uses a dual camera setup. You only have one main camera and one ultra angle, camera, and yet these two cameras are identical to last years: galaxy z, flip even the selfie camera is exactly the same too. I mean both the main and ultra angle. Camera still takes fantastic pictures overall, but even in samsungs product lineup, we have phones like the samsung galaxy s21, which has a better sensor and the s21s camera bump isnt that large.

So i do wish that the samsung galaxy z5 did get a, however tiny, upgrade on the cameras that would have been great and lets talk about the video capabilities of the samsung galaxy z. Flip 3. Well, technically, i would say its still very good im currently using the rear facing cameras and im, recording it at 4k, 60 fps with a very noisy crow right beside my area here tying back to the point about software and user experience, samsung also made good use Of this main display here, because we can double press the power button, launch the camera on the cover, display and start taking pictures or videos with both the main or ultra wide angle, camera its pretty easy to use. Since you can swipe side to side to change between photo and video mode and then swiping up or down to change between the main and ultra angle cameras and to take a picture, you can just tap on the cover, display or use the hand gesture. The the palm hand gesture, if you remember that yeah you can also use that gesture as well, but for some reason all of the pictures and videos that come out of this screen is just very weird in terms of aspect ratio. Theres no option to change this. You can also use the cover display to recover your viewing, which i honestly prefer for this kind of vlogging video, because the rear facing cameras should i even call it the rear facing camera.

Well, the main camera has ois, and that is why this footage is very stable and we also need to talk a little bit about its performance, because the samsung galaxy z, flip 3, comes with a snapdragon, 8 chipset and overall performance is fantastic, no issues whatsoever, but It does get a bit hot overall, only at the top side. Here, though, so, if youre holding the bottom side, you dont really feel that much overheat. So i think thats a its a plus point. I guess and the one thing i worry the most about the samsung galaxy z5 is the battery size. It only comes with a 3 300 million power battery, which is the same as last years. Samsung galaxy, z, flip. If you are not familiar with this mah number, then do keep in mind. That 3300 will most probably struggle to last you throughout the day, if you are a semi, intense user, i would say, and from our battery life test, this phone can only last for less than nine hours, which is less than stellar. I would say, and also regarding the charging situation yeah the samsung galaxy z5 doesnt come with a charger in the box, so you only get the phone, the cable thats it, but thats not an issue for me because i do have usb pd ppps. Charges in the house, however, i wont be needing a high wattage one, because the maximum wattage that the galaxy z5 can intake is 15 watts and it takes slightly more than an hour to charge from 15 all the way to 100.

Usually i dont have much of an issue when it comes to battery life of smartphones nowadays, but i think the samsung galaxy z5 got a double whammy, because number one battery capacity is not that big on this phone and number two, the maximum wattage, that this phone Can fast charge with is only 15 watts, which means that you cant just literally leave it on a fast charger to top up, if youre, in an emergency, which is why hence the double whammy, but before we get into the conclusion, i do have a few more Quick things to mention number one: ipx8 rating for the samsung galaxy z5 thats amazing. I did chuck this phone in the water, and my brain just refused to accept the fact that affordable device is able to have ipx8 water resistance, but once i did it, it works and im surprised and the samsung galaxy z5 also does not have samsung decks, which Is unfortunate but if you do have a laptop with samsung flow installed that works wired or wirelessly with the samsung galaxy z3. But in conclusion i think the samsung galaxy z5 is still gon na, be a hot selling phone because number one its. Finally, foldable devices made mature enough for the mass market to adopt and speaking of mass market, the new price, because this galaxy z53 is only starting at ’99 ringgit or at 999 us dollars, which i think is highly affordable relatively speaking from last year and because of Two major features number one: the ipx rating and number two, the larger cover display in tandem with the new price tag, its a very enticing smartphone overall.

But the main question is: will i buy this for my own self? Maybe not because im much more of a fault guy. So if you are going to get the samsung galaxy z, flip 3 or not, leave your comments down the comment section below ill be happy to read them and yeah thats. It thats the review of the samsung galaxy z, flip 3. The next one will be the samsung galaxy z for 3 and then galaxy watch 4 classic so stay well, have all sorts of samsung content for this week and yeah well, see you in the next review.