. Three handsets are coming to make up the Edge 20 family, and here we have the Pro model, which is the most advanced and also the more expensive. Also, the most expensive at least Motorola got it charging a fairer price different from Edge Plus, which arrived for a salty R 8000 last year.. Do we now have a good value for money brand Lets find out The new Edge lost the curvature of the screen, which ends up going against the proposal of the line. With the completely flat front, we now have wider edges, which can give the impression of an Inferior appliance, even though the optimum build quality has been maintained.. The Edge 20 Pro is a little bigger and wider than its predecessor, but is thinner and lighter.. The rear camera block has grown and features larger lenses with the right to a square shaped periscopic lens., The selfie camera hole has been thrown into the center position.. The biometric reader has left the screen and is now integrated into the power button on the right side. Just below the volume control key., It responds well and manages to recognize typing quickly.. On the opposite side, we have just a shortcut button for Google Assistant. On the top. There is a microphone while on the inside, there is a secondary one.. There are USB C input. The speaker and the drawer for two chips. On the connectivity side there is 6th generation, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, 5.1, NFC and 5G.

Edge 20. Pro is sold on a multimedia basis for use with Ready For the Motorola desktop platform available for the previous Edge and G100 motorcycle.. You can connect the phone to larger screens using an HDMI cable that comes in the package. Edge Plus came with a 90 Hz screen, which was little compared to rivals already with a 120 Hz screen now, Motorola has gone further and comes in competing with Gamer type Cell phones, by adopting a 144 Hz panel for maximum fluidity., The 6.7 screen has full HD resolution, reproduces a billion colors and has hdr10 support.. The brightness level is high and the OLED technology ensures vibrant colors and perfect black for the best movie experience., Which compromises the experience. sound is the lack of stereo sound Edge line last year came with dual speaker, but Motorola decided to save this point on the line. 2021., at least the sound power has not been compromised and Edge 20 Pro reproduces audio balanced between bass, mids and highs.. Motorola is still one of the few manufacturers that sends the headset in the box. The accessory is the same as the last generation and has good comfort and decent sound quality. However, the connector is USB C, since the Edge 20 Pro doesnt have a P2 input lets get into power. But let me remind you quickly that were close to the first million here on YouTube. So if you want to help the channel click on the subscribe button, okay, Moving forward Edge 20 Pro comes equipped with the Snapdragon 870 platform and 12 GB of RAM being the same configuration we have in the G100 motorcycle.

In our multitasking focused speed test. We saw close performance between the two models, with the Edge being a little faster. In benchmarks. It goes further and gets higher numbers in some tests, like the AnTuTu, which scored a difference of 40000 points.. Just in terms of curiosity, the Edge 20 Pro achieved the same score as the Galaxy S21 Ultra equipped with Exynos 2100, but it was below the Mi 11, with Snapdragon 888.. The new Motorola premium delivers great performance in games and ran everything without any choke. Even CoD Mobile at maximum quality, with everything activated reached 120 fps and in PUBG we had great fluidity with the graphics in HD and everything at maximum.. What may worry? Some is the 4500 mAh battery Motorola decided to reduce 500 mAh to make its new premium smartphone. Thinner, the good news is that it hasnt affected autonomy and we have even better runtime than before.. This shows that a good optimization is more important than a giant battery. However, it is good to be clear that the device comes with the screen at 60 Hz.. If you change to 144 Hz, it will end up lasting less.. There is an automatic mode that regulates the speed depending on the need.. The time consuming recharge time has been solved thanks to the adoption of a more powerful charger now with 30 watts.. It only takes an hour to make the battery from 0 to 100. Fast charging recovers, 40 in just 15 minutes and reaches 69 within half an hour of power.

