But since it was modernized, the prices for foldable phones, arent really easy to reach, and realistically they werent convincing enough with the lack of an ip rating, inconsistent, app compatibility and some people just really see them as gimmicks. Now, since samsungs first flip phone was released. The brand has been finding ways to further improve a flagship, foldable smartphone, that consumers can fully rely on and would actually prefer to buy. This galaxy z, flip 3, could be just that for a starting price of 52, 990 pesos ive been using it as a daily driver for some days now, and i might just flip for it so keep on watching for our full review and dont forget to like And subscribe Music elegant, minimal, fashionable and more durable, the samsung galaxy z flip has been a head turner since its first iteration, but this time the flip 3 leans further on a sophisticated look with a two tone: folded front design that flaunts an upgraded 1.9 inch super Amoled cover display its two rear cameras and an led flash. The whole front and rear cover are protected with corning gorilla glass fixtures, which is the toughest to date. While we get a layer of gorilla, glass, dx plus on the two camera lenses, the unit we have is in the cream color, while other tones available locally are green lavender and phantom black. That weve seen in their s21 series. It looks good, but this cream design is our top pick, as it gives an impression of always looking clean and stylish.

Additionally, we like how the whole weird design is not much of a fingerprint magnet. However, do note that it can be a lot slippery thats, why its still best to put the case on we get a tough aluminum armor hinge that flows through the sides and it sure works smoother than its predecessors. Samsung claims that this galaxy z, flip 3 is 80 tougher than their previous models, with the improved hinge, gorilla, glass protection and, finally, an ipx8 water resistance rating. This means that it can be submerged in water, cheaper than 1 meter for more than 30 minutes, but we sure dont recommend that you try it on purpose. On the flip side, though, we only get waterproofing here, so some dust or sand can still get in the way, especially between the cap when the phone is folded. But hey these new layers of protection definitely give a peace of mind and props to samsung. For focusing on it, even when theyre achieving a trimmed down price tag, now the galaxy z, flip 3 may seem too tall to grip when unfolded and thats, simply because of its limb form factor for our friends heres. What it looks like side by side with the galaxy s21 ultra well, its still a large device, but definitely pocketable when folded, four buttons and ports, while its folded located on top, is that signature samsung branding on the hinge, while at the bottom, are its usb type C, port, three microphones, the downward firing speaker and some antenna bands.

Meanwhile, on the left side, is the sim card slot for one nano sim, but theres. Also an easem support on board then on the right is the power button that doubles as the fingerprint scanner right. Beside the volume rocker that switches commands whenever the phone is folded, theyre all pretty tactile yet can be hard to reach. If you have small hands and the phone is unfolded. Okay, focusing on its displays one of the top upgrades that the z flip 3 has is its larger outer super amoled screen that measures 1.9 inches thats four times larger than its predecessor and its more useful too. Besides stylishly getting your notifications, the cover display has a few widgets, such as music controls, weather calendar voice, recorder, samsung, health and timer. Some of these were present in the old z flip models, but with a bigger front display like this, i find myself using it a lot plus. It honestly reduces my screen time, which is a good thing for me. Whenever you have an incoming call and the phone is folded, you can answer the call via the cover display and it will then automatically be on speakerphone. Yet probably a sassy feature that we like is how you can drop calls by simply shutting the device close. I dont know its just fun: you can customize the clock faces in the settings and you can even add your preferred image in clock text color now. If you want to use the rear cameras for selfies, while the phone is folded, then you can simply double click.

