So this smartphone gimbal actually comes with a lot of really cool features that were going to dive into and its app is actually very useful. Im, usually not a fan of using apps with camera products, because i feel like they slow me down, but this one is surprisingly rich with features so were going to get into all that good stuff, but first lets jump into a little unboxing. I study v2. This is a smartphone gimbal were gon na, take it out bust it out and get some test shots, but we got ta figure out whats in this dang box, its like christmas morning, getting a little present right. Connor right, zach see this kids. You got to live in the moment, enjoy it transition all right now lets pop this baby open. Did you like that cool transition? Everybody so in here is some stuff. Okay. This looks like a little baggie to hold the gimbal in thats. Some uh documentation that were gon na ignore hes got documentation, come play ball, and here is the gimbal. The ice, steady v2 so were gon na pop this baby out. The quality of the gimbal feels good, so far um. So what were gon na do is charge this baby up and then connor and i are gon na, take it out and do a little vlog test with it all right reviews over thanks for watching im, zach and im, connor and whats. One thing we do before we get started with every vlog connor get coffee lets, go its 90 degrees in nashville tennessee, its freaking hot, as butt connor whats going on were gon na go support a local business, one of the finest establishments in all of where we Are Music? Okay? Well, we found this place called warner park here in nashville biggie flag here with that incredible dynamic range of the iphone, and then these huge stairs that were gon na go up all the way to the top were gon na.

Do a stair step. Jog test here we go were running Music. You guys are gon na have to. Let me know how smooth this is. Im holding the gimbal with one hand, its very lightweight, it makes it easy to hold howd. That look was that good. So when you first set this gimbal up, basically it comes natively in follow mode. So if you tilt up or down or right or left, it follows your motion really nicely. If you want to go into vertical mode, making some tiki talks or something just tap the function button once it flips tap it again to go back into the wide mode and you can double tap it to re center, the gimbal, which is very nice, but you Can also go into a low mode simply by rotating the whole thing like this, and you can get these really nice low foot shots that look pretty neat, so lots of neat little functions with this guy Music, so Music. So, as you guys can see, walking with the iphone compared to the gimbal theyre, actually pretty comparable, like the newer iphones, have incredible image stabilization built in. But when we do the running test, gimbal versus iphone, the gimbal, clearly wins and im clearly out of breath from running in this 93 degree, tennessee humidity, so the ice city 2 is actually a really nice and compact gimbal and how to set it up is also Fairly easy, all you need to do is make sure that your phone is relatively steady and then you hold down the function button, and now you are ready to rock and roll.

The interface is also just as easy and simple. You have a joystick for all your different movements and then you have a function button which does a variety of different things, depending on what you do holding it down, turns it on and off pressing it once switches it between vertical and horizontal mode and then pressing It twice re centers, the gimbal. Additionally, you have another button here that once you connect it with bluetooth, you can use it as a record button and once you also use the app you have a zoom feature, so you can zoom in and out without ever having to touch the phone, pretty cool. The keystone feature of the smartphone gimbal is easily this ai sensor and at first i thought maybe it was going to be a little bit gimmicky. You know a lot of tracking things can just not work very well, but this thing is actually super super good. The best part about the ai sensor is the fact that you dont have to use it with the hohem app. So basically, all you do is hold down the power button on top of the sensor and then its activated and after its activated, you can use your native iphone app. You can use a different app and that little light flash. You saw there when it flashes twice. That means its ready to roll. So we have the ai sensor turned on on top of the gimbal and were actually using the native iphone app, but whats cool with this ai sensor is, you can still use their gesture control.

Even in the camera app of your choice, so if you want to use a different camera app, its really cool, like this external sensor, allows you to control that use. Okay, to start the tracking and its following me right now, its just so insane that we can do this in the native camera dude like the tick tock version. Okay, now i want to do a tick tock dude that is freaking, sick, dude. All right go back now. Actually, one of the main areas this gimbal is going to be useful for is actually for tick, tock content. So if you are tick, tocker slash, if you do those weird instagram, knock off versions or maybe even youtube shorts, this things really cool. You just press the function button once and now were in vertical mode lets, go ahead and talk about the app now zach did say. Usually we dont like apps in this case it was actually surprisingly more useful than we thought it would be. You have actually camera controls in there, so you can change the resolution that your camera is shooting. So you know anything from 720 up to 4k 60fps and you additionally get what they call their pro video mode and that allows you to have things like ev white balance, control iso control. Additionally, you also have manual focus that you can turn on and a couple of extra quality of life. Things such as instagram filter things because lets face it if youre shooting content on an iphone.

Maybe you dont have access to the most fancy. Smancy editors, or maybe you just dont – want to color grade, so you can cycle through those and see if theres anything in there. You like also another super important thing for me when it comes to reviewing gimbals. Is the battery life if youre going to go out on an adventure, make a vlog or a family video, whatever you want to make? You want to have plenty of battery life, so youre not constantly having to plug this baby in and surprisingly, this little guy. Despite how lightweight it is, has a 9 hour rated battery life, but it doesnt end there whats super cool is this little usbc port also doubles as an external battery. So if your phones about to die, you can actually use this as a backup battery straight from the gimbal to charge up your phone. If you need some charge in a pinch, i really think this gimbal is an amazing tool for any of you out there. That are making content with your phones, whether its for tick tock, youtube, shorts, instagram, reels anything. This is a really great tool. If you want to check out this gimbal for yourself, head down to the link in the description, take a peek at it, see what you think and thank you to hohem for sponsoring todays video.