Now i see much more in the finest detail, Music, i capture earth and all its beauty. I see action Music, i see drama Music and i see it in the finest detail. Music, moments of inspiration and the first steps im still awake for the first light Music. I am the oneplus 9. Music Applause, Music, Music, Music. Here, Music, Music, Music, dont. You come back Music dont! You come back. Music dont, come back; no, a singular new design. A re engineered tip and 5g. This is iphone 12 pro. The vertical band is precision machined from stainless steel. The ceramic shield on the front is tougher than any smartphone glass and tighter borders. Allow for even larger super retina. Xdr displays 5g is set to change the world with radically faster speeds. The hardware and software have been optimized for the best 5g experience. A14 bionic has a smaller 5 nanometer transistor, which pushes the most powerful chip in the smartphone generations ahead. A new and improved pro camera system makes the 12 pro the photographers iphone. The larger iphone 12 pro max takes these innovations even further. Its bigger sensor dramatically increases the detail capture and helps improve low light performance by 87. The custom designed lidar scanner puts advanced depth. Mapping technology in your pocket, you can now take a night mode portrait and unlock a new world of possibilities for augmented reality. Iphone 12 pro smashes the benchmark for highest quality video in a smartphone, and the movie industry can now count on it as an essential piece of equipment.

It is the worlds first device able to capture playback and edit 10 bit hdr footage with dolby vision, iphone 12. Pro comes in two sizes and in four finishes, including new pacific, blue, an integral part of this years. Design is magsafe an intelligent system of magnets that connect accessories in a whole new way. Music.