The power button to trigger the camera app doing a swipe down gesture on the cover display allows you to use the ultra wide lens, while swiping from the left or right will switch to video mode. By the way, this double press shortcut on the power button can be customized in the settings under the side. Key category when flipped open the galaxy z, flip 3 sports, a 6.7 inch dynamic, amoled 2x infiniti flex display with a buttery smooth 120hz refresh rate option. Specifically, it has a resolution of 2640×1080 pixels, a pixel density of 425 pixels per inch and theres also hdr10 plus support. The bezels are a tad bit thinner when compared to the last generation model, but samsung retained the same control front camera notch. Here the pre installed screen protector on this longer display feels more like scrolling through a glass panel than a flexible one and thats good dont. You ever think of removing it, though, because there will be consequences, surely theres still a noticeable crease right in the middle of the screen and its noticeable from different angles, except up front when youre watching videos or doing video calls. The point is, unless you touch the display facing full front, the crease is not distracting at all. However, when navigating the ui, you can really touch through the crease, but its not that irritating, since the display does give a glass feel from the get go. This display is vibrant and dynamic.

We get very good outer visibility, but expect the viewing angle unmatched when the screen is half folded, then theres that adaptive 120hz refresh rate on board that completely complements the display quality its great. But if you want to save more battery life, then you can toggle it to the standard. 60Hz audio wise, sound, come out from its down firing, loudspeaker and the earpiece. This dual stereo setup actually provides clear and boosted sound that you can expect from flagship smartphones today with the dolby atmos support, theres, very good, sound balance and it doesnt sound distorted when the volume is set to the highest. Alright, so running, the software department is android. 11 skinned with one ui 3.5. Its still a lot similar to one ui 3.1, with the added exclusive flex features im talking about the flex mode, which is a signature to samsungs foldable phones. This mode will automatically split your display into two 4 inch screens when its freestanding so far. It fully supports a few native samsung apps, but other apps can be used as well as long as you allow them in the settings. Do note that its not that optimized, yet for most third party apps, so oftentimes we get a tiny square monitor on top and a control center at the bottom. It would be awesome, though, if they made the lower part act like a trackpad, just as they did for the gallery app, but nonetheless, its pretty cool for apps like youtube, netflix and the native camera.

I do suggest that you try using flex mode when youre lying down just because it makes more sense for other multitasking features, theres split screen and pop up view. If youre wondering about its instagram optimization well, i didnt encounter any problem when posting photos and videos they dont appear blurry or low quality at all. You get the option to use an app drawer if you like, as well as navigating with gestures or the three way buttons and, of course, being samsung theres bixby across the interface that you can control in the settings more in the settings. There are some quirky and useful features that you can take advantage of, including floating notifications, dark mode hide, apps, digital well being and parental controls, visibility, enhancement, hearing enhancements and video call effects for storage. The galaxy z flip 3 is available with either 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes ufs 3.1. What we have is a 128 gigabytes model which leaves us with 100 gigabytes of usable space right out of the box. Moving on to internals theres, a significant boost in performance with the qualcomm snapdragon, triple eight processor thats paired with an adreno, 660 gpu and 8 gigabytes of ram. This is the same configuration that you can find in samsungs, s21 series and hell. It is blazing apps load quickly, multitasking is a breeze and it can tactically handle anything you throw at it without any stutters. As for gaming, the game launcher app automatically boosts the experience and with the 120 hertz surface rate playing heavy games is effortlessly immersive.

The only issue that we encountered is the heating on the top side of the display, when using heavy apps for long periods of time. You can place a tough case on the phone, so its less bothersome. We ran it through our usual benchmark. Apps – and here are the results that we got for security – you can unlock the phone via face unlock and the side mounted fingerprint scanner theyre, both quick and reliable, but the fingerprint scanner might be hard to reach when the flip 3 is unfolded. So we suggest registering more prints connectivity, wise, the galaxy z, flip 3 got you covered with 5g 4g lte nfc, bluetooth, 5.2, gps and wi fi 6.. So far, everythings looking good right, but heres the catch. The battery similar to last years, flip model. We get a 3 300 milliamp capacity, which is small but quite acceptable, given its unique build. However, the factor means that this device is a battery hug, so in a day youll be needing to charge it at least once or twice when we ran it through. The pc marks work 3.0 battery test with the 120 hertz refresh rate kept on. We yielded a score of 7 hours and 49 minutes. Meanwhile, in our standard video loop test, wherein we loop a 1080p video under 50 brightness, zero percent volume, 60 hertz, refresh rate and airplane mode turned on the galaxy z. Flip 3 got 14 hours and 4 minutes of playback.

