com for providing me this review unit? I also have an extra unit for a giveaway, so stay tuned till somewhere in this video, where i tell you how to win, but before we dive in get a chisel and a hammer and carve the like button until it looks just how you want it to Over 75 of you watching, my videos are not yet subscribed, so it will be awesome if you join the family lets begin. The doogee n40 pro is a direct successor to the teti from 2020, and while i didnt get the previous version, comparing the specs reveals that the n40 has a couple of things going for it in comparison to the predecessor. The new comma has a better cpu, bigger memory and a larger built in battery first, the n40 pro comes in a fox leather material at the rear that it feels quite good and encourages you not to use a case on this phone and its plastic by the Way and every time i look at the rear of this phone, i wonder why a case was included in the box for this package. I have the black color option here, but this phone also comes in green, blue and brown color options. The n40 pros camera module is reminiscent of that of the poco m3 smartphone, its got a quad camera setup consisting of an 8 megapixel wide angle, camera a 20 megapixel main camera, a 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel death sensing camera theres.

Also, the dual led flashlight strip at the back up front. It comes with a 6.52 inch hd plus display with 720 by 1600 pixel resolution and for the ppi police. This one comes in at 269 ppis. The screen here is an ips lcd screen and it has a dew drop notch overhead, where the selfie camera leaves and youve got a 16 megapixel selfie camera in there. The n40 pro takes its processing power from mediatex chipset, which is also known as the helio p60 cpu, its clocked at 2.0 gigahertz, and it comes with a mali, g72 mp3 gpu for storage capacity, youre, getting six gigabytes of ram and 120 gigabytes of internal storage, which Is for the expandable up to 256 gigabytes via an sd card, the dgn40 pro comes with dual sim slots and provides 4g lte network on both sims. Additionally, the phone has a side mounted fingerprint scanner and uses a type c port for charging battery power comes from a six thousand three hundred and eighty million per juice that supports up to 24 watts fast charging. This is a typical budget smartphone and it sits somewhere between entry level and mid range, and while there are a ton of smartphones out there that offer similar specs. For me, the doogee n40 pro has four things going for it and that the average consumer will be very happy with one the battery its got a six thousand three hundred and eighty million power battery, and it lasts a freaking long time for my test.

I put this phone in standby mode for one week and with wi fi turned on, so i was constantly getting email and messages in the background and i only lost about 22 percent of battery life. Thats, seven days of standby, with just about 22 of battery life, lost its really impressive charging with the included charger took up to an hour 30 minutes to juice up this device. You should, however, note that if you try to charge this phone with um another branded charger or cable from another phone, it wouldnt work so be advised, use the included 25 watt charger in the box of this phone two, the build. Although this phone comes with the large 6 380 milliamp hour battery its basically the same thickness as with the samsung galaxy s21 ultra and that phone packs only a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, it also feels really good in hand. Thanks to the back cover design, you can literally use this phone without a case three, the display its a typical 720p ips lcd screen. It looks good and is sufficiently bright for use in direct sunlight. Having this resolution also means incredible battery life. On this phone i mean i keep saying incredible: battery life thats, because the battery life here is stellar four price. I think this is where this phone absolutely kills it the global variant of this phone costs, just a hundred and fifty five dollars which converts to seventy seven thousand five hundred naira.

If youre here in nigeria, thats bonkers, i mean youre getting all of these really good. Specs, for that amount, and even better guys, i have one copy to give away to a subscriber. So all you need to do is follow the instruction in the video description and the winner will be announced in two weeks from the published date of this video ill. Also leave links to where you can buy one for yourself if thats what you want to do so, in conclusion, id like to point out a couple of things that i thought could have been better on the doogee n40 pro one is the software. It feels too bare feels like they just slapped vanilla, android on this phone and left it almost no customization youd also notice that using gesture navigations here does not work really well. But, however, on removing the screen potential that came with the phone, it worked better, but still not as smooth as what you have on some other devices. Two, the camera had. As i tried i couldnt love most of the pictures taken with this phone. The cameras were very average to say the list it took a few seconds to focus and the color reproduction was not all that this applies to the front and rear cameras on this device, and these are the two things i found with this phone that i feel Like could have been better, but nevertheless, if youre not a camera freak – and you just want a great bang for your buck, then this is a phone that you should consider either way, thanks for watching guys and dont forget to give the like button a headbot hard Enough that it fades ive left links in the video description to where you can purchase this device and also to enter for my giveaway thanks for watching.