Now. Look though, ive been at this point, where ive done a lot of uh reviews for a lot of cases for 12 line up and obviously were coming at the end of the cycle about to release some new ones. So i like to kind of check on some third party cases that made it slip through the cracks. This one is going to be a silicone case and i heard its a little bit, slimmer, thinner than the official one so im going to check that out. I want to see how its gotten good reviews so im going to check it out. This is actually going to be the space gray, so obviously it should match that graphite really well, but were going to check it out to see if its a hit or miss pricing is definitely on point. Think i pay like 11 bucks for it presentation nothing to it. Lets get right to it. Lets see if its a hit kind of curious, how this is going to feel really like this official one, but it does add some bulk to it. You can see its not crazy bulk, but it does add some bulk to the phone itself lets go check this out, so thats definitely more of a just a traditional gray, its a darker gray, but i actually like the way this one looks um in terms of Slim, i dont know if it necessarily feels a lot slimmer, its definitely got some more flex to it, its not as sturdy, so that maybe leads to being a little thinner in the middle.

No branding at all does have a nice texture to it very soft to the touch interiors got this nice velvet finish to it felt, like finish, which feels like its going to be premium to the touch and what i do like about this. You got that accent around the entire bumper as well, so this doesnt cut off. So you get the full nice protection around the entire phone itself got a little branding right. There thats pretty much. It still going to be a big, obviously its a big phone, but this one does it feels pretty premium. I i cant say it feels as good as the official one theres something about the texture of the official one that theyve actually just really got right in the last couple cycles of phones, and this one just got this really nice overall feel to it. In terms of lightweight, maybe this is a little bit lighter, not too much difference, though i cant notice a lot of difference between thickness or anything like that, its very, very similar youre not going to get the max safe charging on this one. Obviously, it probably will work a little bit but well check it out. Lets go and look at it, though, that space, gray or space scale with the graphite looks really really nice, so that should be a nice one. I always wonder why they didnt release a nice gray case for your iphones. That does you know.

I love the space gray graphite its dark, but they never release a case. Thats gray ive lets get on that apple come on now they release all these like bright colors. Give me a just a nice natural gray. Lets go and wipe it down, wipe it down like we do clean it up. Real nice still looking premium and new like day one its gon na slap it in a case like this yeah. I like that. Okay, you can see, looks good. The dark gray of the camera beautiful nice – really nice, look to it. Its got a nice feel to it. Does it feel slimmer? No, it doesnt really feel maybe a little. But to me i cant tell the difference between the official one in terms of overall bulk youre, definitely not going to get a much difference in bulk. In terms of either one of them, camera protection looks good. You can see the extra raised edges around the camera so very nicely done. Get some nice camber protection lets go and check out the lip because everybody likes our fat lizard lip protection looks good. I actually really like that. Bumper look at that fat lip so for a slimmer case. Look how thick that lip is all the way around the edges of the case itself and the phone so its a nice raised edge. You got a screen protector, youre, fully protected edge to edge. I like that. A lot volume up and down clicking responsive the buttons are clicky alert.

Slider easy enough speaker looks good and its already getting clicked in a little bit. You can see theres like a little line right there for the cutout i dont you can see. Can you see maybe that trim line right there? Maybe not thats around the bumper im, not sure its meant to be like that, but theres like a little bit of line all the way around thats, not quite as seamless as the official one. You can see theres nothing around the fisherman just to smooth this one has a little bit of a line its you cant necessarily feel it. So i wouldnt worry about too much, but just it is just a minor, maybe gripe as i try to turn off that freaking camera speakers. Look good camera or speakers. Look good on both sides. Precise cutouts power looks good as well easy nice look at that beautiful and then the power button right there. Very nice gaze doesnt. Its compact, like i said its compact enough, but it feels doesnt feel any less compact or more compact than the official one. I feel very similar lets go and check out the magsafe yeah. It works. Okay, there you go lets. Try it one more time, real, quick here. It definitely charges. You can see im just there. You go so youre. Getting that illustration illumination what youre going to call it so its definitely it works. It doesnt stick as as much as the max a, but it is max safe, ish, its mac safe and, i should say its mag safe enough friendly, but overall yeah.

I, like this case, i would recommend it yeah, definitely um for that price point for sure uh. Is it better than this one? No, i think the fish one just has a little bit slightly better feel to it. Just this texture is just a little bit more refined than this one, but i cant say that this is a bad case. I would recommend this case to most people looking for a silicone case, thats going to be semi max a friendly, so im going to say its a hit. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.