In a separate video – and you can check that out the end, but the z fold 3 is interesting, so the samsung galaxy z4 is still an incredibly impressive. Smartphone still gets a lot of attention when youre opening this out in public and from a design perspective. Not much has really changed, but there are subtle design differences, particularly between this and the previous generation z. Fold too, if i put them side by side. The first thing that youll notice is that it is slightly thinner and to the feel slightly lighter than the z fold. Two, i think visually. One of the differences that you can tell this hinge system over here feels to be a bit more tucked in on the z fold, three, as opposed to the z fold too, and also the hinge system when youre opening and closing it feels slightly more robust, more Sturdy than the z fold, 2.. Now, as far as looking around the device, i mean youve got things in exactly the same place, usb c port down there at the bottom speakers, both at the bottom and then the top on the rear. Youll notice that the camera layout is, i mean its pretty much the same, but its just a change slightly, although theyre the same size 6.2 inch, dynamic, amoled display on this. We now have support for 120 hertz refresh, whereas the older z fold 2 has that cap to 60 hertz, so a noticeable difference, particularly when youre swiping and using this day to day so that 6.

2 inch display will then open out to that 7.6 inch larger display. This is the dynamic amoled display its an infinity flex display that crease is there not much has changed its still noticeable when youre swiping through and when youre looking at it from different angles, but being totally honest, this is something that will disappear from view when youre Using it, i mean ive been using the z fold too, and i know its there, but its not necessarily noticeable when im viewing media playing games, whatever i might be doing on this larger main display. One of the big updates this year is that display will now support the s pen for functionality. So if youre a fan of that thats, certainly something that you will enjoy, it would have been nice to see the s pen, perhaps incorporated into the hardware itself a bit like what weve seen with the note dont know if thats going to happen next year, but That would be a really cool addition. I think we can all agree. Samsung really know how to put a display together and on the z43 is absolutely stunning, particularly using this main display for whatever media consumption or anything else. It is a real, real joy. Now this year, on the hardware perspective, samsung have focused on durability. There are a couple of things that theyve done both for the z fold 3, but also for the z flip 3. One of them is using armor aluminium for durability and also giving this a water rating still not dust resistance, and that is the major issue when it comes to this hinge system.

Neither this nor the z, flip 3 are really happy to be around dust. So you still need to be careful all right. So when it comes to biometrics, this has an incorporated fingerprint scanner in the power button over there, its actually a much natural way of using this to unlock the device. I did have issues, however, with that front facing camera, so i have this setup so that i can use it for face and lock with and without glasses, and i found that with glasses. It would take a couple of attempts, so im not sure why that was the case there. Performance on this has been solid, 12 gb of ram paired up with the snapdragon 8885g chipset. That means 5g ready, but also none of the confusion between exignus and another chipset. Depending on which part of the world youre in, i think, thats a good move, and you would expect that from a smartphone thats priced like this, so thats encouraging day to day use flawless like whether its multitasking or multimedia heavy or gaming, whatever it might be. I havent noticed any lag any situation, its just really fluid and thats very, very encouraging. Now, regarding performance, we have to talk about software, because this is running android 11. Its running one ui samsung have paid very, very close attention to the way that the software and functionality works with this im, finding myself using flex mode a lot more. This is the ability to kind of open the display up to a certain part and basically use more of that display.

The camera works very well with flex mode. Even apps, like youtube, are very, very useful in this format and then multitasking on that main display. I mean you can have a bunch of different windows, a bunch of different apps moving between them, and it is really you know its very smooth, but its also super super productive as well Music. Now, as much as i liked using this device lets talk about some of the stuff that i wasnt impressed with starting off with the battery life. So this sports, a 4 400 milliamp hour battery slightly less than last years default ii. And when you factor in that, this is also running the snapdragon 888 chipset and youd assume that samsungs software element would perhaps optimize the battery life. I wasnt getting better battery life and i think this is important because a lot of users of the z fold 3 – unlike lets, say the z flip 3 – are going to be more than likely heavier users of their smartphone plug this off at about 8am in the Morning, use this all the way up through to about 2 pm, sometimes even before that, and then i would have to plug this back in now. Bear in mind, i really didnt turn anything off i mean both of those displays were using adaptive refresh for 120 hertz. I had this synced up with the galaxy watch 4 and the galaxy buds more on those two a little later on, but it certainly was a drain on the battery life.

