Flip 3.. I already did a first look at both the flip 3 and the fold three. So this is the individualized treatment now after ive had about 10 days to play with and use the phone heavily and if you dont know already, this is the one with the folding screen which folds and because its supposed to be a 30 stronger inner display, hopefully Wont do what my shirt shows here. We are going to look at it now. So for those of you who havent already watched some of the first looks that are out there and even reviews, and you want the basics. This is a 6.7 inch flexible display, folding android phone from samsung running android 11 with their 1ui 3.1. So the inner display is a little bit narrower than your average already narrow, granted smartphone, but pretty much. The screen size is like having a galaxy s21 plus, but something that falls and fits in your pocket and honestly compared to say something like the iphone 12 pro, not pro max just a 12 pro. It looks hugely tall yet its easier to fit in your pocket and thats. The point with the folding phones is the fact that we all like big screens now, like heres, a picture of what the iphone looked back in the bat all days. Tiny little thing right now: nobody wants a tiny screen anymore. Do they they want something big but as they get bigger and bigger theyre more of a burden to carry around either you sit down and you get a pocket vasectomy when it pokes you or you put it in your back pocket and you crack it or it Keeps flopping and jumping out of pockets all of those things so thats why this phone exists for some of you, that will be exciting enough, along with the fact that this is exciting.

New technology ultra thin glass, a folding, flexible display, its kind of cool stuff and phones have looked pretty much the same for a decade now right, but i understand theres, some of you out there, who still would rather just pay for top specs youre fine with the Size of your phone, you dont, need it to fold and all that sort of thing. So this is for those of you who are still fold curious or maybe even fold eager, because after all, this is samsungs third attempt, though i would say when it comes to the flip, its sort of more like the second, there was the original galaxy z flip. Then not so long after they came out with the galaxy z flip 5g, which is really the same phone. They just added a 5g radio. There really werent other changes at that point right. So this is the first one that where they do a big redesign and much like going from the fold to the fold to where there were a lot of changes, things that people wanted to see thats what has happened with the z flip 3.. What are those things first off there? Is that ipx8 water resistance, so yeah you could even in theory, carefully wash it off with clean, clear water. That means its not guaranteed against coca cola or saltwater and all that sort of thing. But if its raining out you dont have to like oh my precious little folding phone, i have to hide it.

You dont have to worry about that anymore. If you want to give it kind of a good cleaning, because youre worried about germs these days, like we all are you can do that so thats pretty important stuff, its also the least expensive folding phone samsung. I think, as far as i know, anybody has made 999 dollars, so the price dropped two hundred dollars more. If you consider what the original z flip cost yeah so now that its the price of a list price of s21, plus its its in your flagship average price range with some flagships, obviously like the s21 ultra and the iphone 12 pro max, and all that going. Even higher so the price isnt as horrible as it used to be, is it then theres the fact that the outer display got larger before it was that narrow little band aid strip, not even as tall as a band aid, which was just about useless? Now i understand they needed room to fit the battery in there because theres, actually, a battery section in each half and the faster cpu, like the motor razer, has a bigger outer display still to this day, but they also use a slower cpu. That doesnt need as much cooling so anyway, i im pretty happy with the way samsung is rolling with that id rather have a more powerful flagshippy level phone. But now you have a 1.9 inch display, thats, pretty high resolution and its oled and its quite bright in itself.

So its enough to actually read things on the screen and you can swipe through theres, like a choice of six widgets you can have. You can see your notifications, obviously you can see the time and yes, as ever with the flip, you can actually take and end calls without even opening the phone you cant open to answer and flip and shut to cl and the phone call. But you can also just leave it on the desk and on speakerphone mode, taking calls now a lot of the user interface with that outer display reminds me of the galaxy watch three and four, which isnt really a bad thing: thats a pretty good user interface. A couple of places where it falls a little bit short is: if i get a text message, i cant actually even use a canned reply. I have to open the phone, so even with the watch, i get a can reply option. You know what i mean and for some of the notifications like, if you have news apps installed and all that sort of thing you can see the headline, but you cant tap it and see the first couple of sentences or anything like that. So i would like to see in the future, but granted its not a big display someday. Maybe it wont seem as big as what the razer has on the outside by the way, if you swipe down on the outer display, you can control the volume and also the brightness is pretty bright by default.

