You didnt tell me you were sending me this one, but looking at the specs, this could be the craziest eulophone ive ever reviewed the power armor 13. lets have a look Music, so thats right guys. This phone arrived yesterday and at first i was like what is this monstrous device? Well, its the power armor 13 from eulophone guys, let me tell you once i started looking at these specs. I was pretty much in shock. Lets start with the battery life. On this thing, thirteen thousand two hundred milliamperes – we have a helio g95 mediatek, which seems to be a very popular chipset. Now, from these rugged phone makers, eight gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage, fingerprint unlock nfc 15w wireless charging, 48 megapixel quad camera ip69k68. Waterproof – and this is the big one look at this – display a 6.81 inch full hd plus. That is the largest display that ive ever seen on a rugged phone and look at the size of this thing. It is massive all right, so im back now fully set up on this power, armor 13 and what a beast of a phone. Let me tell you guys: yes, it is a thick beast, but what do you expect with a 13 000 plus milliampere battery, but the start of the show here guys is this display 6.81 inch, full hd plus display? I got ta say this is probably one of the nicest displays that ive seen and yes, of course, you do have bezels top and bottom, but come on.

You know the story with these rugged phones, the way that theyre built they do require a little bit more bezel top and bottom its a tall device, though guys almost feels like youre, using some sort of a tablet. With this thing it is massive, but of course you have the traditional layout for ulefone. You have the cameras. Quad camera set up there with a 48 megapixel main, and you have the red button here, which can be actually mapped to different features: android 11 very clean stock interface. But what else does this power armor 13 bring to the table? As you can see, some of the accessories that come included is what we call the endoscope, and you might have seen this from a previous euler phone as well. This endoscope basically will be used to go into areas where you cant get yourself lets say like an hvac unit or an ac unit. You just essentially plug this in to the side of the phone right here and then you can actually jump in using this tiny little camera with lights and get to those places. We also have another bulky, but obviously very military style accessory case. These things are nuts, but if youre out on the job – and you want to use this thing with the lanyard and with the carabiner – you get the full very rugged experience with this case. Personally. Ive never really used these cases too much with the euler phones because they just make a thick phone, even thicker, but hey if you want to go as thick as can be, and have it be just this giant military beast in your hand, there you go and Of course, as you can see, you have all the chargers cables usbc charging on this phone as well as a usbc to usba adapter in the box, thats a nice touch and all in all the unboxing and impressions of this phone are solid.

The helio g95 is another chipset that weve seen recently in that doogee phone, but i think this yellow phone does it a bit better here, as well with sd card support as well. Now i personally, if i had to pick one feature that i like the most, is of course, the display but theres one other hidden trump card and thats, that it also includes a laser rangefinder as well. So lets go see how this laser range finder works. So we turn on infrared. You go ahead and measure the distance there. You see 0.19.913 meters lets measure all the way to the wall there in the corner, just about 1.7 meters – and you can see the infrared is on and it is working properly as well. So all guys, impressions of this ulefone power, armor 13 – i did not expect this phone to even arrive, but what a beast of a phone with the star of the show for me, definitely being guys, this display your phone. You did it right this time, including a full hd plus display, especially because this is a 6.81 inch display and you definitely need full hd plus once you get this big so kudos to them, for including that – and this is a pretty cool phone ill – be curious To see what they eventually price this at but check links in the description for this eulophone power, armor 13 and thanks once again the eulophone for sending this one out, but hit me up in the comments.

What are your thoughts on this beastly power? Armor 13, and do you agree that this is probably the best looking display on a rugged phone that weve ever seen hit me up in the comments id love to hear about it and thats it for this video? If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon for future updates, thanks once again for watching guys, im, definitely having very limited time to record videos these days.