What is it lets get into it? Music, so, right before we get this unboxed guys. Do me a massive favor uh smash that, like button for me, really really helps me on the channel, and i really appreciate it um if you hit that like button ill, give you an internet cookie and also, if you havent, already guys hit that subscribe button massively Helps me out helps me get my videos out under the ether and, if you want to see more content like this as well hit that little bell button as well. This is the secret. This is the ozbot me. The ai powered selfie phone mount so reading on the box. Here it says: uh, no app required ai tracking gesture control, quick pick and a foldable design dont be funky, so inclusion. We have oz, bought me usb type c, cable, tripod, ball, joint pick user manual on a warning card; rebate, Applause. Let me catch you catch me outside bruh. So what we have here. We have user manual and the warranty card. So there we have the its like. A leather type case, quite nice, its very nice actually youve got a bit of protection. There we go so weve got our usbc, cable weve got the mount itself and then weve got a little sort of tripod. Slash, handle slash, gimbal thing, so pretty straightforward. Obviously, no charging brake with it, but lets be honest in this day and age. Now, if you dont have a usbc charger, who are you yeah, yeah, so hopefully theres some charging? Hopefully i dont need to need the cable just looking at the um.

The quality is very, very good, as you can see there, it says always bought me one side and i obviously have them the big lens and then the power button on the front. And then, if we wrap that up like that and we have our usbc port in the back and then we have our screw hole for the tripod or gimbal or you know, if you wan na put it onto your own tripod or whatever you know. Youve got that option, which is pretty cool. Look at that. Okay, all right lets see if we can get a phone shut up on that. So ive got my iphone here so well set that up on that the mount actually looks quite small and ive got a pro max so hopefully ill fit. Oh look at that! Thats! No boy, lovely yeah, so we can go portrait and we can go its landscape. Good and then i have my pixel 4xl so thats this is smaller than the iphone, so thatll fit perfectly as well. Look at that lovely im, not saying no. The mechanism on it is very, very good, its very, very smooth, good grip on it as well. Its pretty good so, as you can see, ive got it all set up and turned on and blah blah blah so ill go through the setup and the work and all that basically theres theres, no app for this. It doesnt work through bluetooth, its all built into the unit itself, theres a big lens on the front of it, which, if i turn that round, you can see so, and that is the lens, the camera that focuses attracts you for it to rotate.

So you can control it one of two ways: you can control with the power button on the front. So, as you can see its lit up green, this green ring thats around the unit because its lit up green it can thats it locked. So the unit is locked, so it will not move so, as you can see if i move its not gon na move. So if i then hit the green button on the front, itll then turn blue once it turns blue its locked onto you, which means wherever you move its going to follow. So, as you can see, it is following me around the room. Ive got my own stalker. How close that its so cool and then to lock it in place? You can just hit the green button and thats it locked. So, as you can see its not gon na move, the other cool feature that this thing has is that if you have on a tripod um its a bit difficult to sort of get the shot right and then go over hit, the button come back. Have everything work, so the best thing to do is use the gestures thats built into the system. So what you do is when its lit up green, you hold your hand up, youll, see it flashes. Itll go blue and thats it. It uses your hand gesture to kick in, which is pretty good if youre going to use it on a tripod and youre a fair distance away from it.

Thats really really good feature to have so it means that youre not stuck and youre, not locked to having to run over or get somebody else to push it for you. You can just put your hand up um boom there you go and thats locked in place again. That is awesome, thats, so cool. I really like that. Ive been playing about this for a while, and its really really cool yeah im gon na have a lot of fun with this, its such a cool thing to have how so cool. So i just thought id do a quick setup outside just to see how the lens reacts to the outside and make sure that its still as responsive and all that sort of stuff. So here we are, i have it set up on my tripod uh, just to show you the different source setup and theres my phone and, as you can see, ive swapped the handle of the osboard under my camera. So just going to show you these generic mines. So you can just put them on them, which is great. So here we go as you can see its green, so its locked out its locked, which means its not going to move so ill. Just try the gestures, so i put my hand up its, maybe not going to make me because im holding my camera there we go so its locked onto my so lets see how far i can go.

Okay, its all the way back, thats, pretty good thats about 20 20 feet. Maybe hello, buddy come on come on lets go. Where are we going? Where are we going? You following me? So lets just see how much distance this thing can go, so its still blue its locked onto me there at the moment. So let me see if i hold my hand up there, we go its green see now, as you can see, im locked up from all the way over here and Music. There we go blue again, Music, as you can see, thats following us: thats, pretty awesome, thats, pretty pretty good, seeing as its pretty much in direct light, as you can see. No sun right enough, but uh some pretty direct light, and i can still register me from that far away. Thats pretty good. Like i say this is compatible with any phone. So ive got my iphone and at the minute, uh im going to take my pixel for a ride with it as well, and you know get some get some good shots with it. So its really really cool. If you want to do some videos, you know if you want to do some, maybe wide videos where youre going from maybe side to side and things like that there. This is great for this. If youre into tech talk or instagram or any of those things that all the cool kids are into uh, youll youll love.

This thing this thing is so cool um. Its very very well made its very, very sturdy, and it takes all the boxes. For me, its well built comes with a very, very good stand. It comes with a good case and charges the usbc yay yeah well whats, not to love its a great little thing to have um. I picked this up on kickstarter, for i think it worked out by the time it was con converted and the pounds and all that sort of stuff. I think thats worked out about 69 pine um, which which is okay, its not bad, and i granted i had to wait nearly two months for it to arrive, but once i arrived it didnt disappoint, so i mean its an option out there. It really is, if youre looking for something to to capture those uh special video shots or that sort of thing. This is definitely one of the things to pick up, even if youre just at home – and you want to do some facetime calls or something um its its a great thing to have. I mean yeah, whats, that its so cool. I feel i feel, like all professional here, look im going from like one camera to another camera back to this camera back to this camera. Back there lets come here. I can read the news ill just make covers up for this video guys. I hope you liked that i i picked up this little accessory its a cool, even attack.

I thought i would do an unboxing and a recap of it: um its pretty cool its, not overly expensive, considering some of the things out there, so uh might be worth picking up if youre into that kind of thing. So if you like, it smash the like button there for me guys and uh leave me a comment down below.