Phones that get basic updates every year are no longer popular, but one segment which seems to be rising up is rugged. Smartphones, renowned rugged phone manufacturer doogie has gained popularity for its lineup of rugged phones. The company has just announced a new update to its rugged line and it is dubbed the doogie v10 in terms of durability. The v10 keeps up with its predecessor coming with a waterproof and rugged build and its powered by the popular mediatek dimension: 700 chipset supporting 5g network. So, yes, you can also find a 5g option among rugged models in addition to those common features. What else does the latest v10 bring us lets find out? Lets start with its design. The v10 continues the iconic rugged design of doogie, but also adds some soft lines to the rear. Although the phone is much heavier than regular phones, its still justified with the kind of production the body offers, like its predecessors, its armed with a solid metal frame and special rubber protection, which allowed the doogie v10 to enter harsh circumstances without breaking the sweat. The phone is specially designed to withstand high temperature, its rated ip68 and ip69k, which is on top of the usual dust and water resistance, and the rating also means that the device is drop proof from a height of up to 1.5 meters in our actual drop test. Even when we dropped from a height of 1.8 meters on a concrete floor, there was no damage on the phone, especially the thickened.

Rubber protection on four corners could sustain the impact of dropping, thereby protecting the display and thanks to the strong ruggedness of these phones, doogie series is very popular for fieldwork uses. The sim card tray on the metal frame shows that the phone supports dual sim card standby and we can see the rubber ring on the loader for reliable waterproofing. On the other side, the fingerprint reader is independent of the power button. The dugie v10 features a 6.’ inch hd plus display with corning gorilla glass protection on top the punch, hole, display, houses, a selfie camera on the left side, its a 16 megapixel front camera for selfies and video calling under the hood. The device is powered by a dimension 700 soc, coupled with an octa core processor based on 7 nanometer technology. The chipset also supports up to 8 gigabytes, lp ddr4x ram and 128 gigabytes, ufs 2.2 rom, and thanks to this chipset, it features support for 13 5g bands, which no doubt will help the phone stand out from the competition in the market. In addition, the phone also supports nfc functions, which should be a widely popular feature for those who use mobile payment. The phone is equipped with triple cameras on the back, including a samsung, 48 megapixel camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera of 117 degrees and a 2 megapixel portrait lens, and thanks to the tough rugged design, the v10 allows users to operate cameras for both videos and Photography underwater without any accessories, along with the rear camera doogie, has also included an infrared thermometer, which is something new for the industry.

It helps users to measure both body and objects, temperature anytime anywhere. More importantly, its probably also a common used feature for self health management. Here are the camera samples we shot on the v10 well as a rugged phone. The camera quality is usually not what we value very much, but from the samples the phone actually performs pretty decently. You can also achieve your task easily without interruption due to the long lasting 8 500 milliampere hour battery and fast wire charging of 33 watt support. That means you dont really need to bother about frequent charging of your device, and the v10 supports otg reverse charging, which can turn it into a power bank for another device in case of an emergency. The doogie v10 runs on the android 11 system. The system is up to date with the june 2021 security patch level. As for its performance, its known that most rugged phones would not compare to the flagship performance of the mainstream models and its no exception for the v10. But we still want to say that the dimension 700 provided a good support for the phone. During the limited experience we had, the v10 works pretty well as a rugged device for a solid rugged phone. Indeed, we give more value to its ruggedness and capacity of adapting to different bad conditions. Overall, the doogie v10 looks fine and will be a great option for hardcore users with 5g connectivity. The device can definitely work as a rugged phone and does its job pretty well and without sizing up the body.

It amazingly features a 8 500 milliampere hour large battery, which is equal to the battery capacity of two mainstream smartphones with an affordable price tag. The doogee v10 is not just one of the alternative options to regular smartphone, but also a better choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities or have to work outdoors. The newly announced doogie v10 is available for sale on aliexpress from august 23rd. If you are interested in the phone, you can enter the smartphone giveaway, where the company is offering some units for free, so thats it for today.