It out and show it off: thats gon na get pretty old, pretty fast, no matter how many shots of apple sours, you all knock back, but thankfully samsung does release plenty of actually affordable. Smartphones too, and one of the cheapest samsung glows you can buy in 2021. Is this here, galaxy m32 itll cost you 269 quid from amazon or direct from samsung, and for that cache it is a proper bit of alright. Youve got some surprising features packed into the galaxy m32 like a 90hz amoled display. Youve also got yourself a 64 megapixel primary camera, but this galaxy blur is beaten by certain other rivals around this price point for other specs, such as the lack of 5g action. So is it actually any good? Well, ive had my personal sim card slotted inside the galaxy m32 for the last week or so ive been using it as my full time smartphone so heres my in depth, samsung, galaxy m32 review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers so the design of the galaxy m32 is a bit plasticky with a shiny finish that does get rather mucky after youve handled it for any real length of time and while the rainbow like patterns, add a bit of Excitement the phone does look even more budget than it actually is, and that includes around front as well, where that display is surrounded by some proper chunky bezels.

On the durability front, though, the m32 has been doing all right so that gorilla, glass, 5 display is still in perfect, nick a full week on no scratches or scuffs to speak of, despite the fact ive been shoving, this smartphone in the same pocket as other smartphones And coins and other hard bits like that, the same unfortunately cannot be said for that plastic, fantastic frame, which is already a bit scratched and scuffed down here at the bottom end, and it is a real shame that samsung was a bit too cheap skate to bundle A condom case for the galaxy m32, which is something that a lot of budget rivals do offer now on the software side, youve got almost the same fully fledged one ui experience as those bloody expensive, s21 flagship phones. This includes all of samsungs usual fare, including a dublin download services that google already offers up in android the likes of samsung, p samsung health and that galaxy app shop are all there if you want them, although personally, i prefer just to stick with the android alternatives. Still samsungs knox security suite is on board and always a worthy addition, as well just to help keep all your secrets out of the eyes of damn dirty intruders, and you get plenty of other solid features here that android doesnt offer up, including a reasonably good face. Unlock that isnt particularly fast, but it does seem quite secure and its a good little backup to the dependable edge mounted fingerprint sensor and youve, got that same nifty, always on display feature as usual as well, which doesnt offer up as much variety and customization.

As a lot of rivals, but it does serve up all the information you could possibly need that you have to go to the rigmarole of waking up your phone and, as usual, youve got a good selection of samsungs themes to choose from. If you dont want to just slap a proper bit of anime wallpaper on there, youve got a choice of 64 or 128 gigs of internal storage with the galaxy m32. So pretty standard for this sort of price point and its great to see. Youve got micro, sd memory card expandability if you do run out of space and want to just give it a bit of a boost. The 6.4 inch super amoled screen is definitely one of the highlights of this phone and a great feature to find on a samsung blower for under 300 quid the 2400 by 1080 pixel resolution. Full hd plus means a sharp picture, whatever youre up to, while the oled tech produces crisp contrast with perfectly black blacks, although there is no hdr support to speak of colors are pretty punchy and customizable too. If you want a bit of a karma output and if you go full screen, there is an old school nipple notch cheekily poking its way into frame. But it is weenie enough to not really cause a fence, and this panel hits around 800 nits on top brightness settings as well. So i had no worries reading messages using the camera or whatever.

While i was chilling outside in the sunshine – and yes, i did on occasion have to actually dart outside of the house in order to catch that sunshine crappy british summer, and that screen comes a pack in a 90 hertz fast refresh rate as well. Matching a lot of rivals from real me and xiaomi around this price point, giving you a nice satisfyingly, smooth bit of action when youre zipping around and your desktops and supported apps healthy youve even got a 3.5 mil headphone jack on the galaxy m32, something you definitely Wont find on a lot of very expensive samsung smartphones, although i also use the bluetooth 5 support as well to get a bit of wireless streaming on the go, and i found that that worked. Absolutely fine for your videos, your music, whatever now power and proceedings here on the galaxy m32 is mediateks. Helio, g80 chipset. It is, admittedly, quite a basic platform, but it is also very energy efficient as well and uh. My review model came packing six gigs around, but you can upgrade to eight gigs as well. If you throw a bit more cash at samsung and yeah the everyday experience isnt exactly buttery, smooth by any means. I saw a fair bit slow down here and then nothing too troublesome just little things like, for instance, if i swapped from portrait to landscape mode. Occasionally the app would just take a second or two to actually uh realize what id done and then bother to rotate.

