Inc for sponsoring qualcomm has created a special edition smartphone for snapdragon insiders. This phone was designed by asus and is one of the first devices to have qualcomm snapdragon sound technology built in so whether youre, watching an instagram story playing a game listening to music or even taking a phone call sound, is an integral part of the mobile experience. So what is a snapdragon insider? Well, i was one for years without even knowing it, its people like me who are tech enthusiasts, who spend a lot of time online. Now, people all over the world are joining the snapdragon insiders community and you can too check out snapdragon and gain access to exclusive events. Merch experts and opportunities give qualcomm feedback and input on the future of snapdragon products and technologies gain access to behind the scenes. Previews premium experiences and extra perks that are exclusive to snapdragon insiders head over to snapdragon, to learn more about the community, the phone and maybe even how to win one. Not only does this special edition package come with a phone, but also a pair of mw08si earbuds by master and dynamic, and these have snapdragon sound built in well start with a quick look at the smartphone for snapdragon insiders and right away. Youre. Seeing one of my favorite features on the back: it has a light up sort of chip in the back, which really fits that snapdragon branding. You can customize the lighting to your liking and then right above.

That is a fingerprint scanner. The triple camera system has a nice red trim around it, which accents with that blue color very well. You also have microphones all around the phone. Well talk more about those and the capabilities they have in just a second. Now, on the front, you have a 140 hertz display, very minimal bezels and something you really dont see in phones anymore. In the upper left hand, corner on the front is an led notification light and, of course, a look at the custom, mw08si master and dynamic earbuds with that snapdragon sound capability built in these do have active noise cancelling and when i did connect it to the phone. Pretty cool how it does let you know that there is snapdragon sound capabilities. The custom case is extremely premium, probably the most premium earbud case i have ever seen. Also the buds themselves are really sleek. I like the blue color. It has that custom snapdragon logo on the outside and up towards the top theres, actually buttons to control. What youre, listening to with snapdragon sound built in you, get a lot of features to make your audio sound great, whether youre listening direct from your phone or with earphones for the speakers on the phone. There is an on device equalizer to customize the sound to your liking. They have some profiles, set up for music automatic movie and you can go into advanced settings if you like a little bit more bass or treble and even enhance your voice.

A little more. The qualcomm acoustic, smart speaker, amplifier intelligently powers and protects the speakers for optimum performance. The audio from the speakers is very robust and crisp getting plenty loud and dont think they left out features for voice quality. You get crystal clear voice calls with super wideband 32 kilohertz voice quality for richer, clearer calls with greater intelligibility when making calls with the earbuds snapdragon sound has end to end audio capture and a post processing solution, including high dynamic range record and multi mic to support 3D audio. This is excellent, not only when i take calls, but when i record video, in fact, the audio recording capability on this phone ranks number one in dxomarks scoring and ranks fourth overall in audio snapdragon. Sound also has ultra low latency bluetooth streaming at 89 milliseconds for immersive gaming, and this makes my gaming experience much more enjoyable, the music and audio and the games. I play sound great, but its also so responsive that i can react quickly in those fast paced games and speaking of music. You have true 24 bit 96 kilohertz high res bluetooth, music streaming, and this is one of my favorite features, because it allows me to listen to my music, the way its supposed to sound and when youre on the go. Snapdragon sound dynamically adapts to ensure robust connectivity to minimize audio dropouts glitching, even in a very busy rf environment. So that is everything i want to show off for now with the smartphone for snapdragon, insiders drop a comment.

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