It features 15 watts, wired, fast, charging, 10 watt wireless charging and 4.5 watts reverse wireless charging, which should all be convenient. If you have the proper chargers, as most of you may already know, it doesnt come with an adapter in the box and the cable that comes with it is a usbc to type c, so youll be needing a usb pd adapter or a standard type c charger. If you already have one charging takes about an hour and 45 minutes from zero to a hundred percent, with a wired, fast charger, okay, diving deeper into its cameras. The lenses are also similar to last years model with an updated camera. Software thats, a 12 megapixel dual pixel main and a 12 megapixel ultra wide, with still no telephoto lens available. Here. Meanwhile, on its notch, recites a 10 megapixel front camera when it comes to quality. It doesnt disappoint at all. With the 12 megapixel main camera, we often get sharp and bold looking colors that still maintain a natural look. We also get very good dynamic range and a slight poke effect. Even when youre, not using the portrait mode, you can digitally zoom in up to 10 times, which isnt that detailed when maxed out. But it can still be handy in specific situations and then, when we switch to its ultra wide lens. The color production is almost similar to the main cam, however, its easy to spot a fish eye effect in most scenarios either way, we still use it a lot, especially when using the camera, while the phone is folded, speaking of which taking selfies with the cover screen Is really fun and you can definitely expect professional looking selfies, although i do wish that the aspect ratio wasnt locked at square portrait, shots on the other hand, are excellent, especially under good lighting conditions.

We get a clear subject, background separation that you can edit in post, for more effects as for night photography when the night mode is not in use, we get decent brightness. Yet it looks quite grainy and dark areas can look just black, but with night mode turned on it surely shows big improvements in the photos, details and brightness without looking too grainy or washed out. It can look unnatural at times. So if you want just the right amount of boost, then you can use the main camera and make sure that youre using the scene optimizer for a touch of ai using its 10 megapixel front, camera provides natural, looking selfies on their ample lighting. The skin tone sometimes tends to alter, but most of the time it works. Fine. If you want some selfie uplift, then you can always take advantage of its beauty mode and filters for other features. Theyre samsungs own single, take mode food mode panorama pro ar doodle super slow mo hyperlapse and directors view checking out videos. You can shoot up to 4k at 60 frames per second, but the super steady stabilization is only usable for 1080p at 30 frames per. Second, you can use the pro video, though, if you want more control for specific subjects and scenarios. Finally, lets talk about price. This samsung galaxy z, flip 3, 5g, is available in two variants: the 128 gigabytes model thats priced at 52, 990 pesos and the 256 gigabytes option that you can get for 56 990 pesos due to the galaxy z, flips history with pricing.

Most of us were expecting something higher than 70 000 pesos thats. Why? It was a wait what exciting moment to hear that its within 50 000 pesos its, not much affordable, but it is now more reasonable and its going to be a game changer for future foldable smartphones. All in all, this flipping phone checks a lot of boxes, including hype and status. So its definitely a conversation starter and a head turner. You get that flagship performance. Stunning display quirky, features, tougher, build and deliverable cameras. All in this fancy thing that you can discreetly keep in your pocket, but as ive mentioned, theres a catch and it is in the battery. If you are to buy this phone, you should be ready to charge it at least once or twice in a day or use a power bank other than that were loving it i mean, if youre willing, to spend this much on an iphone, then surely you can Consider getting a cool, android flip phone like this right, so go ahead and thats it for this review. Now, im gon na pass the question to you guys. What do you think of this samsung galaxy z, flip 35g? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments, wed love to hear your thoughts and, of course, if you found this video helpful dont forget to give us a like subscribe to our channel for more content. Hit that bell icon. So you dont miss any future uploads and be sure to visit yogatech.

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