Weve talked about the outer display, which is one of the big changes lets talk about. The inner display. Samsung said that the fold got 80 percent tougher and the flip got 30 percent tougher. As far as i know, when it comes to the center seam cracking thing happening to some people that happened more on the fold, bigger display more chance for breakage anyway, i think most of what theyre talking about there is the top layer, which is the screen protector, Which is now pet, a type of plastic thats, harder and more durable. So the fingernail thing that you used to see fingernail marks that just didnt go away. The feeling of sponginess is gone. It feels a lot more like glass than ever, so i havent gotten any marks on it so far, but the morally i didnt get a lot of marks on my z flip and i actually owned the z flip and the fold and the full tube. What is great, though, is its a lot more fingerprint resistant. The old ones were just gross, i mean ew, you know you could hardly see the screen because it would hold on to so much and then those werent, even water resistant. So you couldnt clean them. Really great so that problem is gone here. Resolution is no different from previous flips and its a full hd plus resolution display is perfectly adequate for the size and samsung is using a new brighter, more power efficient oled, so it is a bit brighter than it was before its very easy to see it.

Outdoors now, mostly before it wasnt about the brightness, it was the fingerprint schmear you could never get rid of, but it looks good, its very vibrant, its very colorful, its not like youre slumming it by not going with an s21 plus or ultra in terms of screen Quality, this is a nice looking screen by the way it has always on display and by default with the auto brightness active. For that i find it runs too bright which could affect your battery life, which is a topic. We will talk about later. Another improvement: you see, there really are a lot of changes here. Is we have 120 hertz refresh for that display? So you know once you get used to 120 hertz, it really isnt fun to go to 60 hertz again now for battery life reasons. If you wish to, you can set it to 60 hertz or leave it at the adaptive refresh higher refresh rate. Another improvement is stereo speakers. Instead of the fairly meek, mono speaker the flips used to have now we have stereo, my god its loud. You can hear the notifications, even with notification volume set at like 30, if youre two rooms away its uh effective and its not bad quality either. So if youre using it for watching videos well yeah its fine, its good good job samsung inside we have the snapdragon 888, which is currently the top of the line processor with 5g low, mid millimeter wave, you name it youve got it all for 5g.

You can get it from all the major carriers or you can get it unlocked if you want as well. We have eight gigs of ram, which is fine, its its reasonable, its not the highest weve, seen in a flagship but its good, and we have your choice of 128 r256 gigs of ufs 3.1 fast internal storage, no micro, sd card slot for your power users, something You wont be thrilled with perhaps is theres no samsung dex support so for those who like to plug in a monitor and go with that kind of desktop experience, the fold three has that the flip doesnt, i suspect, for thermal reasons. This is a very thin, very light phone i its its really amazing, actually how thin it is so its probably. Why and the fold three does happen. If you really need that and you really need bendy phones. In addition, now it doesnt even support display out. I plugged in usbc monitors i tried with docs, so no you can do wireless display out, so you can cast your tv and all that sort of thing, but no wired display output. The flip 3 has wi fi, 6, bluetooth, 5.1 le nfc and well. Of course, a gps and yes, you can use samsung pay with the phone closed. I know some people had problems with it early on reviewers and maybe even some of you lucky people in europe who got the phone super early but thats, because it needed some updates for the software, so thats cool one new thing about the hinge design is and By the way, now it has armor aluminum, which is supposed to be stronger than 7000 series aluminum, which is already pretty tough and apple, often uses and less heavy than stainless steel.

We have the straight sides, its so much easier to hold than the slippery bar of soap design, the previous one im pretty thrilled with that. Some people say that it walks on their desk when its closed. Maybe all my tests, desks and tables are very level. I havent had slide around but thats a possibility. You can get cases, we have two samsung first party cases you can see one with a ring, one with a kind of strappy thing and those are silicone and theyre fairly thick and fairly protective. Of course, they might take a little the flex when you open and close your phone people might not figure it out quite a way you got to flip, but thats. Okay, folks protect your phone. If you need to and obviously theyre skins, if you just want to keep it really thin and light, which is me hello, yeah also, that hinge is improved insofar as now there are more angles, you can keep it open at almost any angle, in fact, so i Know some people want to keep it tipped almost all the way back, and it would keep flipping all the way open automatically. It wont do that anymore, so thats great and for those who like to use it to take selfies to prop it on the table. Using your tripod mode, that sort of thing youve got that cameras on this. Well, you know if cameras are really important to getting the best camera – probably not the phone for you, because obviously the s21 ultra the iphone 12 pro max some other phones on the market can do better.

