Please do let me know if you like the quality, if you like the sound. If this is something that youd be interested in buying, i can say it is good quality Music thanks to mobo for sending this out. This is the ivlog smartphone kit and im going to make this unboxing and quick review entirely on my phone, and this, if youre interested is the samsung s21 ultra lets get it unboxed to start with uh, first of all, im holding on to this with one hand, As im unboxing so lets hope, you see the difference as i sort of put the bits and bobs together. So this is the grip and you can see actually you raise it and fall it with this nut rather than the normal ones, which are spring loaded. This has a tiny little grip handle which is on it now and so already. That should be a bit more of a steady shot. Next thing im going to want to stand this up. Whilst i talk to you and unbox the rest, when you buy something like this, you wonder: is it going to be cheap plastic but its still nice and solid feeling metal everything this mini tripod gripped by the base to be your standard, walk around vlogging setup anyway? I can set that down now and use the spirit levels to get it stable and steady. Whilst i unbox the last couple of things theres a wrist strap for the grip, which probably wont use but its nice to have an extender tube with the tripod, a bag for this tripod, so thats cool.

Next, two bits, though, the actual tech bits is the light, and this is probably the best thing about this particular kit. This is the wireless mic system. Hopefully, youre going to be able to hear the difference in sound as long as this is charged up because it takes batteries. Theres, no batteries included a wireless lav and a wireless receiver which actually does have a headphone monitoring jack in it as well, and that should be powered straight off. The phone so grab some batteries and check that out and lastly, led video light Music, which im imagining has its own battery inside yeah. It is ready to go its a very bright day, not going to see the difference right now. Light has three settings and theyre bi color, so theyre, balanced, tungsten daylight hear the wind noise when youre recording on your phone or something you shouldnt get when youre using the wireless lap, and this does also extend up the way all thats been with the microphones on The phone so lets find some batteries and plug in the wireless lavalier mic, which is the main benefit of a vlogging kit like this one. So this is now recording with a lav mic its on my shirt just here, and it means that my mouth is always going to be the same distance away from the microphone, so it should get a really even sound. Also, you should hear a little bit less of the background.

Noise now actually theres, quite a bit of wind in the trees above me and theres, some animal noises as well, and hopefully youre not hearing so much of that right now. It was really easy to set this up. It came paired out the box just plug in the usbc two triple a batteries in the transmitter, and the receiver was just recognized as a usb microphone, essentially stuck into the bottom of the phone Music and extend up the way theyre actually looking for sound from anywhere Within that region of the phone, whereas this is just this kind of cardoid pattern around the microphone, and that means that its just really looking for the sounds in the immediate vicinity of it. So probably the video didnt sound that bad. When i was really close to the phone, but the moment that i get any distance away from it, youre gon na get that echoey sound, youre gon na get much quieter voice compared to the actual background sounds which will be just as loud in the mix as The voice so having a lav mic is essential for talking head videos walking and talking just like this one. The smartphone kit itself is really really good. Ive just got it here on the little tripod so that i can do some more creative things in this vlog and because well, the actual tripod, when its closed is just as easy to hold on to as the little handle that theyve supplied as well.

And one thing about shooting a vlog on a smartphone is that it does have great digital stabilization. So it should look pretty good, not like youre in a ship at sea as im walking around just now, but having that wireless mic allows me to actually set the thing down Music set up my shot like so, and then i can be doing more creative things. Like talking to my phone from a distance talking to the camera from a distance, i wonder how that looks: Music also, the video light not useful at all for a really sunny day when i tried this out first, but as you can see, it does make quite A difference when youre out on a gray a day like today, its even a bit bright. But it will just add that little bit of fill light in to make it a bit more flattering on your face, which is the lowest setting Music slightly brighter Music. And then the brightest, so it just adds a little bit of fill light to separate you from your surroundings, so yeah.