Its good to see if we now have a battery that lasts long and recharges quickly. Edge 20. Pro comes with Android 11 and the few modifications from Motorola at the time we tested it, it was with the August security package.. Motorola is not the best in updates and doesnt even bother to release patches monthly but promised two big updates for the new phone.. Regarding the software itself, it flows very well, and we can say that this was the most agile Motorola cell phone. We reviewed. The 144 Hz screen really helps, but its notable that Motorola made an effort this time to make the system very light.. The features are the same as others of the brand and are grouped in the moto app.. In addition, there is a GIF creator which makes a recording of a part of the screen to generate instant memes for you to share, and even with the device coming with 12 GB of RAM. You can still use part of the storage to expand this memory. With Ready For youll. Have a pocket PC to use with any monitor and TV is a platform that competes with Samsungs DeX but brings its differentials.. The interesting thing is to be able to transform common TVs into Smart TVs or also be able to play games on larger screens using a Bluetooth connected control such as the Xbox itself, or even make video calls to better view, family or friends on a larger screen.

. The camera set consists of a 108 MP sensor, a 16 MP ultrawide and a 5x optical zoom periscopic camera, in addition to a 3x Edge Plus camera. The front camera has also evolved and we now have a 32 MP sensor. Edge. 20 Pro has great cameras, but the software still needs improvement. The main one registers good colors and details, however, lacks in contrast.. If you switch to the maximum resolution of 108 MP, you wont see an improvement in the whitish tone of your photos and still lose color. Saturation., The ultrawide, on the other hand, exaggerates the contrast and ends up killing the shadow details, but it is still capable of recording good photos.. The colors are also more vibrant, which will please fans of saturated colors.. This camera has auto focus and serves as a macro to shoot up close, it can record the smallest details of plants and really impresses.. There is no dedicated camera for blurring scenes, and the software does just a fair job. In complex scenarios. It is possible to notice several flaws in the effect.. The 5x optical zoom lets you capture whats, far away without compromising on quality, but you can get up to 50x and still get great pictures. Night shots dont struggle with noise and have an acceptable sharpness. The ultrawide is more limited here, as is the zoom. Theres a night mode that extends the exposure to capture clearer images without compromising noisy photos.. The front registers great selfies in places with ideal light and the Portrait Mode works well.

At night we already have a considerable drop in sharpness and the night mode only helps to make the photo clearer.. The Edge Plus is capable of recording videos at 6K resolution, while the Edge 20 Pro can now shoot at 8k at 24 fps, just like on the Galaxy S21 lineup.. It records good videos during the day but suffers from grainy images at night.. Stabilization is poor at higher resolutions and focus is not very nimble.. The front one is capable of recording in 4K with good quality. However, it records dark videos at night., Capturing stereo, audio, with good clarity and not suffering from wind noise. It is also possible to record with the rear and front cameras at the same time. Is Edge 20 Pro able to compete with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The two deliver similar performance and beautiful display with Galaxy having stronger, brightness and Motorola winning in fluidity. The S21 Ultra win battery life. If you make a point of using the highest screen refresh rate already on camera, the two record great photos like the Galaxy standing out. More in videos in dark places., It might even lose to the Mi 11 in synthetic tests, but was faster in our multitasking focused speed, test.. It also delivers longer battery life and takes just a few more minutes to recharge.. The Edge stands out in camera for having the optical zoom and the ultrawide that registers better macros than the rival. And against the moto G100.

Is there a lot of difference? Youll get the same platform with similar performance, but here with a higher refresh rate screen for smoother everyday use and gaming., The battery lasts the same but recharges faster in camera. We have close quality, however, with the zoom differential, better ultrawide and superior front camera. The Edge 20 Pro is a premium phone that delivers great performance, good battery and cool cameras for a not so heavy price at launch.. It arrived for R5000, which, despite being expensive, is much fairer than the R8000 required for Edge Plus at its launch.. What could be better? Motorola failed for taking the speaker. Second, the camera software needs some tweaking and the battery could have at least 5000 mAh to to hold your breath with the screen at 144 Hz. There is only way to know how will the change of posture as for Android and security updates, as this hasnt been the brands strong suit. In the meantime, we recommend waiting for the price to drop a bit as the moto G100 is currently priced at half and isnt much lower. And to check out the best deals for Edge 20 Pro and all other phones mentioned in this review. You already know just click on the links below. And take the opportunity to comment what you think of Motorolas new premium cell phone.