On my hand the model is lava z1 and it is not a costly phone. It is about 5999 rupees, as the retail price can go up to. I said that, but i have bought it like about 5 500 rupees in your area. If you are buying this, the price may vary but cannot go up to like 6000. It can only limit itself up to 59999 rupees. One would be less so guys. The box, the box, as you can see box, is just plain simple and it is written that it has five inch long or shall i say, 5 inch tall display with corning gorilla, glass, 3 protection, and you also have good news that it is military grade. Certified 5 megapixel rear camera and 5 megapixel front camera, and it also has a front flash, and that is good for selfie, and it also has a good quality back flash as you can see so its an led flash and you have 3100mah battery, which is fine For most of the people – and it has processor of like helium – yes, i think is region helium. Yes, it has the helio processor, or, shall i say, helio 820 processor, 2gb ram and 16 gb permanent storage or select rom, and that is pretty much it guys and also lava company gives you extended warranty if you want to buy it only it only require, like 349 rupees, so in this price you are getting a good phone, i must say and nothing you will get from the box like, as you can see the cheap plastic cover.

It cannot give you costly thing, because the mobile is not costly and this thing to t uh this thing to like tying your charger and also, as you can see the charger right here as you can see, not a fancy charger or not. Some fancy charging brick. Just a simple one and it is also lava branded, and you must know that it is not usb type c. It is usb type 2.0. So yes, guys that is pretty much it and i think uh. It is also a good quality graphics processor, but not too good good quality. It is just in the price. Okay, it has the power vr, graphics, processor, which is also good and guys. If you want to talk like about the features or tell someone, then i must tell you that it has these features: wi, fi, 2.4 gigahertz catching antenna, but guys. I want to tell you a very important thing that when i connect it to 5 gigahertz wi fi, then it gets connected and when i bring it about a meter away, it just gets disconnected. I dont know why but its it is stable with 2.4 gigahertz, but i dont know why it catches the five gigahertz wi fi but cannot stay stable. I dont know guys if you know then write down in the comments write down in the comment section, and you also have the torch option right here, to turn the torch on fastly or, shall i say, with speed and do not disturb auto rate, and you also Have the screen capturing option the location? Also, if you want to disable it, you want to have the pattern included first, and the bluetooth option is also fine, so battery saver hotspot, mobile data, airplane mode, screencast and also, let me just put the pattern and show you as you can see the mobile data.

Your plane mode, screencast, bedtime mode, nearby, sharing dark theme, invert, colors data, saver, night, light storage and focus mode. You also have the wi fi hotspot, which is a good quality thing so guys the microphone is also good, and the display is also great for such price. My battery is going to run out, but no problem display is also of great quality. Let me just show you a video just wait guys. Yes, Music. As you can see Applause. The video quality is great. At 1080p it can show up to 1080p, at least on youtube. So i hope it is fine for such mobile under 6000 rupees or, shall i say, 5999 Music Applause, uh. The viewing angles are also good for such price Applause. As you can see, the video is just crystal clear and fine and smooth so guys the audio quality as you are, as you have heard, let me just play it again, Applause, so guys that is pretty much fine and let me just uh, let me just uh What can i say, the recording? Let me just show you the recording of my voice in the voice recorder. You will also be able to hear the performance of the voice recorder here. You go hello. Can you hear me, is it clear so guys, as you have heard it, that is pretty much good, no problem and it has a long battery life and you also have the google assistant right there like.

If i ask hey google, how are you then it will respond to you if you turn that on. If you have not turned it on, then you need to turn that on. I have not turned it on, but if i turn it on, the google assistant will, like you know, give you reply so overall. I want to give it 3.8 star, because such mobiles in this price can hang easily and freeze. If you overuse it, it cannot cool itself down with uh. You know expensive cooling systems so guys 3.8 or 3.9 stars not 4 or 5 stars. So guys, as you can see, the display is fine. It is tall enough. It is large enough for anyone. So in the price that is a good phone, i must say and guys i want to tell you that the mic is also really good for making like you know some normal youtube, videos etc. But you cannot do gaming, editing and such works here, because only 599 rupees that cannot give you such performance. You have to increase the price more okay. So if i talk about the touch, the touch screen. Quality is pretty much fine and it has this feature like. If you shake it, it will turn itself on. The display would get lit, so the touch is pretty much smooth. Let me show you that is pretty much. That is pretty much the touch quality. It is pretty much smooth, you cannot get like 90 or 120 hertz display on such mobile device.

So in the box you do not get the. What can i say the earphones so guys today you have watched the video and i have also rated the phone. I must tell you that the usb is not type c, it is type 2.0 and it has also a dedicated micro sd card. It will be helpful to you. You can put the memory card and transfer files if you want – or you can add it to system. If you like, so the sample is good, the mic quality is good and the flash flashes are fine from flash and back flash front camera and back cameras. Camera are also vines, so guys. Proximity sensor is right here, as you can see or the light sensor, but you will not get like car displays or something its just ordinary phone and fine, not too much of a big deal, and the speaker is right here. The loudspeaker and i didnt do any drop test or something because the you know smartphone will get demolished and i will not be able to buy a new one because thats, not a sponsorship video, so guys. I hope you have enjoyed this video and you have completely heard about the lavazette one, and i hope that i have given you all the informations that you need to buy. Such phones like lava that one.