This basically has the s20 family of cameras. Yet again, they didnt revise anything other than improving the software over time. Like you get directors cut here now, which i dont think came out until the s21 series, so you have a main camera which is 12 megapixel. You have an ultra wide camera, also 12 megapixel and theyre very competent. They take very nice pictures and samsung, as usual, sometimes a little over sharpening a little bit of extra saturation, but nothing over the top um honestly theyre, quite nice. But if you want the best you can get or telephoto like me, i really admit i do like telephoto. Well, then youre going to have to look at a phone that does actually have a telephoto lens. This one does digital zoom and its pretty competent at 2. To 3x, but youre not going to want to push it to 10x, like you would in s21 ultra the night mode on this is actually pretty solid. Again, did you ever hear anybody say the galaxy s20 family phones had sucky cameras, no, not really, because theyre pretty good its just theres, no way to fit something more in a phone. This small and then the fold gets the same cameras, but it adds the telephoto lens on board. So it gets one extra in case youre, trying to figure out which phone you should get based on that so youre not going to get any better quality with the fold three youll just get a telephoto lens added on.

It does have a few neat features like the zoom in mic. You can shoot in raw in hevc format. If you want to up to 10x digital zoom, so youve got all the software bells and whistles you would expect so lets talk battery life, yeah, 3, 300. Milliamp battery is not that big. Is it so. The snapdragon 888 is a little bit more power efficient at times theyre using a more power efficient, oled display. But obviously this thing is not going to be the energizer bunny either. For me, its running longer than the original z flip did probably because of those improvements, if youre a moderate to light user, you should make it through the day. That is by say: you start at 7, 00 am youre done by 10 pm youre ready to put on charger. You should have about 15 20 left if youre a heavier user, you may well not. May you will need to top it up sometime during the day if you have a wireless charger by your desk or wherever you are a wired charger, but its its about four hours of screen on time, but it does depend on what you do with it. If youre using something that really sucks to power, quick, like a game, you will get less than four hours of screen on time, obviously, but on average thats what im getting on wi fi, which is typically more power efficient than 5g? If you spend your day without wi, fi coverage expect perhaps a bit lower on the run times, not a huge amount, maybe 20 30 minutes lower.

It does have wireless power share, which means it can charge buds or a galaxy watch that sort of thing, obviously thats going to get into your battery too speaking of wireless charging. It does support wireless charging at 10 watts, so its not particularly fast by any means and wired charging is 15 watts. So the pixel 5a that we just reviewed that has an 18 watt charger, so its just a little bit less than that. So it takes about an hour and a half to charge the phone from 10 to full. It tops up the first half the first 50, much quicker, which is true of all phones for thermal reasons, mostly, and because flagship phones, dont get chargers anymore. According to samsung and apple, there is no charger in the box, so youre going to have to source your own if you dont already have one. So why should you get a flip? Well, like i said mostly because its really cool and phones have been staying. The same forever and now at 9.99, its not more than your average s21 plus kind of phone or your basic iphone, 12 pro right, uh, but theres. Also, the fact that ive been doing this for a long time reviewing phones back when hey heres, a flip phone, motorola flip phone right. So back when that was about as follows. You got now. I know a lot of you watching. This were not even alive when these flip phones were a thing also united states, people, love flip phones, not so much in europe, but so im not loving it, because it reminds me of this so much, but i know for some of you it might or it Might remind you of your dads or your moms phone that you never got a chance to use, but its about the way technology is moving forward and making things happen that werent possible before this is an htc universal.

This is probably about 14 years old, a keyboard, a clamshell design, a teeny little display. This was a windows mobile phone right, but at the time this was like having an office in your pocket. We just see these kind of leap forward and technology, and obviously this became android qwerty phones in the future, and then we moved on to the fact that we could have really good on screen, keyboards and bigger screen. Phones. So now were at the point where you can either get a tablet that fits in your pocket with the full three or a big screen phone that fits in definitely any pocket and easily in your hand, with the z flip 3.. So those are kind of neat things that change the way you use a phone again or your expectations of a phone. You can get your big screen. You can find ways to carry it more easily again and thats progress. Is it gon na break? I dont know folks, you know i actually bought one so im, certainly hoping not. We know that some of them did crack right in the center where the fold is, and yes, you can still see that crease. So for those you have that ocd thing and you cant take it its there. For me, it just disappears im hoping that it will be more sturdy, especially because samsung is now giving you your first year of samsung galaxy care plus free 249 deductible on that one though so, keep that in mind but thats.

Only if you do a whoopsie, if you forget and leave it on the roof of your car and take off and then go. Oh no and you go get your phone and say well. I just made a mess there if it breaks because of their design issues or any problem like that in the first year. Obviously they covered without any deductible, but it is something to keep in mind. You have to have a tolerance for that sort of risk.