This is me johan. Here the vivo x60 pro plus has been out for a while now ive been able to get my hands on it now and have used it for over a week, and i have to say i have been blown away. What was my exact experience, a huge shout out to my good friend, who gave me this phone of his to test out lets now get into it number one. The display its a 6.56 inch super amoled display, which is a fine balance between big and medium. In terms of the size factor, the panel is an excellent 1080p display with super viewing angles and accurate colors standard mode is a balance between saturated and muted colors. Professional mode makes the colors more muted, with a true tone. Bright mode makes it punchy and saturated and vibrant and makes the colors pop out with support for hdr, 10 plus and a peak brightness of 1300 nits. The video watching experience was simply fantastic and a delight to the eyes. Sunlight legibility was excellent as well. This is one of the brightest panels i have ever used under direct sunlight with the sun blazing down at the screen. I had to only crank the brightness to 70 percent to view it clearly under direct sunlight, build quality. This is an area where vivo have nailed it with a solid aluminum frame, a suave eco, leather, back and high quality materials used to the classy camera finish and excellent weight distribution.

I genuinely always felt i was holding a top tier flagship smartphone, the box. It comes bundled with a massive 55 watt, fast charging, brick a pair of usb type c vivo earphones and a usb c charging cable, the performance with a snapdragon 888 under the hood and 12 gb of ram 250 gb of ufs 3.1 non expandable storage running at 120 hertz the performance was blazing fast and handle every task like it were nothing, including even high intensive games and run everything fairly cool as well. I could give 40 to 50 apps running in the background and still nothing could slow it down its one of the most powerful smartphones, ive tested till date. The in display fingerprint scanner was very responsive and quick to unlock the phone and very accurate in terms of reliability of inputs. The software version, its vivos fun, touch os skin on top of android 11, currently running on the july security patch. This phone will get three years of updates going forward. The speaker, the single downward fairing speaker, got quite loud, but at the same time i felt the quality of output could have been better and also stereo. Speakers would have been more apt considering the price of this phone call quality. The call quality and reception was excellent. The earpiece sounded loud and clear, and the proximity sensor worked flawless, taking and making calls was a great experience. The phone also comes with dual sim support. The battery life with it only having a 4 200 milliampere battery got me a bit concerned at first, but considering it having a 1080p resolution and it being an amoled display and the efficient snapdragon 888 processor under the hood and running it at 120.

Hertz constantly i was able to get a days use comfortably with a very respectable five to five and a half hours of screen on time consistently. Even if you do somehow run out of battery the bundled massive 55 watt charger charges, it back quickly from zero to 100 in just 40 minutes, a quick 30 minute charge from nil will charge it to 85, very, very impressive. Indeed, the cameras coming to the highlight of this phone: its got a 50 megapixel main dual pixel laser autofocus 8 megapixel periscope, telephoto, 32 megapixel telephoto, a 48 megapixel ultra wide and a 32 megapixel selfie camera, the bigger highlight being the optics, are tuned by zeiss. Coming to the actual camera performance, it was outstanding during day and low light. The pictures came out looking bright, vibrant and super detailed. In almost every scenario, the video quality was also equally impressive. This has been by far the best camera phone. I have used this year and watch my in depth camera review, which will be out shortly to get a better idea of its actual camera capabilities. To conclude, ive really enjoyed my time with the x60 pro plus. Who would i recommend it for, apart from the flagship, ultra smooth performance, excellent, build quality and fantastic display it sports? This phone is primarily for people who want a fully fledged flagship, great camera and video experience without compromise. It is in many ways one of the only smartphones capable of matching a much more expensive, samsung, s21 ultras camera and video capabilities.

If you cannot shell out the cache for the samsung s21 ultra, the vivo x60 pro plus, is the next best alternative, so thats it for me today guys. I hope you guys liked the video, if you guys, love the video id appreciate it. If you guys could give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel, if you havent already and do hit the bell icon so that youll get notified with the latest and greatest videos, the second they uploaded on youtube by me.