I think the front facing display being 120 hertz is going to be more of a drain of the battery life and then days that i was using. That main display for more time would also have a negative impact on the battery life. But having said that, you do have fast charging wired fast charging um. I was using a 25 watt plug so obviously that doesnt come in the box, so it meant that i was getting reasonable charge times about 50 in half an hour slightly less than that. It does also support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. Also now another thing to talk about is when it comes to the camera. Essentially, we havent seen any hardware changes between this and previous generations. In fact its the same hardware, it would have been nice to see samsung, perhaps experiment, given that theres no note series this year so far to improve on the camera capabilities with the z fold 3.. Now i dont think the z fold 3 is aiming at the same kind of market, the consumer market, as lets say the s21. So the requirements from the camera probably wont be the same, but it still would have been nice to see. Samsung, do something uh make some improvements to the cameras. Generally speaking, they do perform some good photography and also videography in normal lighting. Everything from the ultra wide all the way up to about 4x does produce some good shots bear in mind.

This does have that telephoto lens as well. That certainly helps get you better shots from a zoom capability, normal lighting youre, going to get a good range of color saturation vibrancy still slightly over saturated to my liking, but this is really a personal thing. At this point, i think samsung still does a very, very good job with their photography when it comes to video youll notice. The video capability is still pretty impressive from this camera module Music. So this is a look at video quality shot with the z fold, 3. Uhd 60 frames per second with steady mode, turned off. Consider this to be like the default for video and as i move around and walk around, i think it does a pretty decent job overall, okay. So this is an example of what the video quality looks like with the front facing camera. So this is not on the main display, but rather on the cover display again shot uhd 60 frames per second with stable mode turned off. I think it does a pretty decent job. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below its a really nice day here so heres an example with the front facing camera on the main display. This is the one that has the under the display camera now. The first thing that youll notice is that, generally from a quality perspective, its not as high as the video all the photos that you get with the rear or the front facing on the cover camera.

And the other thing is that this overall look both for photos and videos, is incredibly like hazy, washed out milky thats the best way to describe it and youll notice that, particularly when theres a sun. In the background now, i dont really think that this is really there to be used for video recording or photos generally. I think this is more for kind of video calls, perhaps um. You know thats the only kind of reasonable use for this, but i dont think youre going to get any great quality photos or videos with this front facing camera. Now, alongside the z fold, three ive also been testing out two other samsung products that were announced at the unpacked event. Starting with these, these are the galaxy buds too. Actually a really nice pair of in ear headphones. They still have that similar styling and design. These now fit between the standard buds and the pro version so theyre a good option to go with they support active noise cancellation and theyve got incredibly good fit in the ear, particularly customized, with the tips on the end theres. Also, another update that samsung have done and thats something called deep, neural network that gives you clear audio, particularly when youre on calls on the other persons end. So it differentiates between the sound of the voice, but also the outside or surrounding sound. To give you very, very good, clear, audio quality, the other product that ive been testing out is this cool watch.

This is the galaxy watch for classic now. This is actually available in two variations: the classic, which is this 46 millimeter size with the stainless steel finish, and this bezel on the front and a non classic version which is smaller, made out of armor aluminium and it doesnt have this physical bezel. On top now, ive actually enjoyed using this ive not been a fan of the past galaxy watches from samsung, but there are major major improvements to this when it comes to functionality and getting more out of the data available on the front, you have that beautiful 1.4 Inch super amoled display and then you get access to different tiles, that you can customize via the rotating bezel or touch interface. But the big update this year is in wear os, because this will give you functionality to download a range of different apps for your watch on the back. Samsung have also included a range of different sensors, so you get access to things like sleep stress. You also get access to ecg readings as well, which is now available in this part of the world, and also blood oxygen as well theres. Also a new sensor in here, which is the compass sensor. I think the galaxy watch 4 is a big upgrade from the previous generation of galaxy watch, and you know it makes a lot of sense. I think, if youre tied into the galaxy ecosystem – and by that i mean you, have a galaxy smartphone, then this makes a lot of sense.

There are quite a few features, in fact, these two buttons here, physical buttons, are hardwired, one of them for bixby and the other one is actually for samsung pay. So from that perspective it makes a lot of sense. This watch really ties in well with any of those galaxy smartphones and that there is a wrap. The samsung galaxy z, fold, 3. ive thoroughly enjoyed my time using this device. As i said in my z, flip 3, in an age where so many smartphones are looking and feeling the same, i think samsung have done very well to differentiate themselves with at least a range of devices from the competitors. And yes, there are competitors with folding smartphones, ive handled quite a few of them, but i think what were getting with the z fold 3 is a much more refined. Much more polished, folding, smartphone samsung took that risk the initial risk years ago, and what theyve got in the subsequent years is a very, very good, folding smartphone. Now, yes, the price for the z fold 3 is still very expensive for most people, but i guess thats, a price that you have to kind of consider paying when you want something so different. This is really one of those devices that isnt intended for everyone. The z flip 3, i think, is much more of a mass market, folding smartphone. What what the z fold 3 does is really give us an indication of what the possibilities are and thats where it really excels and shines.