The s21 ultra or the iphone 12 pro max, for example, guys this is a big deal and ill. Tell you why lets start talking about the galaxy flip 3 and lets see what the deal is all about, so flip 3 has become a much better package this year around and i can say it is a far more appealing than even the fold line of phones. Okay? Why? Because, on the one side, where fold tries to extend the existing horizons of unfolding into a mini tablet, that we will talk about in detail in a separate video on fall three here: well talk about flip, okay, so flip does the extremely opposite. By shrinking into half the size as a normal smartphone id say, the coolness quotient of this phone is really high modern day tech meeting old school form factor brings along some nostalgia for sure and to top it the flip 3 comes in some amazing color options. Three glossy ones and this matte black are available everywhere and some more interesting matte finishes are available exclusively on So i have ordered the white one from and would make a video on that as well. So whenever that arrives ill be doing the unboxing and ill show you that white color, how the matte white color looks on the flip 3, so dont forget to subscribe. If youd like to watch that video getting back to a flip 3s design, it has been refreshed and uses a tougher materials than last year.

I understand that foldables come with this preconceived notion in our heads around durability, most of the times okay, but i have used last gen flip and fold 2 extensively in the past, and i can assure you that these phones are durable and are only going to get Better and safer, more than ever, because they bring along ipx8 water resistance. This time around. So occasional water drops here and there walking in the rain, etc are safe but dont carry it on the beach because its still not dust proof, okay, and if thats not enough. Samsungs, giving you one year, free samsung care, plus with flip three and four three here in the uae, and a lot of other countries as well flip 3 in its folded form. Is this compact tiny, easy to pocket device which is slimmer than a bluetooth earphone case, for example, on the outside? It brings a much larger cover screen that notifies you about basic things like calls or notifications and supports always on display too. Besides some interesting clock designs, it gives you quick access to your notifications to the left. Some widgets to the right brightness can be controlled by swiping down and from bottom. You can summon the samsung pay. So, yes, its much more functional this time around, and yet i feel it can be better. For example, you can only interact with it when you double tap it to wake. I would have loved to see a race to wake feature on this cover display to you know to get that instant access to its functionalities, but probably they have avoided it because of the accidental touches.

Maybe but thats not a big deal. Okay, so now lets look on the inside, so on the inside when unfolded, it transforms into a regular day to day smartphone with display measuring at 6.7 inches. The display quality is nothing less than what you see on any other samsung flagship, smartphone, its bright, its colorful, and this time around it refreshes at 120 hertz, making everything really smooth and protected by a much better screen protector which doesnt catch any smudges, as it did On the last generation and about this crease in the middle guys, well just dont worry about it, because if you could get used to this, this notch on your iphones in the past or any notch or any any sort of things or interruptions on the displays. Then this crease youre, just gon na get used to in just a couple of days, so lets not talk about that at all, but there are some other issues that i would like to talk about. Uh i mean those things which require more getting used to. I would rather say meaning the unusual aspect ratio on the display that makes it a bit narrower and a bit taller compared to usual smartphones. It also pushes the volume rocker a bit higher and makes it difficult to reach anyway. Lets talk about this aspect: ratio for a minute usual things like texting, calling surfing through internet, watching videos, etc are just fine. So the core experience is not hampered, but something to note that you will end up finding some apps which are not able to adjust to this aspect ratio and would end up leaving some black bars at top and bottom, like instagram stories, for example, or certain games.

Those are not yet ready for this, so thats a trade off you will be making for using this one alongside a not so good haptic feedback as well. The vibration motor on this thing could have been better. I guess i mean, especially when you get these uh notification from whatsapp or messaging on the text messages it vibrates in a very not premium way. I should say coming to the performance side of things. This phone can go toe to toe with any other flagship, snapdragon triple eight and eight gb of ram with up to 256 gb of storage, space, thats good enough spec sheet for a powerhouse of a smartphone and as expected, it runs smooth with the help from samsungs. One ui that is built over android 11., one ui on z, flip of course brings some extra tricks of its own biggest of them being the flex mode. This adds some unique features to this one, mostly in the camera department. You can leave it in this half open mode or samsung likes to call it flex mode and do your video calls or take pictures from its front facing 10 megapixel selfie camera selfies on this thing are really good, and i have nothing to complain more so because Samsung now allows you to disable infamous beauty mode and the results are crispy natural, looking selfies with all pores included. But if you like the smoother skin effects, then you can always enable this mode and adjust to your liking.

It also brings wide and ultra wide sensors as main cameras both measuring at 12 megapixels and overall quality is not bad, although you give up on crazy zooming capabilities like, for example, on the s21 ultra or the other phones, but the regular pictures from this phone come Out clean without any major issues, im not saying its is comparable to the s21 ultra in terms of package or its its like an iphone 12 pro in terms of quality, but no its still. It does a good job in camera department, its like a b plus camera, for example. I guess the software has been done really well to get such good results out of these sensors. Having said that, i feel the ultra white sensor can do a little better and knowing samsung im sure the cameras on this thing are going to get better with time, because they keep pushing out regular software updates addressing these issues. So this sounds like a very promising smartphone, but it is hampered by one big problem that is its battery life, its not terrible for sure, but its not amazing, as well. Its perfect work day phone, like you, unplug at 9am, with 100 in the tank and by the end, when you are finishing your worklets, around 6 oclock, you would be left with lets, say what 20 or 15 of battery life that what i have seen with around Three and a half hours of screen on time and to make matters worse.

The charging speeds are capped at just 15 watts plugged in and 10 watts wirelessly. This wont be a problem for people who are around their desks at work or have access to power supply around their daily routines and also for people like me, who mostly carry two phones as the usage gets divided between phones and hence a longer battery life. On both of the phones, in fact, if you carry two phones, then you should definitely consider flip through, as it massively reduces the bulk in your pocket. Personally, i am happy with this phone. Getting a water resistant, foldable experience alongside compact form factor in addition to a free one year of samsung care, plus makes it a compelling option at this price. If there is something more that you would like to know about, zflip, then ask me in the comments below or connect with me on twitter lets. Take the conversation there hit a thumbs up. If you liked the video.