But overall goddess here, the galaxy m32 can handle everyday existence without running out of puff, but the only real, proper complaint ive got as far as the performance goes here on the galaxy m32 is one time i was using it as a sat nav when i was Out driving and the gps connection just completely dropped, as i was uh bombing my way down the m25 in my little one, liter polo and uh, it did take a little while for it to actually catch up and uh regain that connection, by which point i almost Missed my bloody turn, which would have been an absolute freaking nightmare and probably resulted in this thing being held out of the goddamn window and yeah. You cant even do some light gaming on the galaxy m32. If you want to kill some time by being killed over and over again by sniping little twerps on popular titles such as pubg and call of duty mobile, you will be stuck at pretty much. The rock bottom detail settings, but i found the frame rate generally held up fine. The screen responsiveness was good enough to keep me strafing around, like a mentalist and the phone. Certainly didnt heat up, even after lots of sweaty, run and gun action, but yeah. Sadly, no 5g support here on the samsung galaxy m32. So if youre going to be looking for that at this sort of budget, you might want to look at the likes of the realme.

8 5g ive actually done a full roundup of the best budget. 5G smartphones. In 2021 so go check that out for an in depth list youve got a mighty 5 000 milliamp battery crammed inside of this thing, though, so certainly on the battery life front, i had no problems getting through a full intensive, heavy deer uh with just a single Charge i never had to recharge it before i finally got tucked up with teddy at bedtime. I think the furthest i managed to wear it down was about five percent, but that was with a lot of skyping a lot of youtube streaming: lots of dieser action, all that good stuff and when you want to power back up again well type c, usb cable, 25 watt wide charging fairly bog standard for this price point again and of course, no no wireless charging on board. Now when it came to the quad lens rear camera. I really didnt expect that much of the galaxy m32 because you see while the likes of samsungs, more premium, uh flagship, smartphones and the like, often have really respectable optics. They can turn up some really good, looking photos and some brilliant uh video as well. Sadly, the more budget friendly offerings tend to really disappoint compared with rivals from the likes of xiaomi, however, got ta say the galaxy m32 64 megapixel primary sensor can capture great looking 12 megapixel picks on full, auto mode, even in quite adverse conditions.

I was happy with the amount of detail the m32 mushed into every pick, as my photos still looked sharp when i checked them out on a monitor. Even my indoor snaps colors are pretty damn close to what youll see with the naked eye. So scenes look pleasantly natural, even when youre shooting in strong light. Tricky contrast is generally dealt with so subjects dont appear murky when theyre framed against a bright sky, while kids, who most certainly do not want to stand still and pause for a photo, are usually still clearly snapped with minimal blur. Thanks to that nippy shutter action that 8 megapixel ultra wide sensor can be switched to if you want to fit more into frame. But with the usual caveats, this results in some warping around the edges of your pick and occasionally colours do appear a bit warmer than in real life, but the galaxy m32s true nemesis, is definitely low light. Even with the night mode active. I found that my evening picks often came out grainy or fuzzy, and you can forget entirely about using the ultra wide angle lens. As for the rest of the quad lens setup, slapped here on the back of the galaxy m32. Well, its certainly nothing to get particularly excited about. Youve, basically got a two megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro sensor, whoop dee doo, if you swap to video mode, the galaxy m32 impresses. Unfortunately, quite a bit less. This thing, maxes out at full hd resolution.

There is no 4k option, so visuals arent, particularly sharp, while image stabilization, also isnt too hot, so youll want to try and keep still audio capture is okay with the usual trials and tribulations, though, whenever youre shooting outdoors with a bit of a breeze. So if you do find yourself shooting a lot of horror, movies, youll definitely want to look elsewhere. The galaxy m32s 20 megapixel selfie camera is a decent effort, just like the rear, shooter again serving up detailed snaps and deal them with harsh background lighting without too much complaint. You can widen that frame if you want to fit in some more background action or some extra heads and the portrait mode works well, but yeah once again just do not actually bother using this thing at night. Sorry theres my full final frank review of the samsung galaxy m32 after using its my full time smartphone for a week and for everyday shenanigans, its absolutely fine. You know youll see a little bit of slow down a little bit jankiness here and there, hopefully that gps issue is just a one off, and you know as long as you dont want to shoot a lot of whole movies, then the camera is going to impress You, the photo quality, is actually pretty solid for this sort of price point. Definitely a strong rival to likes the xiaomi redmi. Note 10 pro i like that 90 hertz super amoled display. I can get on with the one ui launcher experience as well.