We are looking at one of the latest foldable smartphones from samsung the fold 3., its gotten cheaper and its gotten better in a lot of key areas, but has it come far enough to replace a traditional smartphone like the s21 ultra in your pocket thats? What i will try to answer in this video so lets start z. Full 3 is completely opposite story from samsungs other foldable, the flip 3.. What flip 3 does is that it falls in half of a regular everyday smartphone to offer a compact, pocketable smartphone. But what fold 3 does is that it extends in to a larger display to let you do a lot of things at one go so clearly. It is targeted for power users and its evident, because samsungs swiss knife of a phone, the note series was discontinued to make room for the fold three which brings along the s pen goodies this year around. So, yes, you can use a pen on this thing, not on the outer display, but on the inner well talk about it in a minute. I understand that foldables come with this preconceived notions around durability, but i have used last gen flip and fold too extensively in the past, and i can assure you that these phones are durable and are only going to get better and safer more than ever as they Bring along ipx8 water resistance too, if thats, not enough, samsung is giving one year free, samsung care, plus with flip 3 and fall 3 here in the uae, and in lot of other countries.

Design wise folks is really nice. This industrial look and everything is just perfect and things have gotten better and it still looks very similar to fall 2 and yet has progressed further on the durability factors thats, because most of the changes are under the hood, like ipx8 rating. That brings water resistance. Like i told you – and this is happening for the foldable phone for the first time ever – a tougher aluminium body, while shaving off a few grams in weight, which does help in lugging this rather bulky device with slightly more comfort and than the last year. Personally, the most interesting change for me was employing the 120 hertz panel for this outer cover screen, because, more often than not, you will find yourself interacting with this fold. Three through this outer display a lot more than you would like, and getting the higher refresh rate on this display does make the experience better and smoother, but keep in mind that this cover display does not have a digitizer that is required to use the s pen. So s pen is going to work only on the inner display cover display on fold 3 measures at 6.2 inches but is very narrow due to a taller aspect: ratio of 25×9. So this isnt your ideal display and probably would just be good enough to quickly make phone calls or respond to a notification quickly doing regular things like browsing or using social media or watching videos, etc would be better off on the larger inner display.

Because the outer display makes everything, tiny and theres not enough support from apps to adjust to this unusual aspect ratio. So every time you use fold three with the cover screen, you are making some sort of sacrifice when compared to the usual smartphones. So at this point you must be thinking thats. All right, ive got a bigger 7.6 inch display on the inside. That is going to handle everything like a champ. Well, yes, and no yes, it does a brilliant job at giving you a larger panel to do multiple things. At the same time, read articles review documents surf through reddit and play games, and no because it still suffers from a similar problem of app scalability, mostly in case of watching videos, you will always have thick black bars on top and bottom or using instagram. For example, you will have these empty bars on the sides which in some way, samsung addressed by including a feature tucked under a setting called labs. You can choose individual apps and make them fill the screen rather than leaving empty bars on the side. Now this works. Okay, but definitely not as good as native support. You will have on usual smartphone aspect ratio and its only going to get better once google brings in the foldable support to android natively. Meanwhile, samsung continues to enter into partnerships with app developers to bring tablet ui to their respective apps on the galaxy default and while on that road, samsung also partnered with whatsapp to let you move your whatsapp backups from an iphone to galaxy, flip and fold line of Phones without any compromises, samsung continues to push the envelope with their foldables and uses top notch specs for their phones.

You get snapdragon 8 and 12 gb of ram with up to 512 gb of storage space, thats good enough spec sheet for a powerhouse of a smartphone and, as expected, runs smooth with the help from samsungs one ui over android 11.. One ui on zfol3, of course, has some additional features of its own to differentiate it from regular smartphones, for example, and, like i would say, maybe something on top of my mind is like opening multiple apps at one go. You can now pin the edge panel on the side to give to give it more desktop. Like look so, you have access to these apps at all times within any other apps, but im not sure if thats really useful, because you can always access these apps from your app drawer or from the different screens that you can build up anywhere. The features there is, you get the point and, unlike flip 3, there is dex mode as well for fall 3, which allows you to connect your phone to a laptop and get access to a laptop like ui and transfer files or use apps installed on the phone On a larger screen, so all of this makes it very evident that this phone is clearly a multitasking masterpiece and has what it takes to please a power user, including a great battery life. This phone comes with a 4400mah battery, and although it is slightly smaller than the fold too, it does perform at par because of improvements in the other areas, such as a new technology on display called eco oled, which uses newer, led arrangement to offer more brightness and Consume lesser power at the same time resulting in brilliant battery life results.

This new display tech also allowed samsung to tuck in this under display camera on the inner display. To give you that a seamless feel on this large display its not completely hidden but blends in much better and makes you forget about it being there easily, though you should just use this inner display, selfie camera for just video calls, because of the poor quality and For picture, i would rather stick to the 10 megapixel selfie camera on the cover display, which gives really good results and, if thats not enough, then use the main cameras at the back. That has a trio of 12 megapixel wide ultra wide and telephoto lenses and use the cover screen as your viewfinder and beyond selfies. The main cameras at the back perform really good and shows how much better the software processing is on fault 3, while using these old sensors. Yes, yes, i know theyre not going to beat the setup on s21 ultra or uh the output from the iphone 12 pro max, but you will not have a lot to complain with the camera on fall. 3 is thats what im trying to say because they perform decently so overall, its a phone that promises a lot, and yet it is still very far from the comfort zone. You have on a conventional smartphone, especially due to the unusual aspect ratio on the outer and on the inner displays, but thats the whole point guys isnt it. This thing is built to push the boundaries and take you out of your comfort zone, to let you experience.

That is something which is completely different and not possible on any other smartphone, its more durable and more affordable and brings along few newer tricks as well to play with. But dont just go for this phone just because it has a bigger display, because that you can achieve with a tablet, for example, rather go with this. If you want to be at the forefront of the smartphone technology and would want to achieve a ton of things with the phone in your pocket rather than reaching for a tablet or a laptop instead, if theres something more that you would like to know about zfolt3, Then ask me in the comments below or connect with me on twitter lets. Take the conversation there hit a thumbs up. If you liked the video.