Oh sorry, 120 hertz foldable amoled display, but you know all of these so lets not waste much time on it. More importantly, i try to use a foldable as my daily driver for a day and god it was fun, but the deal here is foldables are still considered as innovative phones rather than a daily use case. So i wanted to show you, or rather give you the experience. If you use a foldable in daily life, how does it go? Oh god, this is so satisfying trust me. If i give it to you and you do the same thing, you will have the same expression. Well, this is pratik youre already watching techwiser, and i have lots to talk about the galaxy z. Flip 3 lets go now. Lets quickly go back to the past and unbox this thing, as you can see, theres not much to unbox. Here you get the phone itself, some paperwork type c to type c, cable and a sim ejector tool. Although the crease is way less this year, but its there, and you can feel it this year, samsung has also added gorilla glass, victis protection to the display, so its scratch resistance and more work this year is done on the hinge. You have a metal frame and its all around aluminium. Also, if you can see when you fold the phone, its still not flat, there is still some space between the display and how do you make a phone more resistant? Well, as you know, its ipx8 waterproof, so you can just dip it or take an underwater selfie, and i would say this was very important for the foldables rather than any other phone out there.

When you make a phone waterproof, it really makes it more durable. In the eyes of the customer and remember its ipx8, waterproof, not dustproof, so you cannot take it to the beach if you are ever able to get out, but some other day that story now. The first thing i like to do with the phone is take out and take some photos, so lets go so i just put the phone in my pocket and i realized how small the z flip 3 is like. Here is an earphone case, and the phone is slightly larger than this, and also by thickness at times it feels like you, dont have a phone in your pocket. You get a 12 megapixel main camera and a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. Now the selfie camera here is 10 megapixel, which is not that bad. But generally you would know selfie cameras arent as good as rear cameras, so heres a quick hack. Here you can close the phone double press, the power button and there you have the camera. Now you can swipe up and down to switch between wide angle and the main camera back and forth and hit the volume button to take a photo, and if you see the difference here between the selfie camera picture and the main camera picture, the main camera is Better here are some more camera samples, its great. So now, if you remember the original z flip, it had a cover display, but it wasnt that useful.

It was only used to see time and notification, but the camera thing on the cover display here on the z flip 3 has me sold. So if youre vlogging or just doing a normal video call its easier to switch see here if youre vlogging or just doing a video called to show stuff, you can open the phone and activate the cover display at the same time. So, if im showing something this way with the rear camera, i can also switch back the phone and then use the cover screen as the camera viewfinder im still using the rear camera. So i was writing the review of another phone, and i like this thing, like generally, the always on display, is easier to see notifications here on the z flip 3. If you can see you can keep the phone this way to have an always on display, but you can even fold it, and this cover display will show you notifications. You can even read the entire message from the cover screen itself. You can change music from the cover screen or what i usually do is run a small timer like i have to research within 30 minutes, so i just set a 30 minute timer and that pushes me to work faster and be more productive. It works. Try for yourself and im liking. This cover display man. So now i am done with my work. I have 15 20 minutes to spare, so lets play pubg on this thing.

If you see a normal phone like this, this is also a tall display. This is 20s to 9, but the z flip 3 is 22 is to 9. So if you see side by side its a taller display now when i play bgmi on it, first of all, you have to force the game to run full screen else. You will see black bars now because of the tallness. The top gets cut as you can see here, but this thing almost feels like a nintendo console in my hand, lets lets game a bit now its snapdragon triple eight first one after right, so i need to use it more to test it further now, in terms Of game support and all of that snapdragon triple eight is on par with snapdragon 870. Is that what i have to say as of now? Okay, so its been a busy day, i have to shoot a reel right now, but no ones available to hold the camera. For me everyones busy, but here have a look. Normally, i use a tripod to hold the phone for me, but here i can do this flex mode and the phone acts as a tripod or if you want to just use the rear camera you can tap on this and now the cover display acts as a Viewfinder, you can record from the rear camera instantly and can even use the wide angle camera. The cover display is my favorite thing on this phone so far seriously.

One more thing i got a call – and i just picked it up from the cover display and it automatically switched to the speaker plus, if you have to end the call bam so cool now, a few things that i learned throughout the day. The z flip 3 has a 3 300 milliamp hour battery, which is same as the original z flip, so it lasted for me until the evening. So i had to charge it back again. It supports 15 watt wide charging. You also get wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging, theres also 4g carrier aggregation and a lot of 5g bands and its full one ui 3.1. So you get all the good lock modules, knock security, secure folder. All of that. So, first of all, this is a one day experience and more of showing you its features, but the bigger picture here is: are foldables getting mainstream. Will your next flagship be affordable? Well, yes, heres. What i think this is the phone samsung wants you to buy at least this or the next year. Z, flip. The original z flip only had a 256gb variant and was launched at 85 000.. The z flip 3 has 128gb variant and you get ipx waterproof, better cover display 5g and all of that at 85, 000. So samsung is posing the z flip 3, more than an experimental phone, its working out of the enthusiast early adopter territory to the mainstream people who just want to flaunt this make heads turn and even use it casually freely as your daily phone.

Also, the original z flip, as of now, is available on amazon at 60. 61. 000. Very tempting pricing, but i would say if you have to buy, consider the z flip 3. The waterproofing makes it more durable, plus the cover display is way way better. Let me know what do you think about foldables? I would love to hear you on that note.